Friday, September 17, 2010

The Die Is Cast!

I was playing a solitary game of chess with the singer,Ingrid Rhodes at Josie's a few nights later...Chris and Donald Smooth were with two girls in a booth directly behind us...Despite the noise
of all of the people in Josie's..Ingrid had incredible focus...It could almost match mine.. She was a good player...She held her own...but afterall..they didn't call me "Chess" for nothing!

"Checkmate" I said and smiled.

''Touche'...You won! You're one of the few people to ever beat me." she said with a smile. "I heard that you were one of the best...Gus told me that...After I beat him two games to one." she added.

"Ahhh...I taught him the fine points of the game." I bragged.

"We must do this again Chess." she laughed..

"For sure ." I said as I watched her walk away...So much sexiness in one body....I thought to myself as she walked away.. Just then , Marco Gervay walked in...He was a wanna be....Who hired himself out to the highest bidder...Most of us didn't trust him..He walked over to where I was sitting and sat down without being invited...I looked at him.

"Chess....check it out...guess who's back in town?" he said.

''Wally Gator" I said dryly.

"Wow...nothin gets past you huh?" he said.

"He kind of made his presence known." I replied.

"Yeah...he could be going back....they reveiwin his case..but I come here cause I got a hot tip for ya." he said.

"Oh? and what pray tell might that be?" I asked.

"Look...he got a list of people he wants hit....You, Chris, Donald Smooth and Kevin Morris...and he's lookin for a suitable hitter to do the job..." said Marco.

"Oh really? tell us somethin we don't know?" said Chris Thompson.

"Oh...Hey Chris...Hey Donnie!" he said.

"So why you here tellin us this?" asked Donald Smooth.

"I got a way that maybe we can put him back in jail...get him out of our lives for good." said Marco.

''Yeah?We listening!" said Chris.

"Look...He is keepin a low profile.....but I think I know where he lays his head....His point man is a guy named Felix...Felix Washington...He's from South Philly...He's a low level drug dealor...He's got a couple of guys dealing Heroin and Coke on the street for him....but his real thing is..a car theft ring...They steal cars off show lots and sell em to the Russians or the Italians..." said Marco.

''How you know all of this? and why you tellin us this?...What's it to you?" I asked.

"I want him off the scene as much as you guys do...See..there's another name on that list...Mine..
He wants me hit too....Big Daddy doesn't understand how he and Wally and erbody got knocked except me....I didn't rat nobody out....but they think I did...." said Marco.

"So Wally is still representing Big Daddy White's interests...You'd think he'd of branched out on his own by now." said Chris.

"If you come with me...I'll show you where his operation is." said Marco.

"Alright...but if you cross us'll be the first to die." Said Donald Smooth.

We all got in Donald Smooth's car. Donald driving, Chris riding shotgun and Me and Marco in the
back. We cruised through the streets of South Philly...I saw his "corners"....Nothing big there and no way to tie what we saw to Wally Gator....What we were most interested in was the car theft ring.

We drove a few blocks from where Marco said the warehouse with the cars were. We took him with us...Donald Smooth held a shotgun on him while Chris and I mosied up just close enough to see a big truck with new cars being driven into a warehouse...There was a lot of activity there, people coming and going....and then finally we saw the man we were looking for...Felix Washington....He was brown skinned..a handsome guy that resembled a young Jim Brown. He was wearing a very expensive suit and he had three guys with him...They were talking to two white men...

Chris waved me back-

"Come on Chess..Nothing we can do here....I'd love to take that Felix charactor out right now...but it aint the right way." he said.

"I'm callin Kevin...We need him on this." I said.

We got back in the car and drove off...We dropped Marco off at his apartment.

"Good scope Marco.....Stay out of sight and we'll stay in touch." Chris said. Neither Chris or I trusted him...and we didn't want him knowing about our business.

Through Robert Foxworth, I got in contact with Kevin... The next night, Chris, Donald Smooth and I met with Kevin, Clerow and Kool Kat at Josies and told him about Wally Gator, the bounty
on all of our heads and what we had seen..We drove the three of them to the site...

"It's going to be difficult...but I'm going to need my entire crew....We've got to get inside...and get that place wired up , but mostly get Felix and whoever making a transaction.." said Kevin.

"How are you gonna do that?" asked Chris Thompson.

"I need to know...are any of those houses across the street from that warehouse vacant?" he said.

"Almost all of them are." I said.

"Okay Chess...We gonna have to set up in there..." said Kevin.

Chris and Donald Smooth smiled.

The die was cast!

(To Be Continued)