Friday, September 10, 2010

You Belong To Me

Kool Kat gave me a kevlar vest and a trauma plate to put on under my shirt and he did the same.

"Damn this that serious?" I said.

"Yes it is THAT serious." said Kool Kat. He wasn't smiling..wasn't a hint of a joke in his speech at all. I respected that the big man , who had once been one of the most feared enforcers and playas in the street knew his business.

"I know you took down Lockjohn and Junkyard Doggie and Sonny Templeton.....but they were crazy and wild...Petey Boy is every bit as dangerous as all of them and worse..He's intelligent..He thinks things out...Which makes him even more lethal....He won't come easy..He'll throw down...Believe that...I tangled with the man once before." he said.

"Kool Kat...What is this really about?" I said.

"He was assigned to take me out once...Remember Indian Joe?" he said.

"Yeah..He's dead." I said.

"Well, I got on Indian Joe's bad side a long time ago and he hired Petey Boy to do me..Cat almost did take me out...but I got nine lives....aint you heard??...I barely escaped a plot he had to get me..and he got arrested on a humbug for somethin else. Indian Joe got on the wrong side of Chris Thompson and Chess and he wound up dead...and now Petey Boy's back on the streets..I aint forgot him." said Kool Kat.

"Man, I want to take him alive...I need him alive!" I said.

"And I said I'll do the best I can." said Kool Kat. He tossed me a .44 magnum....I watched him cock both of his and strap them inside his shoulder holster. He then put on a duster, his black pork pie hat and his black shades...He scared me more than a meeting with Petey Boy.

My Blackberry went of just then....

"Leave it Kev..We got biznezz to attend to." said Kool Kat.

"It's Peeping Tom...I gotta take this!" I said.

"Kevin...We got a problem.....My van is right outside where you are...Come quick...both of you...You gotta see this." said Tom.

"Okay..We'll be out." I said. I looked at Kool Kat.... He frowned..but he followed my lead.

"Come on ..We gotta see this." I said.

We left Kool Kat's house and entered the van which was parked across the street from his house. Peeping Tom, Locksmith Johnson and Clerow were in the van...Tom looked at Clerow...

"Turn on the monitor Clerow....We were still watching and listening to True Dot's house...check this out.." said Tom.

On the screen we saw True Dot humping away on top of Tanika Sanders..Moaning, sweating, grunting when the doorbell can be heard in the background...

"Oooooooou....don't stop...don't stop....I'm cummming..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.." moaned Tanika!

"Ohhhhhhhhh.....Right there...right thereeeee...damn girl youse got some good lovin..."

"I don't get any complaints."

"That's for damn sure...who the hell is on that door??"

"Pass me my panties and my bra over there in the corner."

"For what?, you aint goin nowhere....Let me see who is at this damn door..Let me get my robe on."

The banging continued! Finally an angry True Dot got out of bed ,put on his robe and stormed to the door...

"Who the hell is this bangin on my door at-" he stopped in his tracks...A man I had never seen before had a large pistol aimed at his head....Tanika obviously knew who he was...Her eyes got as large as saucers !!

"Raif...Raif...Honey, sweety,'s not what it looks like." she said as she hid her naked body behind the sheets...

"Oh yeah? It looks like you naked....up here in this nigguhs crib , that's what it looks like to me." he said.

"Ohhh,I'm so sorry..I'm so please.please." she pleaded.....

"I can't believe you cheated on me....I can't believe it!" he screamed...He was both crying and laughing at the same time....It was at this point that True Dot got the brilliant idea to rush him and try and get his gun.... The man named Raif fired two times...The first shot hit him in his abdomen...The second shot hit him in the chest!!

''Arggggggggggghhhhh.........I can't believe it....argggggggghhhh...I've been shot."he said and he fell to the floor.

"Baby, sweetie, honey...don't shoot me...I'm sooooo sorry..It'll never happen again." said Tanika.
Raif fired again....the shot hit Tanika right between the eyes, killing her instantly...Raif then looked at True Dot who was laying on the floor in a pool of blood and fired again ,into his head.
He then walked out of the door into the street.

"Ohhh man....True Dot is dead!...." I said.

"Doesn't matter....Petey Boy doesn't know this...How long ago did this happen?" asked Kool Kat.

"About an hour ago " said Tom...

"Do the cops know about this yet?" asked Kool Kat.

"I'm sure they are probably finding out about it as we speak.' said Tom.

"Come on Kevin...we may still be able to catch us a killer." said the big man.

All I could do was aimlessly tag along.

We arrived at the diner in time...Kool Kat sat inside at a table with a cup of coffee....I stood with my back turned toward the diner, my face slightly hidden...I had an envelope in my hand...
It wasn't Petey Boy that came up to me to get the envelope...It was Lawrence Bojack....So you can imagine his surprise..and mine when I spun around with my gun drawn!....

"Heyyy what is this? You a cop?" he said as I tossed him up against the wall......The elusive Petey Boy was in a car at the corner...Kool Kat said that he was a thinker! ..He got out of the car with his gun drawn.....But just then, Kool Kat cracked him so hard, his gun left his hand and went spinning in the street..Kool Kat then pulled him out of the car and began pummeling him...

"Remember me you cheap tried to kill me...thought I forgot huh...huh???? Thought I forgot...." he said as he beat him unconscious! He dragged his unconscious body over to where I was and tied him up...

"There he is....I know you probably called the cops by now...I know how you operate Kev...but I had to pay that sucker back...I didn't kill him...just like I said I wouldn't." said Kool Kat.

"Well thank you...but damn man, I usually throw in a few quips right about this time, get the bad guy all mad and steamed up and then take him out.." I said laughing...For the first time, Kool Kat laughed.

"Hey man..I aint got nothin to do with this..he just asked me to pick up an envelope." said Lawrence Bojack...

"Get out of here." I said. Lawrence Bojack wasted no time getting in the car and driving off!


Peter "Petey Boy" Moss was tried and convicted of First Degree Murder and Murder for Renumeration in the death of Bobby Darden....He was sentenced to Life Imprisonment. Thanks to our video...Raif Collins was identified as the killer of both Antoine "True Dot" Artis and Tanika Sanders. He was arrested and convicted of both murders and sentenced to death.

A few nights later ,Sepia and I were in Josies sitting in a booth...From the corner of my eye I saw Brenda Rideout...I excused myself and walked up to the bar...To pick up drinks for Sepia and I.

''Heyy Mr. Kevin." she said.

"Hey yourself." I said.

"That your wife?" she asked.

"Yes it is." I said.

"She's beautiful and you was gonna mess around with me and you go home to her?" she laughed.

"Well got it all wrong." I said.

"Well, didn't do anything...just some lightweight flirting....I guess men will be men." she said and chuckled.

"Yeah..Guess we will." I said.

"Guess you heard about True Dot." she said.

"Yeah..some guy..Tanika's boyfriend shot him and her." I said.

"Damn shame....It's a shame that an anonymous phone call led to all that.......See ya around Mr. Kevin." she said with a wink as she walked out of the bar.

I didn't get what she meant by that until I sat back down in the booth with Sepia....Then I just smiled ruefully!

(For Arlene)


SLC said...

I was a little worried when the blackberry went off and he said leave it. That Rideout chick is interesting; even with the heavy makeup. I look forward to hearing more from her.

Anonymous said...

Why did he have to kill them right after they finished making love???
Oh well, I can ay least toss my bra up in the air...It was still a good story!