Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wild Card

"There's our case ,right down the drain" said Detective Kyle Rollins.

"Maybe not" I said.

"Look, that "confession" this broad gave us is useless...We didn't properly mirandize her and she knows it. She can change her story and with any slick lawyer she can walk right out the door. She and her father or whatever he is
played us like a violin." He spat.

"Listen to me..I think I can still get the good doc for you." I said.

"YOU??? YoU?? Listen, No disrespect man...but I think the professionals should
handle this..Last time I were NOT a Detective." said Kyle.

"Hold on a minute, don't talk to my husband like that...if you guys had did what you were supposed to do 20 years ago....Dr.Seward would be in jail right now." said Sepia.

' it...I got this..Listen Rollins...We have a wild card...something that ties the good Doc to the Betty Long murder anyway..something he doesn't know we have...That book with the nude photos taken from his wallet...He has no idea we have it. I believe that whoever killed
Ray Fox was looking for that book....They trashed his bedroom, which was why your detectives managed to overlook it..The room was so nasty and clothes were everywhere. They didn't just come there to kill Ray, they came for that book...Only I found it first and gave it to the Police." I said.

"Kevin...That book proves nothing...He's not in any of the photos...and his name is on the back page of one of the photos.." said Sissy Van Buren.

"We have DNA evidence taken from his torture chamber in Jersey and those other photos taken from his former home." I said.

'We don't have DNA evidence..." said Rollins.

"Yeah, but he doesn't have to know that." I laughed and winked at Sissy.

"I see where you're going with this...but how can you be sure he's going there?"
asked Sissy.

"It's what you coppers call a wire me up and let me do what I do."
I said.

Ray's apartment was dark....there was a rumbling of clothes being tossed and drawers being opened and tossed across the room. I flicked on the light....

"Looking for this?" I said.

Dr.Seward Fox turned....startled and smiled at me-

"Give me that....or I'll kill you." he said dryly without a hint of emotion.

"Hold on Doc....The cops don't know I'm here..and I'm not a cop....I'm a writer.
Your late son was talking to me about the things he saw in your basement, he was going to tell me more about how you killed Betty Long and those two other girls before you killed him." I said.

"He never saw nothin....and he wasn't gonna tell you nothin...nothin you could use give me that book." He snapped.

"I'll give it to you...if you can meet my price." I said.

"I aint gonna pay you nothin...I'm gonna gut you like a fish." he said.

"Hold up Doc...We went to East Orange...Me and the Cops...They got your DNA
and the DNA of those other two girls...The Black one and the Asian girl....They know it's you..They know you tortured and killed Betty Long too...They just don't know where you are..They're all out in Jersey and all over West Philly looking for you...But me...I knew you'd come back here...That has your name on it and the incriminating photos of Betty Long. It's all over Doc." I said.

"Give me that book..." He said.

"Why'd you do it Doc? Why'd you kill those girls?" I asked.

"Because I could..and to prove how stupid and inept the police department was.
For twenty years ...they didn't have a clue..I wasn't about to let my weak ,drunk ass son destroy my legacy." He said.

"Where are the bodies of the two prostitutes?" I asked.

"My, you know a lot more than you way you're leaving here alive..
but if you must know...they are Shark food...I took them out on my boat and dropped their bodies in the ocean...years ago.." He said.

"Why didn't you do the same with Betty Long? There was much more heat around her?" I said.

"Because I wanted to show the cops that they should have allowed me on the force...I got bored with being a surgeon...I wanted to be a Detective...That's all I've ever wanted to be...but I couldn't pass the damn physical....aint that a hoot?
Me a surgeon couldn't pass their physical...and they rejected me...but I was smarter than all of em..I committed the perfect they couldn't prove.. Now give me that book...." He said as he lunged at me with the surgical
"Hold up gotta tell me...because this doesn't make sense....I know you made more money as a Surgeon in one week than any cop makes in a year...why would you want to lower yourself?" I asked.
"I didn't want ot be a Doctor...My Father wanted me to be a Doctor...He beat me when I brought home anything lower than a B...We had never had a Doctor in the family ...he wanted me to be the first...I did it for him...and because I was expected to be...but I wanted to be a cop...a cop damn it...I didn't care about the giveee me thattt boook...." he said.

