Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hole in The Head

He sat up by the alley wall with a nice neat hole in the middle of his forehead.....a small puddle of blood had poured down his shoulder and had settled in a puddle right next to him. If you took the blood out of the picture..he looked like he was just sleeping on the street. "He" was 34 year old "Sloppy" Joe Prescott, a noted Drug Trafficer......He apparently challenged the supremacy of Philadelphia's resident kingpin ,Fathead Newton and he paid the price...Lucky for me...He paid MY price before Fathead Newton's hitter gave him an appointment with Satan. Me?, I'm Robert Foxworth, Attorney at Law....Sloppy Joe was my client.

I had just set up my office in West Philadelphia with a loan from my landlord, Chess and Joe was one of my first clients. Chess and his buddy, the former kingpin, Chris Thompson had advised me against representing clients like "Sloppy " Joe..but he had the kind of cash that would help me repay my loan to them a little quicker. Chess seems like a nice enough guy..but that Chris Thompson, reformed drug dealer or not scares the hell out of me...I wanted to make sure that I
repaid my loan to Chess.

The cops drew a chalk line around "Sloppy"Joe's body and detectives crowded around the scene
taking photos and looking for spent shells...He had been shot seven times..I guess they wanted to make sure he was dead. I looked at a distance and there she first wife....I should've figured she would be on the scene..This was her thing..Homicide...She is a Lieutenant of the Homicide division of the Philadelphia Police Department. Sissy Van Buren. She went back to her
maiden name. She was Sissy Foxworth for 17 years of marriage.

'Hello Sissy...How long has it been?" I said as I walked over to her. She was light brown skinned with long pretty hair and a killer body still after all of this time...and legs to die for..

"Robert...How are you doing ?" she said with a half smile.

"I'm doing ...well...I'm just doing." I said.

"What brings you to this part of town? Slumming? " she asked, still with a smile and a gleam in those Hazel eyes of hers.

"Your dead guy is my client and I call this part of town home now." I said.

"West Philly? I thought you were living high on the hog with some young girl in Chestnut Hill."
she said.

"That young girl was my second wife, Corrine.........We are uh...ruh...divorced." I said.

"Divorced....Still can't keep it in your pants huh Robert? Don't tell me..let me guess...You couldn't keep it out of Cindy Waters right?" she said.

"It was a different one this time...Sissy..It was one of my clients.....I lost my job, Corrine left me,
took damn near everything. I live in some nice apartments here and I have a small practice
with two other lawyers here in West Philly." I said.

"Wow, you fell hard Robby.....How did Corrine find out ?" she asked.

"You'll love this Sissy, Cindy bugged my office and sent her a DVD. Sent one to my partners too.
It was a slam dunk." I laughed.

Sissy Laughed until her sides hurt....I suppose she deserved some of that...for what I had done to her. I knew that she didn't like Cindy much either.

"I'm sorry Robert....I know it's not funny, it's just that I never in a million years imagined something like that happening to you....hahahahahahahaha.." she said.

"Well guess what? I still aint with Cindy...She thought I was just gonna jump in her arms
after she did all of that..I told her to hit the bricks." I said with false pride.

"Well good for you Robby." she said.

"Sissy?" I asked.

"What Robby."

"It's been a long time..Would you have lunch with me?" I asked...

"I'm working a murder here." she said.

"Oh come know Fathead Newton's people done this and you know that they aint gonna
talk to you and aint nobody around here gonna tell you nothin ,cause aint nobody seen nothin."
I said.

"Don't be so sure...I'm tired of this crap...I'm going to work this case and I'm going to catch this killer." she snapped.

"Okay was nice seeing you again." I said.

"Wait a minute Robert...You asked me to have lunch with you...I didn't say that I wouldn't."
she said.

My eyes lit up.........

Poor Sloppy Joe's body still laid there by the corner, with the neat hole in his head.......

(To be Continued............)


Tate2 said...

Just what was I was waiting for another series..

Swaggie said...

Good Story...Will Chess and Chris be more involved with this caper?

James Perkins said...

I was waiting for this..Thanks for what looks like it's going to be an interesting series!

Simon Bastion said...

Good Story.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Poor Sloppy Joe...Is this the beginning of a drug war?? Even if not, a nice premise.

Sean said...

This looks like it's going to be more about Robert and Sissy than any dead playa and his murder.
The following stories will either prove me right or wrong.

Brenda said...

Interesting Premise...Can't wait until Part two.

Toni said...

Nice story Keith. Is Sissy going to give Robert some? I sure hope not! He betrayed her just he has betrayed every woman he's ever claimed to love..including Cindy.

Angie B. said...

Is this a murder mystery or was the murder just a backdrop for Robert and Sissy?

Sunflower said...

You brought back the rogue huh?
Robert Foxworth!!! I hope Chris puts a contract on him!-lololol-Just kidding.

Cheryl said...

Good story, can't wait for part two.

Vanessa said...

It's obvious that Fathead Newton doesn't run things quietly and smoothly like Chris Thompson did..This is going to lead to his downfall.

Lisa said...

Loved that title..Loved this story.
Looks like Robert may be trying to get Sissy's sympathy..she should run just as fast as she can.lolol.

Halo said...

Wow, Robert, Sissy,Chess, Chris,Fathead and a dead player...
All we need is Kevin in this story and we got it!

Jazzy said...

You got it goin on brother with these stories.

Captain Jack said...

A Love story with a murder mystery in the backdrop..I love it!!

Anonymous said...

Are Robert and Sissy going to have sex??...I certainly hope so.What's the point in having lunch if they're not? I'm just saying.