Wednesday, August 19, 2009


"And you know this Kevin? " asked Homicide Lieutenant, Sissy Van Buren.

"I didn't see it..I didn't hear it..but the guy who drove her there, told me he was trying to hide her because she saw Malik Lockjohn kill Loverboy Jones." I said.

"And the guy who you say drove her there is nowhere to be found?" said Sissy.

"Yeah, that could be a problem." I said as I shrugged my shoulders.

"It's no problem...we have his car and we know who he is...We have people on the street looking for him already." she said.

"Lieutenant..Jordy is not the killer..." I said.

"Right now he's a material witness to this murder....and he's all we got to coroborate your story and if he's smart , he'll turn himself in. If Malik Lockjohn is involved in this as you say..your friend is probably already dead." she said sternly.

"So you know him too huh?" I asked.

"I know that where ever he is...somebody dies and there usually is no evidence to concretely prove that he is the culprit. He's good...he's like a ghost...He slips in and does the deed and just like that..he's gone. He's got a file that dates back to 1973...when he was in the second grade.
A kid was found beat to death in the school yard...He was there...but only one kid was willing to testify against him...that kid went missing. We found his body about a year later in a drainage ditch... A low level drug dealor here and there wound up dead..rumors persisted..but we were never able to pin anything on him...He had no juvenile record...No arrests whatsoever, just suspicion of... When he went in the Marine Core, We were all glad...We prayed that maybe he'd get killed in Iraq or something..Didn't happen...He came back, hired himself out to the highest bidder and the bodies started dropping." she said.

"Wow, sounds like a real sweetheart huh?" I laughed.

"NO, HE'S NOT!...He's not like these other folks you've fooled with....He's the real thing...I suggest you forget you ever heard his name Kevin and go on with your life....You don't want to tangle with Lockjohn..believe me...Forget about him." said Sissy.

'Sissy...He just got out of prison...somebody made a case against him..what happened with that?"
I asked.

"Your FBI friend...Agent Frank Cotton got him on Manslaughter and interstate flight to avoid prosecution charges...There were two witnesses in that case... Lockjohn got to one before she could testify and the other one was in witness protection." she said, lowering her head.

'What do you mean was in witness protection?" I asked.

"She was so afraid of Lockjohn...she committed suicide, even after he was safely behind bars.That's how afraid she was of him getting out and finding her." she said.

"Okay...I think I've heard enough." I said.

'Kevin..we'll try to find your friend....but please...don't push this...let this one ride...This aint for you...believe me....please forget you even heard his name." she said, looking very worried.

As for me...I felt strangely alive...more alive than I've ever felt in my life....I felt an invigorating high like I'd never felt before..a rush of adrenalin.. I wanted to match wits with this bad man..I wasn't the least bit afraid.

I was no fool either...I packed a few things later that day and moved Sepia in with Sean Jackson
and Sheila. I then gathered up my troops..Big Nasty, who was the first person I met who had heard of Lockjohn and who wasn't afraid to join me...Gus's two mercanaries, Albert King and Eddie Martin and Chris and Chess's boy Donald "Smooth". We bought a huge amount of food ,because we knew we were going to be hunkered down in that house and we kept the house
loaded to the gip with guns and rifles.

Fathead Newton wished us good luck and supplied us with bullet proof vests and a few extra guns and then My man Sean Jackson ,with the help of my new friends...Lockpick Johnson and
Peeping Tom wired the front and back of my neighborhood for audio and sound and set up a command center inside my basement. This ghost wasn't going to sneak up on us.

With that set into motion...I baited my trap...From my home computer..I wrote an expose about
Malik Lockjohn....His life, his suspected killings, his prison stay and his psychological make up.
I even hinted that he may be responsible for the most recent murder of Freda Barnett and that
it had to do with a recent drug spat between two now deceased gangsters, one of whom he was employed by...I wrote the story and used old Police mug shots and sent it to my magazine..which ran a cover story....THE MONSTER AMONG US! on it's next edition.

The Local newspapers got ahold of this and within a week...Malik Lockjohn's picture was everywhere and everyone was talking about him... This also meant that the police were now embarrassed into looking for him... I knew that where-ever he was ..He was fuming...and he now
had a bullseye with my name on it..If I had done a work up on him..He was doing one on me.
He was smart..He knew not to come around here.

Eddie and Albert were armed to the teeth and traveled in a jeep, circling the block...Big Nasty patrolled the block on foot..Her revolver ready and Smooth and I patrolled in my car (Smooth stayed crouched in the back)... Days turned into weeks , but Lockjohn never showed up... Then one night I got a call from Jordy just before midnight...Hadn't seen or heard from him in weeks..I was actually glad to know that he was still amongst the living.

"Kev done stirred up a hornets nest man...That freak Lockjohn has been going off, grabbin people, threatening them..and asking them about you man... he got the whole city in an uproar man." he said.

"Good..Tell him where I am...I'm dyin to meet him." I said.

"Kev, are you crazy? After reading that article you wrote, he probably knows where you are..he could be watching you right now." said Jordy.

"Yeah,well, I'm ready for him...and if he's stupid enough to come around here tonight..He's going to get the shock of his warped life." I laughed.

"Man, you just don't understand what you got yourself into...but..I wish you luck brother..but I think this may be the last time I'll be talking to you." said Jordy, who by his voice,I could tell was not kidding.

"Where are you holed up at man?" I asked ..Knowing he wasn't going to tell me.

"Somewhere where it's safe...somewhere you should be....Good luck Kevin....and man if I don't hear from was great knowin you bruh....we had quite a ride man..Peace out Kev." said Jordy. He was so serious and I thought he was so funny.

