Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Little Knowledge

The next morning, Fathead Newton's Nephew ,Chick , the manager of Mulberry Street and some electricians were looking at the generator in the basement...I and three Homicide Detectives were with him...

"Yeah, it looks like someone got down here and disabled the generator..." said an Electrician...

''Somebody who really knew what they was doin." said another one.

''How long will it take for this to be fixed?" asked Chick.

"We can have it up and running in a day." said one

"Is there a surveilance camera down here?" asked a Homicide Detective...

"It was disabled also....right before the generator went out." said Chick.

"Where is your security?" I asked....

"Oh you mean my former security?...Those lames were upstairs drinking...and talking to chicks..I fired all three of them." said Chick.

I didn't know if the Detectives had picked up on it...but they definitely needed to be interviewed.. I waited until the cops left and I asked Chick for their names and addresses..I wanted to talk to these guys..

The killer , whoever he was , was good...He disabled the cameras and the generator and then set off fireworks to confuse the crowd of people and turn their attention away from everything and then quietly slipped into the club and shot and killed Bobby Darden.... There was no question in my mind that this was a hit...a contract hit...

I could go places and ask questions that the police couldn't. An hour later, Roscoe, Fathead's cheif enforcer and I were drinking Coronas at the Mermaid Club, Joe Neptune's club.

"Nah Kevin, you barkin up the wrong tree....Nobody I know had anything against Beautiful Bobby...He's not really what you would call a major playa....Fathead knew about him and his action...He doesn't care....The Diaz Brothers did major business with him, so it wasn't them...I'm tellin you...This was someone close to him...someone not connected...It wasn't even a drug thing." he said.

"But Roscoe...Who close to him would have the kind of dough to call in a professional hitter like the one who did Bobby?" I asked.

"Why do you think a professional guy did this?" asked Roscoe.

"The precision man.....The surveillance cameras and the generator went off at just the right time , then the fireworks went off and then the shots.....I'll tell you something else...Whoever did this ,didn't have time to run away...they were so slick that they hid right there amongst the crowd and left with us." I said.

"Kev...Are you hiding something from me? Something you want to tell me?" asked Roscoe.
"Huh? , Hiding something? What?" I said.
"This sounds like you did this.....You're ex-military, you're smarter than most....Come on, you can tell ole Roscoe.heheheheheheheheheheh." he laughed.
"Oh you got jokes today." I said as I drank a second beer.

"All I'm sayin Kev is that most of the cats I know , who do this...aint that smart or organized...If they were, they'd be doing another line of feel me? It aint a street guy you're lookin for, that's all I can tell you." he said.
A little while later as I was driving towards Peeping Tom's house , I thought about what Roscoe said....This wasn't the work of a typical street gangster...It was a little more.
''Well Kev....What your friend Roscoe told you was correct...The entire way the hit was set up was , well like something we would have done when I was in Black Ops...and yet...this guy was a two bit rapper who sold viagra and exstacy.....I don't see that anybody in my old world or the street would be interested in him like that...No, your boy Roscoe was right...This was something personal." he said.
"Okay...but who does he know, with that kind of skill and motivation?" I asked.
"Hitmen come a dime a dozen....Didn't have to be a pro...Could have been someone with a little knowledge that's all. Who knows..Maybe he was bangin somebody's broad or somethin." said Tom.
That was a good thought...that was my first thought! I never saw the face of the woman who Bobby had bent over one of the sinks in the men's restroom, but I do remember what she was wearing....a white mini-skirt, dark striped panty hose and white shoes with tacky rhinestone diamonds on them...She looked like she had a long stringy black weave also...and she had a alto like voice...a little deeper than average....I'm sure if I gave that description to the party goers it might turn up something!
I picked up Clerow and Kool Kat and we paid one of the now fired security guys...Moe Terry...a visit.
"Man, about a quarter to twelve...I got a call....I don't know who it was...but they said that the boss, Chick said we could all come up and have a few drinks on the house...sort of as a thank you for the hard work we was doin...I told Walt and Charlie and we all went up topside to have drinks." he said.
"So you didn't think it strange that you would be pulled off of surviellance...all three of you?" I asked.
"Man, we do this every night and nothing has ever happened....Everybody knows that Fathead Newton really owns this place...who would be stupid enough to try and stick this place up?" he said. Kool Kat looked at me and shook his head..Clerow just laughed.
"So what happened next? " I asked.
"We went to the bar...but when we got there, the bartender didn't know what we were talking about...Said that nobody tole him we could have drinks on the house... Rather than argue and since we was there...I went on and paid for us to have three drinks...Thas when the electric went off and the fireworks occurred!!! Imagine that...somebody havin the stones to hit somebody at this joint...They couldn't be too bright." he laughed. I didn't think he or his two friends were too
bright either!
We interviewed the other two guys and their stories matched....Which brought me back to square one...My killer knew Bobby was going to be here, knew the layout well and was very very effecient. Didn't leave fingerprints, DNA or a single witness..Living or electronic.

That night as I lay in bed with Sepia, I smiled for a half second....

"What are you smiling about?" she said.
"I'm after a really smart , well organized guy." I said.
"How do you know it's a man?" she asked with a sexy pout.
"I don't..Sorry about that...I'm after a smart person...I actually admire thier work..." I said.
"You're sick. To be intrigued by someone who could do something like that" she laughed.
"Yeah maybe....but I'm going to find em and it'll be all the more sweeter when I take this killer down. A little knowledge really is a dangerous thing" I said.
"Sounds like a TV plotline." she laughed as I pulled her to me and gave her a long and sloppy kiss.
"MMMmmmmmm that's some must see TV." she cooed.
"Indeed" I chuckled.

(To Be Continued)


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That last scene had me about to toss my panties up in the should have wrote more!