Saturday, August 1, 2009

Move Me No Mountains

We sat in Clerow's Black BMW with the window's tinted directly across the street from Lolita's house. Clerow was at the driver's side...Sean Jackson was on the passenger side and I sat in the back seat...Watching...Waiting.

"Kevin man, you sure are taking a gamble man...How you know old boy is even gonna show?" asked Clerow.

"Trust me...he will...He wants one thing in the world...that woman in that house..and she just told him that she would marry him and that she wants to see him..He'll be here..believe that." I said.

"Yeah, but Kev man...based on what you said ..He knows that she already stepped out on him with that Eric guy...Why would he trust her now? Especially since she been lukewarm on him before...Wouldn't he smell a trap? " Asked Sean.

"If he was sane he might Sean...but he's in love...and on top of that...He feels untouchable. He's killed his rival and everybody that knows how he did it is also dead..He's untouchable...Can't even prove he did anything." I said.

"Yeah..I got'cha..but what about you? He know that you're on to him?" asked Clerow.

"I doubt it..and even so..I can't prove a thing." I laughed.

"So you think he'll talk about what he did to Lolita?" asked Sean.

"Well, I hope so...I'm hoping for some meaningful pillow talk." I said.

I was hoping he'd get relaxed enough and bold enough to talk about what he'd done. I was hoping he'd be arrogant enough to believe that Lolita would be too afraid to double cross him, even if he did tell her what he'd done. Sean Jackson
and two of his associates slipped into her house hours before and wired it for video and audio. I had also called Homicide Lt. Sissy Van Buren and laid the entire story out to her and Philadelphia Homicide. She told me that unless they could get him to talking about what he did on tape that we didn't have a very good case... I already knew that.

At around 3:30 am..A tall hulking figure in horn rimmed glasses rang the doorbell of Lolita's house. I didn't want her to be too obvious, but against my
wishes , she comes to the door in a sheer pink negligee, leaving nothing to the imagination!!!

Leonard was no dummy...What was she trying to him off.???.He'd smell this trap a mile away I at first thought....I couldn't have been more wrong to my surprise.

"Oh Hi's you.." said Lolita...

"Oh my's really good for me to see you... Oh my God look great,just like I knew you would...well don't just stand there...let me in.." he said.

"Leonard, I thought you were dead...I-I-I..moved here from West Orange and rented this house about a month ago...I just couldn't continue working in New York City with all of the bad memories and all-" She said.

"Cut the crap Lolita...You moved here because Eric got waived by the Giants and he came here hoping to walk on the Eagles...not knowing how sick he really was...don't bullshit me..Not ever again" said Leonard.

"Okay ,Oh-oh...Okay Leonard.." she said.

"Relax..don't worry about being tempted by him..He's out of your life forever..I
made damn sure of that! " He said.

"What-What do you mean by that?" she asked..

"Nothin you gotta worry about....Come here....come over here..give me a hug."
he demanded.

"Okay." she said meekly.

"Ummmmph, damn girl you feel good...Ummmmph...give me a kiss....mmmmmmpph..ohhhh that feels so good...Ouu, open up that top..let me
lick your breasts..Ouuuuu..ohhhhhh..ahhhhhh..." he moaned.

"Leonard..what's gotten into you? You never have talked to me like this before..
get your hand off of my butt." she snapped.

"What? It's about to be my butt soon..ummmph...and these are going to be my titties too...ouuuuuu....and I'm going to love you like a man...the way I've always wanted to...come here..give me another kiss...ummmmmph." he said.

"Oh Leonard..ohhhh Leonard, what are you doing? Pull your zipper back up..
don't take it out...please pull your pants up..Leonard Stop,please..." she said.

"Put your hand on it..go ahead...stroke it...ouuuuuuu..yesssss....give me another kiss...ohhhhhhhhhh baby that feels so good." he said.

"You killed Eric didn't you?" she asked.

"Damn right I did...Bastard tried to humilate me on that ship..and you didn't even take up for me...I was so mad that night...I went to his room and beat the crap out of that man in his room..I thought it was him..." said Leonard.

"Oh Leonard...How could you?" she said , weeping uncontrolably now...

"I loved you..and you humiliated me..made me sleep in a seperate room, while you were slipping into his room giving him everything....I just couldn't bare to be on that ship another minute with the both of you..That "suicide" was all staged...You know I'm an Olympic swimmer...I dove off the boat and I had someone out there with a little boat and my things waiting for me. Ha..I outsmarted Kevin, Oleg Mboli and that jackass ,Fearless Fosdick..All of em..
they weren't as smart as me." he boasted.

"Oh my're a monster." she said.

"Get your clothes off..get em off now...I'm not going to fool with you any longer."
I'm gonna get something out of this deal..Come on now.."
He said.

"Is that what this is about? You just wanted some?" she asked indignantly.

"Screw know I loved you...I moved mountains for you..but now, this is all I want..all I can have that's worth my get them panties off..I aint askin you again." He snapped.

"You killed those others didn't you? That Micro-biologist?? ,The lawyer? , The Drug Dealer?All of that was you wasn't it??" she blurted out to my dismay..This
wasn't how I wanted this to go...Now he had to know that we were on to him??