I looked up and to my surprise...a guy with a ponytail had a gun drawn at the the jeep that Eddie
and Albert were in...He made them throw their guns into the street...Big Nasty was about to draw on them , but another man put a pistol to the back of her head....He was tall, thin and had
no facial hair...He facial features looked almost, pretty like a girls....He was Malik Lockjohn.... I knew him from the police mug shots...At long last we meet...He didn't look so frightening to me..He was thin, slight build...maybe about five foot, nine inches... I imagine it was that big gun he had that made him so frightening.

"Come on out of that the one I want one dead have no idea what you about to get yourself into..." he said.

'So I'm just supposed to come out and let you kill me right?" I said.

"You got no either come out now or your friends all die." he snapped.

"You're going to kill us all anyway." I said.

"True.but sense you started this... be a man and die first." He laughed.

He didn't know that Smooth was in the back seat crunched down....I whispered to Smooth....

'When I give the word.. take out the guy in the Ponytail...Lockjohn is mine." I said...

"Gotcha boss." said Smooth...

I slowly exited my car...I didn't even have to tell Smooth what to do...He put a nice round right into the forehead of the man that had the gun on Eddie and Albert and before Lockjohn could make a move ,I fired a round over his head that nearly made a crease in his well cut hair..which gave Big Nasty time to take cover....

"You're slippin would've never under-estimated an opponent before." I said as I dropped, rolled and came up shooting my forty five at him.... He seemed a bit surprised and a little perturbed.. I fired again...this time shooting out the wind sheild of the car he was taking cover near...He ran a little more...shooting as he ran...I returned his fire, forcing him to run further... He had lost his swagger now and he actually looked like a man panicking...It was then that he must have realized that he had walked into a trap!!

"You're a dead man Kevin...That's right..I know your name..I know where you live,I know everything about you.." he said. It was almost as if he was trying to convince himself that he was still in control.

"So what it mean? What good is that going to do you when you dead ?" I said as I ran,dropped, and rolled and came up shooting again... by now, Eddie ,Albert,Smooth and Big Nasty were all aiming their fire towards him...He really was good..he moved like a cat, reloaded and held his own against us for a minute...People on the street ran and ducked for cover...I knew that the cops would be showing up soon... I got close and fired at him, just missing him...He ran behind a
parked car...I fired again..blowing the windsheild out and sending him running again. He wasn't used to this and now with his partner down..He had no choice but to run.

For the first time , he hesitated...he looked afraid....Nobody had ever threatened him before...
He hesitated....In that short minute..I fired again...hitting him right under his left arm pit...He spun around like a top...

"Arrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhgggggghhhh, I don't believe it...I've been shot!" he said, as he now was in full
retreat...coughing...spitting blood and no longer trying to shoot...

What is it with all of these guys? They can't believe it when they get shot? We all were armed and ready by now...but just like that....he was gone...not a trace of him..but a trail of blood that
lead to a driveway and then stopped.

His accomplice lay very still in the street...He wasn't about to get up..Smooth had killed him with
that one well placed shot... Lockjohn had come and had failed...but now he had a ghost in the night....What kind of man was he? I suspected he had someone in a car waiting for him....He had lost a whole lot of blood...he was weak..He would need a doctor...We jumped in our cars...He was bound to be in a hospital or looking for a Doctor....It was on...I wasn't going to allow him a bit of comfort...Not tonight!

(To be continued.......)


Anonymous said...

Oh wow. This is exciting. This isn't going to be pretty

Toni said...

Awwwwww sookie sookie now..It's on and poppin baby!

Angie B. said...

Wow...I didn't expect things to heat up so quickly...

Cheryl said...

It's on like popcorn now! Can't wait until the next ep...

Brenda said...

All I can say is wow!!

Vanessa said...

It's on and poppin..Score..Kevin one, Lockjohn, zero...but I know that this aint over...I know there is a twist to this..and I know Lockjohn is coming back hard as hell.

Halo said...

This is good...Didn't expect all hell to break loose so soon.

Lisa said...

Kevin usually sets these traps near the end of the caper, not the beginning..I know there is some kind of twist.

Sunflower said...

Such drama!! Such violence...I can't believe it, but I'm hooked.

James Perkins said...

Incredible story...lots of action...I'm worried though about Kevin's recklessness...He's putting everybody he knows in jeopardy because of his dealings with this man...I hope he knows what he's doing.

Simon Bastion said...

The Bad man's ego is severly bruised now, not to mention his body after taking a shot like that..He's going to be weak and the advantage is going to be Kevin's for awhile.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Boy,Kevin's got a set on him...He faced down and shot a guy that everybody else is terrified of..but this guy got into his camp without them being able to detect him and he basically disarmed Kevin's whole crew...The only thing that saved them was he didn't know about Smooth..Will Kevin be as lucky when they meet again?

Swaggie said...

Man, I was loving this..Kevin took his swagger away from him..dude didn't know what to do..Feels funny having people trying to kill
you for a change , when you're used to killing folk. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

Jazzy said...

Wasn't expecting I got to admit..except for one miscalculation, dude was good and could have killed Kevin..He did slip inside undetected and disarm most of Kevin's muscle...Can't wait to read what happens next.

Sean said...

You're a master storyteller man..and Lockjohn has got to be one of your most intriguing charactors.

Captain Jack said...

I don't know how this is going to end, but Lockjohn is just a joy to read about..ouuuuu-lolololol.

Anonymous said...

Lockjohn had better be careful...things are getting hot now...

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