Monday, January 31, 2011

Cerebral Pursuits

A Rare Friday Night that didn't find me at Josies...I, My wife Sepia , Sean Jackson and his wife, Sheila, Clerow and his wife ,Corrie ,Attorney Conrad Nelson ,his wife Jill and Attorney Robert Foxworth and his girlfriend Bonita were all the guests of Cock Robbins player and friend , Big Brian Carson. They had a little boat and it sat out on Penns landing.

We had just finished a delicious meal of T-bone Steaks, Baked Potatoes, a romaine salad and some good wine... Some smooth jazz music was playing throughout the boat and Cock Robbins was going on and on about his player, Big Brian Carson...

"Man. Kev, Sean...This cat is a beast...He reminds me of me when I was playin." he laughed. From the corner of my eye , I saw his wife, Vanessa wince....My wife, Sepia, who had once been involved with him also winced and looked up towards the sky... I just chuckled to myself...

He showed us a video of this guy playing. I should tell you that although Cock Robbins teaches at the local high school...He just couldn't get Football out of his system. He was once a promising player himself who missed out on a splashy NFL career and wound up playing for a few local semi-pro teams... He was now the assistant coach of a semi pro football team. Big Brian Carson was at least six foot four, but lean and muscular and quick...He was a big wide receiver who was out quicking his opponents and making seemingly impossible catches and scoring almost at will.

Largely because of him, Cock's team was 14-2 and headed for the playoffs...Cock was just the assistant coach....The offensive coach to be exact...but he talked as if he was the head coach. One thing was for sure....Big Brian was a superstar in the making. Why he hadn't been picked up by a pro team was indeed a mystery to me.

"Hey man...The Eagles and the Giants haven't been looking at you?" I asked.

"They have...I've worked out for both of them....The Ravens called me too." he said.

"Mannn Kev...Once we win the championship...They'll be doing more than just lookin...Ole boy won't be playin no semi pro ball no more." laughed Cock...

"If he can keep himself off the sauce , he just might get to sit on the bench of one of these teams."
came a voice in the distance.

Big Brian grimaced....We all looked and we saw two people entering the boat...One was a lovely young woman with the nicest legs I'd seen in a long while....Nice tanned brown skin and long waist length hair.. She wasn't the one who had made the remark...That came from a tall, Six foot
four , but thin as a rail young man who looked like a thinner version of Big Brian Carson. This had to be his brother! Only a sibling could josh with another sibling like that!

"Kevin, Clerow, Sean....may I introduce my lady, Mary Salinas and the loud mouth you brother, Ellis..." Said Brian as Cock poured Sepia, Corrie, Jill, Sheila and his wife, Vanessa more wine.

"Pleased to meet you good peoples." laughed Ellis.

"You must play basketball man?" asked Clerow good naturedly.

"No..I don't play any sports....I leave all of that to baby bro over there...I have taken up more cerebral pursuits." said Ellis, who eyed Mary a little too much as she walked over to Brian and planted a wet sloppy and long kiss on him that made me a little uncomfortable watching. Ellis ,for some reason looked a bit annoyed by it all. I said nothing.

"Hey guys..I know it's the middle of the winter now...but after we win the championship..You're all invited back...We're gonna go for a little cruise...take this baby on the water..Maybe go down to Baltimore Harbor..Get some crabs." Laughed Brian.

''Sounds Good to me..What do you guys say?" asked Cock Robbins.

"Sounds good to me said Sean.

We all joined in saying it was a good idea...and continued eating and drinking well into the night.
Finally, around two thirty, we all started getting up and going to our cars... Brian walked us all to the parking lot...Missing was Ellis and Mary...

"You sleeping on that boat tonight?" asked Cock Robbins as he got in his car..

'Nah...I'm goin home..." said Brian as he yawned...

"Oh Kevin...I left my purse on the boat." said Sepia.

"Oh...Just run back there and get it...Ellis and Mary are still there...He's going to take her home and lock up." said Brian.

''Wait here ..I'll get it." I said and I walked to the boat.

But as I walked toward the boat, I heard sounds..Sounds I wished I hadn't heard...

"Ummmmmmmmm...ohhhhhhhhhhhh... ouuuuuu Ellis, it's soooo biggg"

"Ummmmmmmmm...ohhhhhhhhhhhhh girllll...ohhhhhhh..."
I looked into the window and to my shock and horror, Ellis's pants were down to his ankles and Mary 's mouth had engulfed most of his penis... He looked as if his eyes were about to roll into the back of his head..

She stopped momentarily and said-

"Would you hurry up...before somebody comes back..."

"Who's coming back?..they're all gone ...What I want to know is when do you plan to tell Brian about us?" said Ellis.

"What us? There is no us...I'm supposed to tell him what? That I sometimes fool around with his jealous older brother?" Ha..Fat chance." she said.

"If you don't tell him,I will." said Ellis.

"Go ahead..I dare you...what do you think he'll do...when I tell him that this all began...when I was drunk and you made an inappropriate move on me at Mulberry Street? He'll tear you apart and cut off the little stipend he gives you to pursue cerebral pursuits...Now come on...let's get this over with so I can go home.....ouuuuuuuuu, it's soooo big dadddy..ouuuuuuuu..." she said as she took his huge erect penis back into her mouth and preceded to finish what they had started.
What was going on here? I didn't know and I didn't need to know.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...ohhhh my goddddddd!" he screamed as he came to a violent orgasm!

I turned around and walked back to my car. By now, everyone had left!

"Kevin, Where is my purse?" asked Sepia.

"I'll get it tomorrow." I said.

''What?" she asked.

"Trust me...It's better if I get it tomorrow." I said and put my key in the ignition and pulled off.
Something was going on here, Something not at all kosher.

(To Be Continued...)


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