"You've been talking to somebody...Haven't you? You know the whole deal don't you?? You wearin a wire? " He said.

"Noooo.. With this on? Where would I conceal one??" she said ,crying profusely.

"You liar...LIAR!!...this is a trap...I still can't trust you...You just don't love me do you? You never did.......I moved mountains for you..I killed people...My ex girlfriend, a lawyer, a black market good for nothing drug peddler and that gotdamned Eric ,all for you...all to get to you and it was all for nothing...You were the biggest waste of time of my entire life..I wish I'd never met you." He said as he fixed his pants and his shirt and headed for the door.

"I suppose this is like NBC's Dateline huh...The cops are waiting for me outiside
huh? You little spoiled diva...I hate your guts..." He said as he quietly opened the door. When He did..Clerow put a .45 muzzle to his ear...and smiled that toothy grin at him. I got out of the car and walked up to him.

"Hello Leonard...We meet again." I said.

"Nicely done Kevin..Nicely done...You got me....but I'm still going to get a lawyer
and try to fight this. This is entrapment I'm sure." He said with a smirk.

"Do what you gotta do Leonard, but the killing stops." I said.

"Got nobody else to kill Kev..Got no reason to kill anybody else.." he said.

Lt. Sissy Van Buren and several police officers pulled up and put the cuffs on him..

"Wow just brought my clearence rate up...what can I say but thank you?" she laughed as they put Leonard in the car and drove off with him.

Lolita came to the door , crying still...

"He said he hated me, said I was a waste of time...I am not a waste of time..I'm a good woman..a good catch..I am....Any man would be glad to have me.." she said. I never looked at her ...Clerow and I got in the car with Sean and we drove off into the early morning...

Leonard Culpepper was convicted of five counts of first degree murder and sentenced to die by lethal injection...He didn't try to fight it as he had threatened..It was as if he had lost his will to fight.

Sepia and I sat in the diner eating breakfast the next morning..

"Well Husband of mine..You cracked another murder case...You're getting good at this." she laughed.

"Maybe...but this one didn't feel right..I kept feeling as though I was on the wrong side. I know this sounds horrible..but most of Leonard's victims deserved to die..Eric, Chemical Ali Brown...Even that annoying guy, Slim something or other on the ship..I feel sorry for Leonard..he was a good guy..but somehow he let his disapointment and heartbreak drive him to madness and mass murder."
I mused.

"Yeah Kevin...but nobody is perfect...sometimes we have to forgive other people
their shortcomings and we have to forgive ourselves too." said Sepia.

I looked at my wife and smiled....

"Wow ,Sepia, that was profound...and all the while I thought I just married you
because of the great sex." I said as I laughed...

Sepia took a peice of scrambled egg and threw it at my head....As we both chuckled.

(For Carlene)


Toni said...

Greaat Ending to a Great Caper!

Sunflower said...

Bravo Keith!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't you have at least let Leonard and Lolita close the deal??
I was ready to toss my panties to the rooftops.lolololol.

Angie B. said...

Wow, what an ending? Culpepper just spilled the beans and then realizing that his girl didn't love him after all...just gave up.
Kind of sad...but a good ending just the same.

Tate2 said...

Damn...I kind of felt sorry for Dr.
Culpepper...He did all of that and in the end he realized that the object of his affection was not worth any of it.

Sean said...

"I'm not a waste of time..I'm a good woman." ROFLMBAO-Keith that was classic, but it explained how shallow Lolita was in the end, better thaan anything you might have told us. Just great writing as

Swaggie said...

I have to admit....I thought Culpepper was going to rape Lolita and Kevin was going to catch him and have him charged with that..I never thought he'd spill about the murders, the faked suicide and everything..Wow...

Jazzy said...

Just what I needed to end a very mellow Saturday Night Fam! Thanks!

Cheryl said...

Loved it!

Brenda said...

You dotted all of the i's and crossed all of the t's in this one Keith.

James Perkins said...

In the end Leonard realized that not only did Lolita not love him, but that he really didn't love her anymore either and that she was shallow..I think then he felt regret for what he had done..That's why he told Kevin there was no one else to kill and no reason to kill anymore. That was telling.

Lisa said...

Loved it, Loved it, Loved it Keith!

Halo said...

This was great..Can't wait to see what else you got cooking in that head of yours.

Vanessa said...

Thanks for bringing closure to the Culpepper story....I knew he might still be alive, after that Cruise story and I was hoping he and these charactors might return.

Simon Bastion said...

I truly enjoyed this storyline...I liked the idea of a returning villan....a man who may or may not be dead.

Captain Jack said...

Keith ,you may have painted this as
a "Kevin" mystery, but this was a love story..a painful tragic love story about love gone all wrong..

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Good One Playa! Glad Culpepper got brought to justice...I thought he was about to get his swerve on there, tru playa style for a minute.lolol.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Great ending. You are very talented, Keith. I could picture the whole thing in my mind.

Anonymous said...

lol...cant see how she had the nerve to ask about a killing in the middle of a stroke...hahaha, Keith I am going to do my story and send it to your email.

You must add me to your book of

Anonymous said...

I read this again...and this time I did toss my panties...That scene where she was stroking him got me off!