Friday, August 7, 2009

Peeping Tom

"I don't know how to thank you guys" I said. Kevin Morris and His main man Sean Jackson had come to my Apartment and my law offices and had "cleaned them of all of the micro digital cameras and digital audio recording devices used to capture evidence of my recent debauchery...They also went to Cheryl Stark's apartment and did a simular sweep.

"Don't mention it Robert..You know you're good with us." said Kevin.

"This is top of the line equipment..much more sophisticated than the stuff that I use." said Sean Jackson. Sean was a Staff Photographer at the magazine that Kevin works for when he's not cracking cases. Sean, who was also in the intelligence community during his short stint in the U.S. Air Force is also the guy Kevin uses to bug rooms ,when he's got a creep on the spot. His expertise has been responsible for Kevin solving many of his cases, which is why I went to
them when I suspected I had been bugged.

"Top of the line stuff eh?" I said.

"Who did you piss off Robert? " asked Kevin.

"I slept with a couple of my clients...but none of em was connected or nothin..just regular neighborhood women...and my ex-wives." I said.

"Wow, I saw the photos...I never knew that you were married to Sissy Van Buren" said Kevin, who I knew had worked closely with my ex wife on several cases.

"Yeah, she was the one I let get away..a damn good woman." I said.

"Your second wife wasn't no joke either...whooooooo." said Sean Jackson.

"Oh that was Corrine..another good woman I lost." I added.

"Doesn't look like you've missed a beat according to me" said Kevin with a smile.

"Who is the big boned sister?" asked Sean.

"One of my former clients..Alice Pinkston....but she aint connected..she was a stripper for cryin out loud." I retorted..

"Man..this goes beyond some guy and girl stuff. Somebody ,somebody with connections hired some top line talent to get a scope on you." said Kevin.

I knew one man who might get me the answers I sought a little faster than Kevin and Sean and I went to his hangout to see him. Ciro's was a high class
Bar and Grille in the heart of North Philadelphia.. A lot of the top high line Players hung out here..and one in particular had just started renting the office space above it. Fathead Newton. I had recently helped him get a divorce and he was in debt to me, so I had no problem getting his audience.

"Ha...ha... ha...Shyster, you stay in some kind of drama....hahahahahaha...From what Kevin and Sean filled me in on...this equipment and this kind of good work
looks like the work of one man...."Peeping Tom" said Fathead.

"Peeping Tom?? Who is he...some kind of pervert or something?" I asked.

"What he is ,is the best in that kind of thing...Wiring a crib for audio and video,
bugging a phone, rigging a GPS device on your car, what not.. His name is "Peeping" Tom Eye Talian cat...used to be in the CIA.. They kicked him out, because he's also a damned drunk...but from time to time he makes his money doing jobs like this for P.I.'s or Gangstas, whoever pays." said

"So why is he doing this to me...I don't know him or anybody he knows." I said.

'You sure of that Shyster? You bang a lot of broads up in that spot of yours...I've heard the stories...Sure you didn't bang no Eye -talian?" asked Fathead.

"No...No...nothing but sisters...neighborhood women." I said.

"Well maybe Peeping Tom has some Jungle fever..maybe one of them broads you was slippin it to was his broad...I don't know. I can give you an address..a
place to find him...He works with a brother...a guy named Ronald "Lockpick"
Johnson. He's an "inside man" He picks locks...gets into cars, gets into apartments and homes...The guy is a genius. That's who probably broke into your house..and then Peeping Tom wired the crib." said Fathead.

"Yeah, but I don't know what either one of them would have against me." I said again.

"Probably nothin....They got hired by somebody to do you..They don't know you or care about you..Those guys get a check and an address and they go to work."
said Fathead...

"Thanks Fathead." I said.

"Don't mention it.....Really...Don't mention it." said Fathead.

I found the house where Ronald "Lockpick" Johnson lived with no problem.. I knocked on the door. He came to the door in his boxer shorts and a black wife beater...Clerow put the muzzle of his.45 to his head...and Kevin's friend "Big Nasty" , who he "lent" to me cocked her sawed off shotgun at his chest.

