Monday, August 31, 2009

The Ghost of Coral Gables

My wife, Sepia had just recently gotten her Real Estate licensce and had actually sold a few houses for her company. She was doing good. Chess had also thrown her a few properties he was no longer interested in her way and so had Clerow... I was happy for her. After the death of Malik Lockjohn..I had chilled out considerably...I was back to writing my two blogs...and working on stories for my magazine, Hype. My name is Kevin Morris...This is another one of my stories!

For the most part..I worked from home...Writing ,Blogging on my computer and e-mailing the stories to the office. I would drop by my office twice a week, get updates from Sean and Sheila and mostly keep things low key..No more fact ,I felt as if that part of my life was possibly over and done with. I liked living a normal life...Working , waiting for my wife to get home from work and ravishing her...before we either went out for dinner or ordered in..

This one particular night though..She came home more excited than usual. She kept talking about this property out near Ocean City called "Coral Gables"..It was a bed and breakfast that
a guy named Van Peters wanted her to sell for him. I asked her if she had even seen the property..and she told me she hadn't...which was how we wound up driving up there the next morning.

Coral Gables was a seaside town ,much like what you've seen on Television...There were a lot of
properties out near the ocean...there was a sandy beach and one main street where all of the businesses were.. A small town of mostly retired folk and folk who didn't want any bother out of the outside world.

"You sure this is the town Sepia?" I said as I took out a map and peered at it.

"Yeah ,this is it?" she said.

"Well did this Van Peters tell you to meet him someplace?" I asked.

"Well,I didn't exactly talk to him....Robert Foxworth, the attorney spoke with him." she said.

"Robert Foxworth?? I should have known.." I said. He was a nice enough guy, but a real shyster if ever there was one. He had an eye for the ladies and I didn't like the sly way he eyed my wife when he was in her presence...and plus, if he was the middle man in this deal, there must be a woman involved in this somehow and somewhere.

Sepia and I went into a little diner where we were the only African-Americans ,except for the cook in the diner and we ordered Pancakes and Sausages and Orange Juice and Coffee..As we sat at the counter eating our food, the old Black cook happened to be walking around and he said to us-

' aint too often I see my own kind in this town...what brings you out here? You can't be vacationing in this dump."

"I'm selling a peice of property out here you have....Coral Gables" said Sepia.

He looked shocked, then he said-

"C-C-Coral Gables- that old Bed and Breakfast?" he said.

"Yeah...what's up with that?" I asked.

"That place..uh....that place aint far from's over by the lighthouse...a few blocks away..
Where you folks from?" He asked.

"Philadelphia." I said.

"Then you need to turn around and go on back to Philly..and forget about Coral Gables." He said.

"Oh,let me guess...It's haunted right?" I laughed.

"Well, another fella was up here a few days ago from Philly...a lawyer...He come up here with a woman..She was so freaked out, she caught a cab to the nearest town and caught the Greyhound back to Philly.." said the cook.

I smiled ,I looked at Sepia who looked a little freaked out by his talk and then I said-

"This lawyer fella, he have a name?" I asked ,still laughing...

"That's him, coming in the door right now...apparently, he didn't get enough...He'll tell ya the rest." said the Cook.

I looked up and there was Robert Foxworth, attorney and lothario coming through the door...and looking shaken,like he'd seen a ghost.

"Kevin...Sepia...I'm so glad to see you....oh my God...that place....that place...Something aint right about it Kevin..something aint right..." He said.

"Robert...What are you talking about? I came here to meet with you and Van Peters." said Sepia.

"Yeah,well I called him two nights ago and the operator said that his line has been disconected.
I haven't heard from him since then." said Robert Foxworth.

"I heard you ran another woman away from you ..huh?" I said ,laughing and playfully nudging

"Nah wasn't like that at all...We stayed up know...Got some drinks and some Crab legs and ate and you know...started making love....I'm in mid stroke and I hear a scream..."
said Robert.

'Uh ahh Robert...I get it...I know you had the girl screaming....come on man, my wife is standing right some respect.." I said.

"No wasn't my girl and it wasn't that kind of sounded like somebody was being sounded like a woman was being was a horrifying scream,like I never heard before in my life." said Robert.

"Oh really?...Who was screaming, her or you?" I said, still laughing.

"Nah man,it wasn't like that..She made me throw on my robe and investigate...I combed the entire house and couldn't find nothing...Then I swear ,I saw a bright light and saw a naked woman run past me...I swear..I ran after her and then saw a naked man..I follwed em both and found nothin...Then all the lights went out..
Me and my girl were really spooked now...Then they came back on...Doors started opening and closing on cue...and more screams were heard....Man..we got the hell out of there that night...
I been staying at a motel outside of town... My girl left me." He said.

I was laughing my head off at this preposterous story....

"Oh my God...are you for real? Sure you and this girl weren't smoking some hash before you got busy?" I said.

", you know me...I aint like that....I know what I saw...I saw a naked man and a naked woman run by me and then vanish into thin air!" he said.

