Tuesday, July 21, 2009

After You've Gone

The deeper I looked for something in you
the deeper I fell
I felt as though I was falling deeper into a
bottomless well..
you never could seem to face your demons
and I had demons too..
but had you of talked to me ....

I would have faced them with you./

but baby now that you're gone
life has opened up to me in a way
I never imagined..
now that you've gone..
a light is shining in my window
and I've discovered a strange new passion..
After you've gone..
After you've gone../

All I ever wanted to do
was love you until the cops came knockin..
like Maxwell said in his song..
but all you ever seemed to do
was drink and snort until your head was rockin..,
then tell me that everything I did was wrong../

/and honey
now that you're gone
I've met somebody else who makes me feel
alive again.
and sugar, now that you're gone
I've got a woman on my arm
who's both a lover and a friend..
After you've gone
After you've gone...
bye bye aint so bad baby..
After you've gone./

I've found love
after you've gone
I've found peace of mind, after you've gone./


Swaggie said...

Man...I've been there..I dug this!

Tate2 said...

I loved this man.

James Perkins said...

This really sounds like a road I've
been down before...I really liked this.

Simon Bastion said...

Very visual as usual...I like.

Jazzy said...

Nice poem Family!

Sean said...

Another nice work. Very visual as Simon said and very lyrically smooth!

Captain Jack said...

Another lovely poem Keith!

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Even though this is not a story...I like the story this poem tells.

Brenda said...

I expect the ladies to like your very romantic poetry Keith,but the fact that you get guys to comment too is extra special.

Toni said...

I remember when I used to be first
everyday...Me and Angie and James..
Now you've got a flood of fans. You have come a mighty long way with this blog Keith..I'm proud of you.

Angie B. said...

Liked this poem.

Cheryl said...

Good Poem Keith.

(I know you've got a humdinger of a story cooking...)

Sunflower said...

Beautiful Poem..A nice change of pace!

Lisa said...

Loved the Poem Keith!

Halo said...

Nice story, I mean Poem.

Vanessa said...

Good Poem Keith! Who's up next as far as stories go? Kevin? Chess?
I heard you say that you have another story in the works..I can't wait.

Strongblkwmn said...

Loved it.