Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'll Take That To Go

My name is Chance....Chance Howard....That's actually my given name...Most people don't believe me when I tell em that...but it's true. I just recently got my Masters degree and am working on my J.D. I live on the top floor of an Apartment building owned by a friend of a friend, named Chess...I've been living there since I came back to Philly. Got my Bachelor's degree at Morehouse...Lived in the Atl for a spell....Then ventured to D.C. , Got my Masters at Howard...Did the D.C. -Maryland thing and then came back here to Philly. My mom was dating some rich dude named Rollie Rollerson...and as a favor to her, he pulled a few strings and got me into Penn Law School....I presently work for a cat named Robert Foxworth....damn good lawyer...pulls a lot of babes too! I hope to be like him one day....Maybe if I'm lucky.

When I first came back to Philly, Chris Thompson, Chess and Fathead took turns showing me around and showing me where to go and where not to go...Who was cool and who was uncool..Once I got the hang of things..I pretty much had the scene down pat... Chess showed me this hot soul food joint called "Big Poppa's" off of 52nd and Locust streets..Where I found myself
this fine rainy Friday...ordering up some ribs.....

I couldn't believe who I saw in there.....Sheena.....Sheena Pearson... We were practically engaged for a time and then we broke up...we tried to be friends...but that didn't work out...We hadn't seen each other for close to a year...maybe over a year. She was sitting at a table alone...waiting
for her order.

"Do you mind if I sit down here?" I asked.

"Actually I do mind." she said.

"Well, my feet are hurting and it may take them awhile for my order,so I'm going to sit down."
I retorted.

'Suit yourself." She said.

"Sheena ,it's been over a long you gonna be mad at me? I had thought that we could at least be friends." I said.

"I'm not mad...I don't think about you anymore." she said.

"Sure you do...that's why you're mad." I laughed.

"Don't flatter yourself Chance." she said.

"Is their a point to your hostility?" I asked.

"Nope, just like their is no point at all to you even trying to hold a conversation with me." she said.

"You still dating that married guy?" I asked.

"I'm not dating you....and that's all you need to know." she said.

"I take that as a yes...You know that that's not going anywhere...He sees you at his convienience." I said.

"Don't worry about it." she said.

"I'm not worried about it." I said.

"Good ,don't." she said.

"I'm at Penn you know....working on my JD." I said.

"How nice...I got my MBA last spring....I'm working at BioTech..." she said.

"Oh yeah? The guy I work for is representing someone from that company...It's a pretty big case. So, you might see me over there .." I said.

"Not if I see you first." she said.

Our last year at Howard, Sheena had started dating a married guy named Faunteroy Jackson. She had confided in me. I had casually mentioned it to another girl, who unknown to me was also sleeping with Faunteroy. She told Faunteroy's wife about Sheena...but of course failed to mention her part in the drama. Faunteroy's wife kicked him in the groin and then chased Sheena twelve blocks, vowing to kill her. I gotta admit..I kind of enjoyed hearing about it, since I was still hurt that Sheena had broke off our engagement and was hot and heavy with married dude. Sheena never forgave me for leaking that information to Faunteroy's other jump off. She never believed he was seeing anyone else. She instead chose to believe that the other girl was simply jealous!

"Okay Sheena, you know what? Forget you...We don't ever have to be friends..but know this..Faunteroy has a wife ...a wife that he goes home to every night...and he has another girlfriend...who he sleeps with...whether you want to believe that or not..and you know what..When I leave here I have a young lady coming over that will more than likely spend the night with me...What you got? If Faunteroy is coming up this got a night or two,then nothing..." I said.

Just then, a waitress brought out her food on a steaming hot plate...She looked at the waitress and said.

"I'm sorry...I know I told you I was going to eat that here...but could you make that to go please?" She said.

Just then my food arrived, to go!

"Have a good life Sheena and tell Faunteroy ,I said- 'What up?" I laughed as I left out.

"Screw you" she said as she looked at me in disdain.

I kept laughing as I walked out of "Big Poppas" and down toward the avenue!


Toni said...

Hope we'll be seeing more of Chance!

Angie B. said...

So is Chance the new charactor you were talking about?

Anonymous said...

Is Chance going to be having sex?

Sheena said...

Now why did if habe to be Sheena??? LOL!!! JK. Keep up the good work. Love the stories.

**first time commenting**

Brenda said...

Big Poppas? I could go for some Soul Food right about now.lolol

Sunflower said...

Nice Story Keith, but what was the point you were trying to make? Is the opening for a new series? Just asking.

Cheryl said...

I liked this...perfect story for a rainy Friday night. Sorry I waited so long to comment.

Lisa said...

You got a thing with charactors whose first names start with "C"
Chris, Chess and now Chance...lolol.

Halo said...

Chance Howard...I like that name,hope to see more of him.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Dude sounds like a real knucklehead,
goading that girl like that...I guess we'll see in the coming stories huh?

James Perkins said...

Another new charactor huh bruh?

Vanessa said...

Chance huh? I like this name..I lthink I like this charactor!

Simon Bastion said...

Another new charactor Keith? You are just full of ideas and creativity!

Jazzy said...

Chance? I likes...That name flows fam!

Swaggie said...

Kool little story, Kool charactor
too! Hope to see more of him!

Tate 2 said...

If this guy is working for Robert Foxworth...then I know that the panties are going to be flying...babes everywhere.lololol,Can't wait to see him again.

Captain Jack said...

This was a nice little story Keith.

Sean said...

I see you're still doing it over here!