Friday, October 1, 2010


Little Willie Basemore was in a coma... He was in pretty bad shape....It had been two days since our fight and I still had aches and pains from his punches...The only nice thing about it was that I got to take long hot baths with my wife Sepia....That was pretty nice...Afterwords....she'd rub me down with soft cocoa butter!

Today Clerow and I were sitting in Philadelphia Homicide talking to Lt.Sissy Van Buren.

"That guy you had your little rowdy dow with is more than likely our killer. " she said.

''Really? We found his skin under Alvin Hunter's knuckles, the DNA matched perfectly and we found his DNA all over that hotel room that these two were killed in...Blood everywhere, saliva, and fingerprints galore...a Detective's dream.....Yup...he killed Hunter, Fall and Nigel Anderson...and a retired cop." she said.

"A retired cop?" I said.

"Yeah....He used to work Robbery-Homicide...His name was Mclintock!" she said.

"hmmm..." I said.

With Lt.Sissy Van Buren's help...I looked into some records....It turns out...Mclintock was the cop who shot and killed Wally Basemore during the bank robbery....Wally Basemore...It turned out was the older brother of Little Willie Basemore...the big guy who had tried to murder me a few nights ago..I was beginning to put the peices together...This Tulip guy in Newark sent Stewart Fall and Nigel here to find Fred Parker and Alvin Hunter....The two guys in his late brothers crew...because they pulled that job and the money is still missing...He must be the guy who set up the score....and he must want his cut...which I estimate would be a third...A cool million bucks..

Stewart and Nigel never intended to kill Alvin...They just wanted to find out where he stashed the money. Only...Little Willie started killing everybody ....He was the wild card...The mystery!
The only person who could tell me was this "Tulip" fella. I didn't say anything to Lt. Van Buren..I simply left.

The next day, Sepia, Clerow, Kool Kat and I were on a train headed to Newark, New Jersey....I took Sepia along because , being from North Jersey..She knew her way around the streets better than I did and she knew people who could put me in contact with Tulip!

I found us a nice hotel and booked two rooms...One for Sepia and I and one for Clerow and Kool Kat. The next day...Kool Kat,Clerow and I paid Tulip a visit. He owned a Flower Shop of all things...Everyone in Newark knew that that flower shop was a front...He had several boys on the corners selling Heroin and Cocaine...They met in the back for the count and the re-supply...He also set up scores...High end Bank Robberies, jewel heists and the like.....Yet to the untrained eye
,he was a simple florist.....Strange though..There was about six young guys sitting around his flower shop at all times. Muscle! I figured.

I told Clerow and Kool Kat to hang back in the car.... I walked up to the flower shop by myself...
A tall dark skinned guy with his jeans sagging and a white undershirt on blocked my way..Six other guys joined him...

''Keep it movin old head...We aint open today." he said.

"I'm here to see your boss." I said.

" What about?" he said.

"Children should be seen and not heard." I said laughing...

"Step off old head for I have to improve yo hearing." he said.

I didn't waste any time with him....I punched him in his stomach....and then hit him in his mid- section....He tried to swing, but his pants fell down and I clocked him hard enough to send him down for the count...Before the other lads could get into anything they saw the business end of Clerow's .45 and his toothy grin...

"Yall little niggas go to school now or do somethin constructive...Go on now..git." he said as he continued to laugh...They didn't have to be asked again...All seven young men ran for all they were worth...But upon entering , a huge man with a shotgun cocked and loaded met us....

"Now AH AINT NO Little boy." he said......A .44 magnum touched the bridge of his nose and he looked into the eyes of a man larger than him....

"Neither am I hayseed, now drop the shotty." said Kool Kat.. He did and Kool Kat and Clerow marched him out the door....I cocked my pistol and turned...Only to see a short mousey little man in a white shirt and jeans holding a .38 on me....

''I suppose you're Tulip." I said.

"Okay...Now that we know my name...Who might you be?" he said.

"I'm from Philly...I was working for two of your associates, Stewart Fall and Nigel Anderson....Helped them locate one of the guys in that stick up crew that put down that score you set up years ago....Only they both are dead and the stick up boy is also dead..." I said.

"Yeah I heard.....That crazy Little Willie Basemore is on the loose...." he said.

"Well see that's why I'm here...He tried to kill me a few days ago." I said.

"Oh? Tried to kill you?" he asked..

"Yeah and I put him in the hospital for his troubles...He's in a coma."

"You did that?" he asked amused.

"Yeah....I'm standing here aren't I?" I said.

"You must be one tough son of a gun then....So what do you want with me?"he laughed.

"You must want to know where that money is." I said.

"No..I got my end years ago....Fred and Alvin put that money in an offshore account...I didn't send Stewart and Nigel to Philly lookin for them...I kind of wish I knew why they were looking for them." he said.

''They flashed a lot of cash." I said.

"That was Stewart's money..He sold H. for me. I let him have points on the packages....If he was lookin for those was for get a cut of that money...not for me." he said.

"Okay Mr. Tulip...Our business here is done then..." I said.

"That's it?" he said.

"That's it.."I said...and I left...Clerow and Kool Kat released his henchman and Sepia, Clerow,Kool
Kat and I headed back to Philly.

With Fred Parker in prison and Alvin Hunter dead....There was no one else with access to that money....or was there? If there was , Did this person send Little Willie after everyone else involved?? That was the key to wrapping this mystery up!

(Conclusion Next)


Anonymous said...

I've missed out on alot. Finally got all caught up. Loving this caper.