Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Perfect Gentleman

It was the first time I'd seen Ingrid Rhodes since our break up. Oh I'd seen her around...In Josie's
and on the street...but we hadn't talked or really vibed since then.. Here we were in the recording studio together. I was shocked when she called me and asked me to set in with her band in the recording studio. Me? My name is Downtown Rob Brown...I play the trumpet!

Meek Rollins was up in the Producers booth. He ordered us to do one more take...This was the 10th take of the night. I was tired...but if Ingrid was game, I was game...She cued the band up again and the red light came on...and I began playing my solo.....Ingrid sang her heart out ...We were cooking. Finally Meek Rollins gave us the thumbs up!.

''That's a wrap! Good work guys....We done tonight!" he said.

"You still play heavenly." laughed Ingrid as I put my trumpet in it's case.

"I was really surprised that you called me....ugh, to play on this session." I said.

"You're a great musician Rob...I respect your talent....I wouldn't get romantically involved with you ever again, but I would certainly perform with you." she laughed.

"Okay,I guess I deserve that." I said and I packed my trumpet. Meek Rollins was in the lobby when we all came out...

"Hey Guys...Why don't we go to Fatboys and get us some food?" he said.

"Okay, that's a bet." I said.

"Yall eat at Fatboys? Ohhhh okay, I'll join you. Let me run to the restroom" said Ingrid with a laugh. After she walked away...Meek Rollins shook his head and smiled..

"Ummmmm, Ummm, ummmmmmmph...that damn girl got it goin on...You was hittin that for awhile too wasn't you?" he asked.

"Yeah man...for a little while." I said. I was sure he'd heard the story about how I'd bought the same dress for Ingrid, my present girl, Delores and Cherry Johnson and as fate would have it..All
three babes wore the same damn dress to Josies the same night!!! That had cost me all three women in one night. I was lucky to have salvaged my relationship with Delores.

"Man, I'm gone try and get me some of that." said Meek.

"Aint she spoken for?" I asked.

"Nah...Her and Johnny Diamond have parted ways again." laughed Meek.

"Aint YOU spoken for playa ? I heard Yolanda Prentis just had your baby." I said.

"For all I know...that could be your baby playa....Don't think I don't know that you took her home that night we was recording in the studio and did the horizontal polka with her..." he said and gave me the side eye... I had indeed had quite a time that one night with Yolanda at my place and unknown to him, another woman...Connie....but I wasn't going to sign on to that...He and Reed Nelson ,Debbie and Yolanda had been in Puerto Rico over the holidays gettin it in.....Everybody knew that Yolanda's baby was Meek's.

"Yeah...that's my kid...but things is , well complicated between me and Yolanda...Don't mention her or the baby anymore tonight." said Meek.

"My lips are sealed playa." I laughed.

Ingrid Joined us and we drove over to Fatboys....The only place open at this time of night...Meek and I both ordered their world famous Hot Roast Beef Sandwich...with Potato Salad ...Meek had a Coke, I had a bottle of water...Ingrid hesitated , but she wound up ordering a Hot Roast Beef sandwich herself, a Coke and some Chips..

"So Ingrid, what's up with you tonight?" asked Meek....Was he serious?

"What do you mean tonight? It's almost three in the morning."she laughed.

"You want a ride home?" he asked.

"My car is back in the studio parking lot." she said.

''Well I can drive you home and uh bring you back to get it tomorrow."he said slyly as we ate the last of our sandwiches. I smiled and finished my Potato Salad. Ingrid ignored him, munched her chips and finished her Coke.

"What I need you to do that for? I'm not drunk." she said.

"I just thought, you would be easier know?" he laughed.

"I know what?, ahahahahahahaha....uh aint hittin on me are you? Yolanda Prentis just had your baby." she laughed.

"Yeah...She uh did...but we kinda not together right now...It's complicated..." said Meek.

''Yeah ,well you need to uncomplicate it." said Ingrid.

"Aww Ingrid look....that situation aint got nothin to do with you and me , what we could have." he said slyly...

"Yeah baby..I know...I know...but we can't have nothin sugar...nothing but a strictly professional relationship...I'm not interested." she said. I held my head down...I didn't want to laugh...I know that that rejection really hurt Meek's pride...Especially since I had heard it!

The bill came and Meek paid for the three of us...He adjusted his Pork Pie hat..Put his coat on and then said .....To me...

"Good Night Rob...Thanks for comin."

He then walked out the door...left us sitting there.

"I can uh, drive you to your car." I said.

"Thank you Rob..." she said .

"I guess Meek was a little unhappy." I said...suddenly wishing I hadn't...I didn't really care to know or hear about what they had been talking about.

"Yeah...Guess he's mad because he tried to be a player and got shot down." she smirked.

She didn't say anymore and neither did I...I drove her to her car and let her out. I was the perfect gentleman...I didn't say anything or try anything.

"Thanks for the ride Rob and thanks for being a perfect gentleman for once in your life." laughed

"Always...I've learned my lesson." I said. She smiled, then said to me.

"You wanna come over?"

"I know I'm gonna kick myself for this...but I can't....I got a woman waitin up for me...I can't do that Ingrid." I said.

'' really have changed...Guess Meek Rollins isn't the only person that will be sleeping alone tonight." she laughed.

I watched her drive off! I drove back to Fatboys and ordered another Hot Roast Beef sandwich to go and some chips and headed to Delores apartment.

She Answered the door in a white t-shirt and black bikini panties....I leaned over and kissed her long and hard...

'''ve been eating at Fatboys tonight haven't you?" she said when our kiss was finished.

"Yeah." I said.

''You should've brought me some." she pouted.

"I did" I said producing a greazy bag...

"Ohhhh thanks....thank you..." she said and gave me a long ,passionate kiss.......I lifted her up and dropped the bag on the floor and pressed her against the wall....She wrapped her legs around me.. and we continued kissing....I walked her to the bedroom...

"Rob...the roast beef sandwich..." she laughed..between wet sloppy kisses..

"It'll taste just as good cold." I said.

"Hmmmm, so I guess you were good tonight...didn't let that Ingrid Rhodes tempt you, eh?" laughed Delores.

''Sure didn't....I was the perfect gentleman." I laughed.


Basiks said...

Been reading your joint for almost 3 years now.
Always wanted to drop a comment, especially on the style of writing and the split-up stories which are always off the hinges...

Thanks for the consistency and keeping it all Tight!

Dope read the purrfek gennelman!

Anonymous said...

I swear ,you have me on the verge of throwing my panties up in the air everytime I read something on this blog!

Brenda said...

Ohhhh Lord!LOL

Jazzy said...

Very good story fam!