Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who Are You Really?

By now thanks to my anonymous call, The Police had probably picked over the crime scene and were running their own investigation...Not the first time me and the Philly cops were on the same trail at the same time..but I had something at my disposal that they didn't...The street and more important...The word on the street... I talked to a few guys at Dirty Franks and found out that during the last time Stormi was seen there she complained of not being able to sleep and of the feeling that someone was watching her....She never told any of the guys I talked to the name of the guy...but all of them remembered a tall thin African -American guy in a black hoodie.

In a city this large, I could be searching forever...but that was all I had..So I questioned a few of her neighbors...the ones that won't talk to cops...but would talk to me and I found out that this guy had a nickname...'"Wodie" rhymes with roadie. Wodie and his crew hung out at, you guessed it...that haven for undesirables..The Mermaid Club! So Clerow,Kool Kat and I visited the Mermaid club one night...Joe Neptune ,the bartender knew this guy, but didn't know his real name...Neither did anyone else we talked to...They all knew him, but didn't know his real name or where he actually lived....So that left me where I started...Nowhere...with only a phantom and a nickname! I was betting that this was more than what the Police had.

My next stop was a rooftop meeting with Lt.Sissy Van Buren of Philadelphia Homicide.

"Well Kevin...We found a condom inside of her." she said.

"You did?" I said.

"Yes we did and it was full of sperm...which means our dead girl had sex before she was murdered....We lifted a latent print off of the condom too.....but unfortunately...whoever she had sex with has no police record...We ran the DNA through decks and through the FBI labs and we came up with a big fat goose egg...This person is a first time offender..." she said.

"Well since we are sharing information....I talked to a number of people who gave me the name 'Wodie" as a guy who was seen with her and seen around her neighborhood." I said.

"Okay..what's this 'Wodie' person's name and where do they live?" she asked.

"I don't know....Nobody seems to know his name or where he lives....He does hang out at the Mermaid club though...but they haven't seen him around in two weeks.." I said.

" neither of us has anything....He's just a guy she was seen with...doesn't make him our perp." she said.

"Yeah...I know. Oh well, I'll see what I can dig up on my own...I'll stay in touch." I said.

I went home...

My wife Sepia was sitting at her computer in a Black Baby doll and nothing on under it...Watching her sit at the computer dressed like that was enough to make me forget this case until I saw what she was looking at.

"Hey Kevin....I'm glad you're home...Look at what I found." she said...

"We can look at that later." I joked...

"No silly..I'm talking about this screen...Your dead girl Stormi Jasper...She had a Facebook page..

but look at her profile pic and look at her other photos?" said Sepia.

I looked at her profile picture...She was in her bra and panties and had a very seductive come hither smile..... Practically all of her photos were of her in sexy lingerie or close to some sexy pose....She had 699 friends....Only about eight that I counted were females...Not surprisingly the rest were all males and all wrote from adoring to down right nasty status update s on her page.....

Sepia and I leafed through her status updates.....none were threatening...Most were the horny adorations of guys turned on by her photos...We saw a "friend request" that hadn't been answered....I wondered who that was? It didn't matter because I saw the name of the man I had been searching for under her list of friends... Ernest 'Wodie" Mitchell....It said only that he was a male and lived in Philly....It had one photo and one photo only...and that was of his.....penis.

What kind of perve was this guy??...He had no other information on his page... No interests, no likes, and few status updates other than...

"I sure would like to have some sex." or "What should I do...get some food or have some sex?",clearly a guy with a one track mind. There were a number of posts that said Ernest commented on such and such's post...All of them were women and all of them were pretty raunchy...A number of the women asked him not to write status updates like that on their pages.I was intrigued...

He had only ten "friends"- They were all female. I spent the next few days locating these women and talking to them...To my surprise...none of them knew him personally..He was just someone they knew through Facebook...Still no clue as to who he really was. There was a link on Stormi's page to her twitter account...With Ingrid's help, we got into her account and saw her tweets...Here is where things really got interesting....There was someone on twitter named "Mr.Basil" Who was leaving some really strange messages...

Mr. Basil- "I really really like your photos on Facebook"

Stormi -"Thank you....but I'm not friends with you on Facebook am I?"

@Mr. Basil-Let's just say you're a friend of a friend."

Stormi- "A friend of a friend?"

@Mr. Basil- "That's not important...what is important is that you let me come over to your house and tear that thang up....."

Stormi-"'re getting a little too extra now...I don't even know you."

@Mr. Basil- "I know you though..I know where you live and where you work...and you don't know how long I've been wanting to get you somewhere and just take your clothes off and put all ten inches of my love rocket up into you...ummmmmmmph."

Stormi- "Don't talk to me like that...."

@Mr. Basil- So Let's stop talking and get to screwing..."

Stormi- "Okay..I'm going to block you...I don't want to talk to you anymore."

@Mr. Basil-'Don't do that...Don't make me come over to your house..."

Stormi-"Hey who are you? Really??"

@Mr. Basil-"You'll know soon enough...when you're screaming my name....ahahahahahahaha."

Interesting....Who was Mr. Basil?? Was Mr. Basil a friend of "Wodie" or were they both one and the same?? Questions I had to answer one way or another.

(To Be Continued)


Grover Tha Playboy said...

OMG This guy is a real freak!

Brenda said...

This guy or guys sounds like a real horndog!

Anonymous said...

I think I'll be throwing my panties before this storyline is over..I just feel it!