"Put the gun down Doc, it's all're under arrest." Said Detectives Kyle Rollins and Lieutenant Sissy Van Buren who had thier guns drawn.

"I'm not going to'll never take me in" He screamed as he lunged toward them both with his surgical knife...

Of course you know what happened next...The bullets flew and the good Doc was stitched right up the middle...He fell to the floor dead with eleven bullets in his body. He made good his boast..he never was going to pay for his crime..and since he died before he was legally tried in a court of law...he died technically innocent. He had still outsmarted the cops in his own morbid way.

I was wired and they had his complete confession of the murders of Betty Long, His son, Ray Fox and the two prostitutes on tape.. The case was closed.

As for Clothilde Childs...They had to let her go....She wasn't guilty of anything except of being crazy. Turns out ,she wasn't his daughter either... Just a misguided young lady who had latched on to a father figure. She left Philadelphia shortly after this case and has not been heard from or seen since.

A few weeks later...Sepia and I were sitting outside having a glass of wine and some Pizza. We were at 2nd and Market Streets in Downtown Philly when Lieutenant Sissy Van Buren walked by.

"Well Hello Mr. and Mrs. Morris...How are you doing?" She said.

"Hi...We are doing just fine." we both said almost in unison....

"I loved that story you did on us closing the Betty Long case Kevin and I can't thank you again for your help in helping me clear my only uncleared case."
she said.

"All in a days work...I was glad I could help." I said.

"You really ought to apply for that P.I.'s license have the makings of a decent investigator." she said.

"I'll think on it." I said...can you imagine me....a Private Eye? I thought to myself
and smiled. Sepia looked at me and smiled too.
That night ,I went to Bobby Henderson's grave...He was the famous Black Detective that my dad idolized so much and he was the other Detective working the case....It was his only unsolved case
I poured the last of the wine I was drinking near his tombstone......Detective Henderson...I got him...the guy who killed Betty Long.....This one's for you easy! I thought to myself as I
stood there in that cemetary...
(For A.J. Brown)


James Perkins said...

A wild ending to a wild story Keith!

Toni said...

Uhhhhh,Can I ever be first?
A very creepy man and a very creepy story....Nice touching ending though.

Angie B. said...

Wild Story...Now...When will Chess and Chris be back? Will we be seeing more of 88?

Sunflower said...

What a story...did you base this off of the Black Dahlia case?

Lisa said...

Whewwwww, that was confusing and creepy...but I like confusing and creepy.

Vanessa said...

Wow is all I can say....Now is Chess and Chris returning anytime soon?

Halo said...

The evidence they had against the old man was still circumstantial...
I'm glad he paid for his crimes just the same.

Jazzy said...

I said it before,I'll say it again..
you wild fam!

Grover Tha Playboy said...

The old man was something else..a
killer pimp.lolololol.

Tate2 said...

Nice wrap up...Looking forward now to seeing Chess and Chris and "88"
Your new charactors.

Keith said...

@Sunflower- I did get the idea from the Black Dahlia case..A cop in LA has discovered that his father, A surgeon may have been the killer. Good look.

Chess and Chris will be back, but
later on...We'll be seeing more of "88"

This is National Poetry Month, so I'll be posting a lot more poems this month and a few short stories.

Simon Bastion said...

You remind me so much of Walter Mosley..I can feel his influence.

Swaggie said...

That was some story Keith..I look forward to others with some of your other charactors. Where's Sean
and how about Mabel's other sister,Anita and Carlton?

Captain Jack said...

Incredible Ending to a very unsettling story...Now you need to give us something light hearted.
lololol..Just saying.

Sean said...

Such an Imagination!!! Love your work on both of your blogs!

Keith said...

@Captain Jack- You read my mind...
I will be posting some poetry and some erotica...a lighter fare so to speak.

@Swaggie- I haven't forgotten any of my charactors....They'll all be
returning at some time in the future.