I walked up to him and looked him over and said-

"I believe you have an Italian friend that I should meet" I said.

Within an hour we were all sitting in "Peeping" Tom Constanoble's living room.
He looked nothing like what I expected. He was short, fat, balding..pushing sixty. Not a tough mafiosi type at all.

"Look man...we don't know who hired us...a guy named Cooley Dan told us that he had a job for us to do...He gave us the address and half of the money and we just hooked it up. He told us where to deliver the pictures and then he paid us.
That's all we know...It was just a job man..Nothin personal...Did we get you in trouble with your wife?" asked Peeping Tom.

"I'm not married..." I said dryly.

"I would hope not, the way you was layin pipe in that God, you needed a score card to keep up with all the hot ass you had runnin in and out of there." added Ronald "Lockpick" Johnson.

I cut him a look and so did Peeping Tom that told him he should shut up. Clerow and Big Nasty couldn't hide the fact that they were laughing.

"Where can I find this guy, Cooley Dan?" I asked.

"He stays in West Oak Lane...He comes in this spot called Josie's...They have good music in there...good food too..He's a fixer..A middle man..People hire him to find talent for a particular job." said Peeping Tom.

I thanked them both and as we got ready to leave, Ronald "Lockpick" Johnson
asked -

"Yo can you guys give me a ride back home?? I left my car in the driveway and I don't have carfare."

I just shook my head. We dropped him off and I paid Big Nasty and Clerow and cut them loose for the night.

An hour later...I was in Josie's by myself...drinking a beer and talking to Gus.

"Cooley Dan? Yeah ,I know him...He's a slippery guy..He was in here last week with some woman...and she passed him an envelope..I didn't get a good look at her face. I'll let you know the next time I see him." said Gus.

"Thanks Gus." I said as I left Josie's.....All of this cloak and dagger had made me incredibly
horny....I called Alice Pinkston and got in my car and headed for her house.

(To Be Continued......)


James Perkins said...

Ronald "Lockpick" Johnson, Peeping
Tom Constanoble and Cooley Dan??
ROFLMBAO....Where do you come up with these charactors?? I love em though..You make em live and breathe...lololol

Toni said...

This is getting good..I can't imagine who would be taking pictures of Robert and his women and why. What do they hope to acheive by doing this?

Angie B. said...

Could the Sex Monster be alive and well and after Robert this time??

Sunflower said...

I think Cheryl Starks is behind this...It's already been proven that she's crazy.

Simon Bastion said...

Another good story Keith!

Sean said...

I really like this "erotic mystery"
thing that you're doing.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Robert has a hater out there...We
players always do have them!

Jazzy said...

"Lockpick " Johnson..roflmbao @ you. Man He alone was funny as hell.

Cheryl said...

This is an interesting storyline..I'm trying to figure where you're going with this...but I'm liking it anyway.

Brenda said...

Robert Foxworth is a dog and a rogue,but he is one of my favorite
of your charactors.

Lisa said...

Robert is the sleasiest lawyer I have ever seen..Sleeping with clients, divorced and sleeping with both ex-wives...yet I love him!! lololololol.

Halo said...

I'm surprised nobody was standing and applauding and tossing panties..Oh that's right..there was no sex in this story.lololololol

Good Story just the same.

Vanessa said...

Boy Keith, "Peeping" Tom and "Lockpick" Johnson were two sleazy charactors...even more sleazier than the main charactor, Robert. Before this is over will there be anymore sleazey charactors?? lolololol.

Captain Jack said...

"Peeping " Tom, an ex CIA, Alcoholic wiretapper for hire and
"Lockpick" Johnson (Where do you get these names?) Two very interesting charactors..Hope we'll be seeing more of them. I can only wonder who this Cooley Dan is.

Swaggie said...

I enjoy your stories so much man...and this one is no exception.

Tate2 said...

I'm ready to toss my boxers and my watch up to the rafters-ROFLMBAO
at these two charactors..Peeping Tom and Lockpick Johnson..Classic stuff Keith.