Wednesday, July 23, 2008

White Gown, Black Suit

The Pastor gasped as she entered the church. She was wearing a beautiful and very expensive wedding gown. She was made up just right and to anyone looking at her, she was a gorgeous bride! She had waited nearly 10 years for this day...Well, sort of.

She stared up at the head of the church and caught a glimpse of him...The love of her life. He was
splendid in his black suit...a little stiff maybe, but splendid just the same. She couldn't get a good look at him from the entrance...She hoped that there wasn't too much make up on his face.

As she walked down that aisle, peoples mouths hung open...people gasped...She didn't care..This was her moment, she had waited a long time for this..a single tear ran down her cheek.
She thought of how on their first date she discovered that he was already married...She recoiled in horror and vowed not to ever see him again...but he stood outside her window with his boys and serenaded her for three straight days. They sang that Boyz II Men song -"On Bended Knee"
He always could sing.

He told her that he and his wife were in the middle of a divorce and that as soon as he was free he would marry her. She waited three years and three other women for a divorce that never came.

Then came the day!!! The day his divorce was final and they were free to be together!! They had a glorious Christmas that year...They drove from Philly to NYC, bought each other gifts,sipped expensive cognac and made love by candlelight in a ritzy titzy hotel room. They toasted the Philadelphia Eagles that year...Donnie Mack and T.O. were going to the Super-Bowl!!

Shortly after the Super Bowl ,Everything came crashing down...She overheard him on his cell phone whispering and laughing...she knew it was another woman. While he was showering, she
hit redial and a woman answered...She told the woman who she was and to never call him again.
The woman must have called him later on that day because...well, he angrily tossed all of her clothes into the street and told her never to darken his door again. She was crushed..She had lost him...she had been so close, only to lose him. A moment of jealousy, a bad judgement call!!

A year later she saw him again...He was with another woman....and their eyes met from across the room...She knew that all was forgiven. He called her that night and they began seeing each other again for a number of months...Then just like that, he told her one night when they were lying in bed that he was getting married!!!!!

What? Where the hell had that come from???? She was floored...Eight long years she had waited and now he was going to hurt her again?? She cursed him and she ran from his room.
For a year she dated another guy...but he was no comparison to him!!!
Then the calls began again, right around Christmas...He was still married,but he said he couldn't get her out of his mind...He wanted her...He wanted her in his bed right this minute.

So They began, right then and there...Sneaking around...seeing each other when they could..Making love in his car, At her house, In the ladies room at the club.....Neither she nor he
saw the cold steel nozzle.....Until it was planted on the base of his neck!!! She heard the sound...
It sounded like an explosion!!!

The woman, his wife looked at her and smirked as the cops took her away!!!!

Now here they were , together at last in the Church, a week later....She would finnally have him and this time he couldn't get away....

There he was his splendid Black suit.....The make up looked good, his face didn't look so contorted or swollen now...The undertaker had covered the huge hole up well....

The Pastor fainted!


Rozie said...

This was very good and I didn't see it coming. I'm only sorry that
Rod Serling is no longer around... this would have been a good story for The Twilight Zone or Night Gallery.

Rozie said...

Oh, and we can't forget the cryptkeeper and Tales From The Crypt too!

Dreamy said...

i aint gonna lie i didnt see that ending part coming,lol

i thought the girl was gonna bust in on him getting married again,lol

this was good Keith, good lord this was good

Keith said...

Thanks Dreamy. This was actually a dream I had...Once I started writing about the dream, I crafted
the story around this.

Britton said...

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