"Come on, get in my car, we can at least check the place out.." I said.

"Why do you want to check that place out,after what I just told you?" he said.

"Well if naked people are up there running around...I want to see it..why should you have all of the fun?" I laughed. Sepia nudged me playfully-

"Didn't you have fun chasing me around the house naked last night? Why you gotta see more naked people?" she said ,pretending to be mad..

"I'm just kidding baby." I laughed.

"Okay, you better be" she said. She wasn't smiling this time and I let it go.

Sepia and Robert got in my car , a little hesitantly and we drove up to the Bed and Breakfast known as "Coral Gables" It was a very nice looking property...The wooden floors had been recently sanded and buffed..They practically shined and every room had a nice modern bed
and clean sheets....The place smelled great and there was no sign that there was anything out of the ordinary about this place.

Sepia and I walked around the hallways, inspected the rooms and even the attic and the bathrooms with Robert walking a step or two behind us...Then the fun began...Doors began closing...then opening....then the electricity went off...We heard footsteps...then banging and then
blood curdling screams... I told Robert and Sepia to get down, stay by the wall.. I pulled my gun out and headed for the sound of the screaming...I saw nothing...Then ,I saw from a distance what
looked like a naked woman being chased by a naked man ...I called out to them and ran towards them ,only to find ......well ,not a thing...At this point..I heard footsteps running behind me...I loaded my pistol and cocked it...only to run into Robert and Sepia!!!!

"I told yall to stay down and stay could have been shot..." I said..

'Honey, let's get out of here..." said Sepia.

"Kevin, for cryin out's go...screw this house...I'm calling Van Peters and telling him to find another lawyer and another agent..we don't need this crap!" said Robert...

I didn't argue...We headed for the door and the door was locked solid...Wouldn't open..We frantically pulled on the door..Then the electric came back on...Radios blaring, lights on and a blood curdling scream again.. To our amazement..the door opened and the three of us flew out of that in my car and drove back to the diner.

The old Black cook and the manager, a reed thin White man in his early forties didn't seem surprised to see us..

"I guess you guys went over to Coral Gables huh?" said the old Black cook.

"ya think?" I said, looking as disheveled as the rest...

"I'm getting on the phone and calling Van Peters" said Robert Foxworth as my wife Sepia looked

'Who did you say you were calling?" asked the white man.

"Van Peters..He's the agent that asked Mr. Foxworth to sell the property.."said Sepia.

"Yeah,I tried to get him yesterday and they told me that his phone was disconected." said Robert.

"Disconected??? I'll say it is...I don't know who you talked to son, but you didn't talk to Van Peters." said the Old Black Cook.

Now I was intrigued..

"Van Peters has been dead for about ten years...I tried to tell you before the three of you drove up there...He murdered his wife and her lover and then killed himself...They say his ghost can be seen chasing their naked bodies through the corridors." said the old Black cook.

"What?" I said , almost incredulous.....

"He's been dead...I don't know who your wife and your boy were talking to on that phone, but it wasn't Van Peters." said the Old Black cook.

Just when I try to get out of this stuff and lead a normal life...Here I am ,pulled back into another
mystery...and one I planned to get to the bottom of, real quick.

(To Be Continued......)


Toni said...

A Ghost Story....Just what I need right about now? lolol

James Perkins said...

Okay....We know there is no real ghost right? What's up with this Keith? Sounds like a doozy of a caper!

Sunflower said...

A Ghost??? Kevin can't shoot his way out of this

Angie B. said...

Loves it!

Cheryl said...

Oh Oh..What has Kevin Got himself into now?

Brenda said...

This looks like another interesting caper!

Lisa said...

I like the feel of this...slower,more involved, not as intense as his last caper.

Halo said...

Kevin has really been busy this year!lolol

Vanessa said...

Sounds good. Can't wait to read the next installment!

Simon Bastion said...

A Ghost Story! This is different...
Waiting breathlessly for the next installment.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

"Everytime I try to get out ,they pull me back in" lololol-Loved the Godfather reference!

Swaggie said...

Nah,come on...a Ghost Story? Must be something sinister and human behind this bruh!

Tate 2 said...

Naked People running through a house and then vanishing into thin air??Only you man..only you!

Jazzy said...

Naked Ghosts running through the house!!! Damn fam, you got a vivid

Sean said...

I love how you do what you do with these stories.

Captain Jack said...

Kevin again? What happened to Chance Howard??

Keith said...

@Captain Jack- There is a Chance Howard Story in the works..but I wanted to get this one last "Kevin"
story out of the way.

Anonymous said...

I started to slip my panties off and toss them..but this one didn't quite get me to do that..but I feel it coming in the following stories. Loved the build up though!

Anonymous II said...

Keith, you had to know that that was coming!-lololol.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, Keith were you really gonna shoot at a damn ghost. I would have really loved to see that too. The next time you go I want to go as well.... ;)