Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Romantic

I sat at the table playing cards with Ingrid Rhodes of all people...The pretty little vocalist who was performing at Josies tonight. Her band had finished both of their sets and they were sitting down at both of the booths drinking and talking....Ingrid saw me sitting alone drinking a Mojito. I had a full glass of water sitting next to me , a bottle of orange juice and a bottle of ciroc vodka next to that. Ingrid came over with a deck of cards...She looked gorgeous as usual...She smiled the sweetest smile and because of her smile, my strange mood lightened a bit.

"Wanna play? Sure you do?" she said. I could tell that she wasn't going to take no for an answer

"Sure..." I said and returned her smile.

"I heard about what happened a few nights ago..." said Ingrid.

"Yeah...I'm sure everybody did." I said.

"You and Debbie alright?" she asked.

"Yeah , we are good...I forgave her.." I said.

"That doesn't sound like you did to me...but I do understand...believe me, I understand.." she said.

Just then...The attorney ,Robert Foxworth walked in....He ordered a drink at the bar ...he spotted us and then he walked over to my table.

"Reed...Reed.....Let me be the first to shake your hand....Oh, hello Ingrid.......I heard that you busted up that damn Ralph Scallion....I wish I had of been here...I would've helped you gut him....I can't stand that guy..." he laughed.

I smiled....but I didn't say anything....Robert patted me on the back - "I see you got all of your drinks for tonight...but if you want any more ...they're on of the week." he said.

'Thanks Robert." I said.

"No...Thank you Reed...Every guy in here thanks you." He said as he headed back to the bar.

Ingrid and I continued to play cards...I downed the bottle of Ciroc....Ingrid watched me mix it with the orange juice and ice and down it....My Mojito was finished too....I had a slight buzz...I was losing at cards too.

"Looks like you're done" she laughed.

"Yeah, guess I am..." I laughed.....

"He's a romantic you know." said Ingrid.

"Who?" I said.

"Ralph Scallion.....That's his appeal.....Listen Reed...A lot of us women , we know about Ralph...We know he hasn't seen a skirt that he doesn't feel the need to try and take off...But he's romantic....he cooks, he has a beautiful apartment...he is attentive, he studies every woman he's with and caters himself to her......He makes women feel like they are the most desirable woman in the world when he's with them." she said.

"I see.....I been flying around the world....been leaving Debbie alone a lot ...and I guess I could be more attentive." I said.

"But still.......He's a snake....He's playing a role.......and he was wrong to pray on Deb's weaknesses
,just because you were out of town." said Ingrid.

"Yeah...I know.....You're a good friend Ingrid." I said as I rubbed her face with my hand... Debbie and Delores entered the bar just then...I can imagine what this looked like....A table with an empty liquor bottle, several empty glasses and a deck of cards and me caressing Ingrid's face...but after all, what could she say?

I plumped down several dollars and tipped my hat to Ingrid.... I walked over to the bar where Debbie was sitting.

"Hey Delores" I said to Deb's sister.

"Hey Reed...." she responded.

"Deb, did you order yet?" I asked.

"No, not yet.." she replied...

"Delores is Rob coming tonight?" I asked.

"Yeah..." she replied.

"I'm taking Deb with me...We'll see you in the morning.....maybe." I winked.

"What?" said Debbie....Surprised.....

I licked the back of her neck and kissed her behind her ear....

"Ouuuuuuu...Reed!!!!!Not know how that gets me." said Debbie with a shy ,yet surprised whisper.

"I know how I'd like to get you." I said.

"Reed, you're drunk!" said Debbie.

"Yeah, I am a little..." I said.

"Is this about Ralph? I called him and cussed him out...Told him I never want to hear from him again." she said. I believed her.

"This is about me and you.." I said.

"You looked like you were doing okay for yourself before I came in." she said dryly...I detected a tinge of jealousy...I hated to admit it..but I liked that.

"Ingrid? She's a friend...She's a good friend to you too in a way you'll never know. She gave me an education tonight...In what I've been doing wrong with you." I said.

"You didn't do anything wrong Reed...It was my fault...for being weak and was my fault and if you want to break up with me, I understand..I have no one to blame but myself." she said.

