Monday, January 17, 2011


I had just finished playing my set at Josie's... I had been back in town for a few days...I decided to come on down and play a little bit of trumpet for the fans who missed me...My name is Reed Nelson, I play Trumpet!

After we finished our second set, I sat down at one of the tables with my good friend, Bobby. Bobby
Clark. 'Clarkie" as I called him was from New York City....I knew him back when I was starting out in the New York Clubs...a great guy. He stayed in an apartment complex that I was living in in Patterson, New Jersey for a time and we became tight....Here he was in Philadelphia.

"Long time no see Clarkie..." I said.

"Yeah Reed...I was up here last year for that jazz festival...I saw you then...Man , you was blowin, but you had some fierce competition babe." he laughed.

"Yeah, I know, but it was fun." I said.

"Oh man and the women!!! Lawd Jesus...I saw that little number you was with, whooo boyyy." said Clarkie.

"That was my lady man, Debbie....I want you to stop by and have dinner with us sometimes, She's a great cook and a great fan of our type of music too." I said.

"Well uh Reed, that's what I want to talk to you about ." said Clarkie. He poured the contents of
a bottle of Ciroc Vodka into two glasses half filled with orange juice. One was mine and one was his.

"Talk to me about?" I asked.

"I saw you with her all during the concert...So when I saw her a few weeks ago comin out of this dude's place early in the mornin...I had to wonder if you was just hittin that that night or you know if maybe yall had like an understandin.." said Bobby Clark.

"Wait a minute....Put a quarter in that meter and park right there partner....You saw my girl, Debbie comin out of some dude's place early in the mornin? A few weeks ago?? That would have been when I was in Hawaii with my band.." I said.

"Yeah, that's about right...It was six in the mornin..." he said.

"What was you doin up that time of mornin?" I asked.

"Same thing she was probably doin.....I met this fine little babe in here and went to her place after we drunk up about a hunnard dollars worth a liquor....and we had a timmmme jack and I was leavin her place ....Her house was catty corner from the house I saw your babe comin out of..
She had on a pair of jeans, some skippers, a little short leather jacket and her hair in a ponytail."
he said.

"WHAtttttttt?" I said.

" Yeah man, she hopped in her car and pulled off like a bat outta hell man....I can even tell you who the cat was....That damn cook in that seafood spot you and "88" took me too during the Jazz
Fest that one night...The guy "88" said was always checkin out his girl, Mabel's behind and tryin to flirt..." said Clarkie...

"Yeah, I know him...Ralph Scallion." I said angrily.....

I tried to remember the last 48 hours.... I came home.....Debbie greeted me in a Black sheer babydoll, smelling all she'd just stepped out of the shower and splashed on some all lotioned down...Black sheer thong....Those hips and those big shapely legs of hers just calling me..... I dropped my suitcase and my trumpet, took my hat and coat off and within minutes we were embraced in a long sloppy , wet kiss.... ''Ohhhhh daddy, I missed you sooooo muchhhhhhh." she cooed....The sound of her voice turned me on...even more...Instead of a mere living room grope...I walked her into her bedroom...and peeled out of my clothes.. I didn't waste anytime with foreplay....I plunged right into her... She was wetter than usual and looser too.....I noticed, but who cares at a time like that? We made love in that bed like two hungry people who hadn't eaten in days for close to two hours...Judging by the way she practically sang and moaned...she came several times.... She turned me over and positioned herself on top of me and rode me like a horse....Doing that thing she does of easing down on me slowly, then moving upwards...sort of a tease...then dropping it like it was hot....quick and fast.... When she did this..there was no way I could hold back or control myself....I came with a violent fury and so did she...for the third time...and we held each other as we rocked back and forth..drenched in sweat!!! We took a shower afterwords in which she just stroked my still erect penis in her hands...I kissed her on her neck and massaged her breasts ....We wound up doing this until we both reached a climax in the shower! Then we lay in the bed in the most peaceful sleep ever...

"Wow man, Ralph Scallion huh?" I said.

"Yeah Reed...I didn't think she was no big deal to you...I'm sorry." said Bobby..

"Not as sorry as I am...Nowhere near as sorry." I said as I got up dropped a few dollars on the table and walked out of the bar.

(To Be Continued....)


BorednTalkative said...

oh boy!!!!!! Somebody's in trouble!!

Anonymous said...

Standing and Applauding and throwing my panties and bra at you....Wow!