Saturday, September 18, 2010


Kevin had quite an operation...For Muscle he had Kool Kat, Gus's two guys, Eddie and Albert and a babe who was quite good with a shotgun named Big Nasty...Donald Smooth joined them for good measure. They took over an empty house directly across the street from this warehouse. They arrived in a van with a cat we knew named Locksmith Johnson, who could break into anyplace or anything..and a white guy named Peeping Tom who was an ex CIA agent..He was a wiretapping expert... Kevin and his main men, Sean Jackson and Clerow rode in another car with Chris and me.

"We've been watching that warehouse around the clock.. We counted six guys who run it...They are in and out...There is only one time when that place is completely empty and when it is...Peeping Tom and Lockpick Johnson are going to do their thing...get in, get the place wired for sound and video...Kool Kat, Eddie , Albert and Big Nasty will supply their on ground protection...Sean here will
be taking photos from the ground and providing them with a scope of the block...and me and Clerow are in the house." said Kevin.

"Some set up..I'm glad you're our friend and not our enemy." laughed Chris. Kevin and I smiled.
We had all known each other since grade school.

"Damn Kev..You on some military stuff here." I laughed.

We parked in back of the rowhouse...and we entered from the back... Kool Kat, Donald Smooth, Big Nasty, Eddie and Albert had an arsenal in there...It looked like they were ready for war in Iraq...

Sean Jackson had telescopic lenses and special cameras for taking photos at night set up all around.. Kevin was like a general...telling every player what his or her part was...Chris Thompson nodded...He liked Kevin...what's more...he respected him as did we all.

Then the moment came....The last of the six guys left the warehouse....Locksmith Johnson ,who had been masquerading as a homeless man for days had gotten a good look at their security system..he said that it was pretty basic and he had no problem disabling it and getting inside the warehouse with Peeping Tom. Eddie and Albert, armed with sub-machine guns , which God only knows where or how they got them..went inside with Tom and Lockpick..Kool Kat, and Big Nasty
guarded the outside...

Sean Jackson kept a watch on the outside and kept communication with them through his cell phone, While Chris, Kevin, Clerow and myself sat on pins and needles and waited. In little less than an hour , they were all out and back in the house.

"We are all set....We have monitors in here and recording equipment...It was cool of you to wire us up to that street light Chess...." said Kevin.

''Yeah...somethin I used to do back in the day..Remember all of those block parties Chris?" I said

"Indeed I do." laughed Chris.

"It's showtime fellas..Kill the lights..." Said Kevin.

One night was worth a thousand...We videoed and photographed a half dozen cars being unloaded off of two or three trucks and being driven on to an adjoining lot...We got good video and good still photographs of several people coming and going and leaving with a lot of the stolen cars...but most importantly we got photos of Felix Washington, driving up with two or three of his soldiers, collecting money, smiling and leaving...This went on for about a week without them knowing and then we got the photo opportunity we were looking for...

"Chris, Chess....look!!! Oh my God...I'm about to pee my pants...It's our boy...Wally Gator!!! Oh man...this is the coup de grace!" said Kevin..

"Felix...Felix...Felix my man...what's goin on baby?" said Wally Gator...

"Everything is everything.....I know what you here for....Your cut.....Here it is ..." said Felix as he passed Wally an envelope.

"No sign of no cops?" he asked.

"Man, they haven't got a clue...." laughed Felix.

"This is bribe money babes...I'm gonna buy me a jury....I already got a Judge....You watch..I'm gone be back on the streets and have this place hummin...." bragged Wally Gator.

"I know dats right man..." laughed Felix.

"You send that money to Judge Creighton?"asked Wally...

"Yup..and I sent some to a couple of perspective jurors too, just like you asked."said Felix.

''What about that other thing?" asked Wally.

"The hitter? I got him...a cat outta A.C. named Wilt Mannerly...He's good...I meet with him tomorrow." said Felix..

"Aint nobody seen Chris Thompson, Chess ,Donald Smooth or Kevin Morris....They must have got word that they bein hunted...That Marco Gervay is missin too." said Wally.

"You think he told em?" Asked Felix.

"Nah...they hate him as much as we do..hahahahahahahaha." laughed Wally Gator.

''Listen man..I'm out...I gotta go back to my place...I can't be seen wit you ugly ass gangsters.."
laughed Wally Gator as he and his body guards got back in his car and pulled off.

Chris laughed and slapped palms with me....I turned to Kevin and his people.....

"Hey what you do baby!" I laughed.

"Always Chess...I got a friend at the FBI that will be quite interested in these photos and the video." he laughed.

The next day...The FBI and the Philadelphia Police raided the warehouse, They arrested 56 people....impounded all of the cars and traced most of the cars that were sold ....Felix Washington
and 39 of his associates were all arrested...They had no idea how they had gotten caught..They never would...Special Agent In Charge , Frank Cotton got the credit for the bust, but he knew he had help from us street guys...

A warrant was put out for the re-arrest of one Wallace ''Wally Gator" Benson....He had already gone to ground... We told Fathead about the would be hitter,Wilt Mannerly....The would be hitman's bullet riddled body was found outside of the thirtieth street train station early in the morning...The FBI also arrested Judge Burton Creighton.

That night, Chris and I sat in Josies and had a beer...

"Wow..We owe Kevin and his people big time...Nobody got hurt...we got our payback and they never even saw us." I laughed.

"Yeah, but Gator is still out there...I want to holler at him...real bad." said Chris.

Just then ,Marco Gervay walked in and sat down with us once again, uninvited.

"Wow..I heard about the big bust....a lot of people got knocked.....That was you guys huh?" he asked..We said nothing.

"Well, that was a good tip wasn't it? I told you..You get Gator and Felix with that car thing rather than the drug thing." he said.

"Where is he Marco?" I asked.

"Funny you ask that Chess....I got a line on him...I got an address where he's holin up....The Feds
are turnin this city upside down tryin to get to him....but I know where he is...He in Jersey." said

"Really?" said Chris.

"He's in AC...He left here early this morning." said Marco.

''And you know this why?" I asked.

"He been lookin for us..I been lookin for I got a few people that tell me things." said Marco.

"You got an address?" asked Chris.

"Yup, this is it."he said.

"You're really scared of him huh?" asked Chris.

"'s just that I aint got the resources to go after him like you guys do." he said.

"Whatever man..we'll keep in touch" said Chris. Chris said it in a way that Marco knew was the end of the conversation and time to go...he got up and walked over to the bar.

"Chris...this could be a trap." I said.

"I know..that's why I told Donald Smooth to watch him and that if anything happened to off him...Now feel like a drive to Atlantic City ?" laughed Chris.

(Conclusion Next)