"Break up? Nahhhhh.....I aint leavin all this good lovin for Ralph or any of these other hounds to jump on...uhh uh....Nope...I'm handcuffing you to me baby." I said and kissed her behind her ear again...

"Ouuuuuuuu, Reed, please...stopppp it." she cooed....I stuck my hand up her dress..she moved it...

"You comin home with me or what?" I said with a laugh...

"I'm surprised you still want me to....You're drunk and you're horny." she said.

"So I guess that's a no." I said.

"I didn't say that...." she said with a half smile.


Back at my spot...Debbie waited, while I took a hot shower....She put on some Terrence Blanchard on my ipod dock and poured herself a glass of Henessey. After I showered, I splashed on some Burberry...I came out in the living room and kissed Debbie.

"Ohhh favorite. You remembered" she said...

"I know " I said with a sly wink.....

Debbie slipped out of her clothing....Her body was still ravishing to me....

I walked up behind her, slowly eased my hands into her panties...She began to gasp and then shudder....I did this for awhile...for a few minutes....then I turned her to me and began kissing her neck, behind her ears, her forehead and finally her lips....I kissed her slowly at first..then hungrily...She was very orgasmic... she came right then and there...before I really got started.

"You really know know what I like....oh Reed...ohhhhhhhh Reeeed.." she moaned.

"Shhhhhhhhhh.....just stay still...." I said. I could tell by the way she was trembling that I was turning her on..

She stroked my erect penis and she gently began fondling it. She stroked it gently....I slowly slid her panties down and she stepped out of them...I turned her around, bent her over my couch and entered her from behind...doggie style...She gasped...then began trembling... She came several times right there at the living room couch...We continued to kiss passionately...It seemed that her cheating had somehow turned me on even more...Yet I knew that I didn't want to ever feel this sense of betrayal again..

"Oh my goddddddd, Reeeeeed...ouuuuuuuuuuuu..." she moaned. I walked her into my bedroom and we stretched out across my bed....I entered her slowly and steadily....She wrapped her legs around my back the way I loved and I stroked her slowly for what seemed like hours...

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYY goddddddddddddddd..... ouuuuuuuuuuu Reeeeeeeeed!" she yelled as I continued gently and slowly stroking her...I wanted to take my time and savor every minute..


The Doorbell rang the next morning...Then I heard fists knocking on it...I put my bathrobe on and walked to the door..It was Delores! Debbie's sister.

"Wow....I don't have to guess what you two were doing?" she laughed...

"Okay Delores, Everybody knows you were tops in your class, what is it?"I said.

" need to holster that thing." she laughed. I quickly closed my bathrobe completely....I was a little embarrassed.

"Ummmph..I don't blame my big sis for not answering the phone." she laughed.

By then, Debbie had joined me..She was wearing one of my t-shirts and once again had her hair in a ponytail...

"Ouuuuuuu, you are so bad...yall was here doin the nasty." laughed Delores.

"Grow up baby sis....what? you weren't last night?" laughed Debbie slyly.

Rob Brown was sitting in his car with the motor running.... A sly smirk was on his face.

''What do you want?"I asked smiling.

"We are going to get breakfast...why don't you two lovebirds get dressed and join us at Mabel's?" she laughed."

"Okay...Give us a few minutes...Tell Rob to kill the engine and come on in." I said.

I looked at Debbie, She looked at me...We were silent for a few minutes....

"Reed....I'm so sorry......" she said.

"It's okay...I was at much at fault for this....I won't leave you alone like this again..." I said.

"I should have controlled myself..." she said.

"Hey...Let's not talk about it anymore....forget about it." I said. I meant it...You could either dwell on something or let it go...Since I had no plans to leave Debbie..I was going to let it go..

"Reed...Tell my sister and Rob to go on and that we'll catch up with them." said Debbie.

"Ohhh?" I said with a laugh...

"We do have to take a shower?" said Debbie with a wink...

"A shower? Uh...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.." I said with a wink and a grin.

"Yes, a nice lonnnnnng ,warm shower....I owe it to you." said Debbie.

(For Carlene)


Anonymous said...

Loved it!!!! I really like Reed and Debbie, I was hoping they would stay together.

Anonymous said...

I loved it too....I'm tossing my panties up to the sky in tribute!