Thursday, September 9, 2010

Twist And Shout

I followed True Dot for the next few days. He was a creature of habit..Most like myself. His day began with him going to the diner. He would order Scrambled Eggs light with cheese, Bacon, Wheat Toast with jelly, Orange Juice and a cup of coffee...After he ate..he would sit in there and read the newspaper and a couple of magazines...Make small talk with the waitress and then leave. He'd go to the Mermaid Club, take a booth..and call a few people on his Blackberry..Then order drinks...A few guys who I did not know would come in and talk to him and then leave. They looked like other rappers.

One person that came in that seemed interesting was Bojack! , Beautiful Bobby's main man and partner in the black market viagra -levitra,cialis and ecstacy business...It seemed odd that these two were meeting... Bojack handed

True Dot an envelope full of money...He counted it and they slapped palms and did a fist bump!.. Hmm..Now there was some strange bedfellows.

There was no sign of "Petey Boy", the man who I was sure was my killer. While True Dot was out...Locksmith Johnson and Peeping Tom broke in his place and wired it of course...Just like Ralph had been relatively easy and just like Ralph..This guy had a lot going on in his house.

For one thing, my lady friend of the night before..Brenda Rideout was a constant night time visitor....She kept his bed squeaking and rocking most of the night....Unknown to her, her "girlfriend" Tanika was a frequent visitor during the afternoon hours...doing much of the same thing.

The talk on the phone was mostly with people in the recording industry...He was literally begging other rappers and producers to put him on their mixtape or recording or to listen to his solo stuff.. From what we heard, not too many were interested. Poor guy...He didn't seem to have a straight job...and from what I could see...He had gone into business with Lawrence Bojack..."Beautiful" Bobby's partner..With Bobby dead...There was now room for him to make a little money in his place...This made me wonder if Bobby's murder was more about a business opportunity than just the fact that Bobby was porking his main squeeze on the side!

Finally, we hit paydirt! One afternoon, True Dot got a phone call from someone who was not Bojack or a record industry person...It was the call I'd been waiting for...


"What's happenin Captain?"

"Petey Boy..hey baby, what's up? When did you get back in town?"

"Don't worry about when I got back in town...What's up with my money?"

"Oh that? Heyyy man look....I raised some of it...I gotta make a few more sales and I'll have your whole fee joke!"

"Listen....I don't want to hear you got to do this or do that..I want my money..I took care of Bobby D. for you just like you asked...and it was understood that my money would be paid upfront soon. Now I know Bojack paid you today..."

"Yeah Petey Boy...He did...but I got to use some of that to pay my expenses...My rent, my electric, my uh personal overhead."

"That's your problem....Get me my money man....Or you gone have the same fate as Bobby D. If I wasn't screwin your cousin...I wouldn't even be dealin with a low level bottom feeder like you..."

"Yeah man, I know..."

"I want my money by Friday morning..That gives you two days...."

"Okay man..I'll send it by Bojack..."

"Nah bruh..Me and you..Face to Face...At the diner down the street from Josies..Don't let me have to come lookin for you..Cousin or no cousin."

"Okay man...Okay.."


I smiled...I had the entire murder for hire plot right there on tape.... Petey dangerous and efficient as he appeared to be made one big mistake..careless arrogance...He has no reason to suspect that he is even a suspect..Has no reason to know that he's been captured on the camera from the establishment across the street or that I have a recording of his voice on a cell phone telling the security to go get drinks, right before the murder...and now this...

What I suspect happened was that True Dot was already mad because his vocals were mixed off of the recording...Then he was stiffed by Bobby D. of money he felt he was owed....He made a side deal with Bojack to go in as partners on the pleasure drug business and then finding out that Bobby was fooling around with his main squeeze from his side peice was the icing on the cake...It was what sealed Bobby D's fate...

I smiled.....Not bad for one weeks worth of work...I was glad Sean would be back next week....He'd be sorry he missed my last two capers....As I promised Kool Kat..I gave him a call.

"What's goin on Kev?" he answered.

"I'm ready to wrap this up babe!" I said.

"You mean, you're ready to take Petey Boy down?" he asked.

" me on Friday Morning in front of the diner, down the street from Josies..and Kool Kat...let's try to take him alive this time...okay?" I asked.

"Okay Kev...I'll do the best I can." laughed the big man.

(Conclusion Next)


Anonymous said...

Kool Kat is so sexy..He makes me want to toss my panties.

Brenda said...

@Anonymous- It doesn't take much does it?