Thursday, September 30, 2010

Missed Call

For four days I brooded...Whether I was in my office or at home....I brooded...I felt very bad about having given that man, Alvin Hunter, who I didn't even know by the way address to Arthur Conley or Ike Godsey or whoever the hell he was.. By doing this...I was partially responsible for him being dead.

I talked to Fathead Newton and his people.....They gave me a line on all the playas they dealt with in New York City. Kool Kat, Roscoe and I traveled to New York City and inquired about an "Arthur Conley" AKA "Ike Godsey"....Nobody there had ever heard of him....I went through the telephone books, I googled both names and came up with nothing. I even talked to some Detectives from the NYPD....Nothing...Nobody knew of any lawyer or player named "Arthur Conley" or "Ike Godsey" It was as if he and Nigel had vanished into thin air!

So there I sat in my office brooding when my boy,Sean Jackson walked in...

"Yo Kev...You got a visitor...That foxy cop lady that you talk to..." he said with a devilish grin....

I knew he was talking about Lt. Sissy Van Buren from Philadelphia Homicide. Why was she here? Had these two mystery men set me up to take the fall for Alvin Hunter's murder??

Sean left and Lt.Van Buren came in and sat down....I checked my Blackberry....I had a missed call on it from the day before....I didn't recognize the number...It indicated that a voicemail message had been left behind...I would listen to it later.

"Lieutenant...To what do I owe the pleasure?" I said, trying to sound devil may care, but not really feeling it at the moment.

"Well Kevin...I wish I could say that this was pleasure...but it's not....We caught a double murder this morning." she said.

"Oh Really?? Anyone I know?" I asked.

"You tell me?" she said and she plopped two photos, crime scene photos down on my desk.....There in one was Nigel....With a nice neat round hole in his forehead......The other person was Arthur Conley Aka Ike Godsey...His face was nearly unrecognizable...He had been pulverized.. His fingers looked mangled, like every last one of them had been broken...and it was quite clear that his neck had been snapped.

"Oh My God" I said.

"You know these guys?" she asked.Cops usually know more than they let on when they are asking questions....We had a very good working relationship. I decided not to lie.

"Yeah I know em.....I 've been looking for both of them for a couple of days now...They hired me to find a guy....They just wanted me to tell them where somebody was....It was that man that was found murdered a few days ago,Alvin Hunter...I found him, gave them the location, they paid me and that was the last I saw of either of them...Only...I didn't know they were going to murder that man." I said.

"We found a book of matches with your name and your phone number on it in the hotel room where these two were staying. First off...His name is not Arthur Conley or Ike Godsey..His name is Stewart Fall....The big one's name is Nigel Anderson." she said.

"Is he a lawyer?" I asked.

"Lawyer?? Him?? Oh my God, he really sold you a bill of goods...He's a player out of Newark,New Jersey....Nigel was his muscle.....They work for a guy named "Tulip"...He's kind of like the "man" in Newark, New Jersey....I don't think they killed Alvin Hunter.....He was beat and pulverized as badly as these two. Do you know why they were so interested in Hunter?" she asked.

"Well Hunter was part of a stick up crew.....They hit that bank in Northeast Philly for three mill,ten years ago....One of em, Wally Basemore got killed in a shootout with you coppers...The other two,Freddie Parker and Alvin Hunter went to jail.....Only Alvin got out in three years and appears to have gone straight....Freddie Parker is still in prison...That's all I know." I said.

"Hmmmm...That money was never found.....Somebody , Somebody in Newark was interested in it....but now there is a wild card....Somebody killed all three of them...But why??" she asked.

"Couldn't tell you that Lieutenant......" I said.

"Well....Just watch your back." she said.

"I don't really know anything." I said.

"Well,let's hope whoever killed those three believes that too." she said and she left.

I was working on a story for the magazine that should have been finished three days ago..before I got mixed up in this mess....I waved at Sheila as she and Sean Jackson left and everyone else left for the day...It was six thirty..I rarely ,if ever stayed at work this late. I called Sepia and told her I'd be late and then continued working.

It was a little after eight o'clock when I called it a day and left my office...It was eerily quiet.....Roscoe , Fathead's enforcer told me once that the best hitmen kill their victims and their victims never see it coming... So when I walked out into the outer suite of my office, I never saw the punch or the huge hand that lifted me off of my feet and slammed me into the wall....I felt the excruitating pain....I didn't see the huge fist that landed in my mid-section knocked the wind out of me and sent me flying across the room either!

A Huge , heavily muscled and bald headed black man who I had never seen before was about to stomp me....I grabbed his foot and twisted it and sent him falling to the floor...I managed to get to my feet ,but I was in extreme pain....He charged at me..I crouched and I landed about 12 good lefts and rights to his face.....I caught him with an uppercut that damn near ripped his head off and then clocked him in his jaw and sent him flying.... He quickly got to his feet and charged me again...throwing haymakers...I dodged them all and ripped his midsection with well placed lefts and rights and then cold cocked him in his jaw, sending him spinning around...I attempted a swift kick to his solar plexus , but he caught my foot , twisted my leg and sent me flying to the floor...

He lifted me up by my neck and put his massive hands around my neck..I kicked him as hard as I could in his privates and he let me go...I again punished his midsection with 10-12 lefts and rights and then planted more lefts and rights to his face...He fell to the floor.....I thought I had time to catch my breath....but he was up again and charging at me...I picked up an old steel chair that we had been meaning to get rid of and threw it at him with all my might....The chair hit him square in the head and down he went with a crash.. he didn't get back up! In fact...his head was bleeding profusely!

I called 911 and Homicide!!!!

"Can't stay out of trouble can you?" said Lt. Sissy Van Buren as we watched them load the big man onto the gurney...

"He tried to kill me." I said...

"Wow...Well he's in pretty bad shape....It looks like you tried to kill him." she laughed.

"I've got the bruises to prove it." I said trying to muster a smile....

"Him?,I know....That's Little Willie Basemore...He's a hitman....used to be a collector for a guy I think you know....By the name of Wally Gator!!!" she laughed...

"He's a Jersey guy eh?" I said.

"No...he's from here... Need a ride home?" she asked.

"Nah...I'm going to drive ...My car is out front." I said.

"Alright, go straight home Kevin...I don't want another call tonight." she laughed.

I finnally made it home.....Sepia took one look at me and said-

"Kevin, Oh my God...what happened to you baby?" she said.

"I was in a should see the other guy." I laughed...

I finally decided to listen to my missed call...What I heard chilled me to the core-

"Kevin...This is Arthur Conley....First real name is Stewart Fall and I aint no lawyer....Who I am isn't important....But listen to me....You could be in great danger....Get your wife and get out of town for a few days....Just do it.........Heyyyy, what are YOU doin in here?, Nigel, Shoot him...Shoot him (SOUND OF A GUNSHOT!!!) Heyyyyy get away from me...Get away from me...Willie...ya got it all wrong...Willie..AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"
He was trying to warn me about Little Willie......This phone call was at least twenty four hours old....If only I had listened to it!!

(To Be Continued.....)


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