Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Fish Fry

Skillet Jackson and Gus, the bartender at Josie's had gone fishing and had brought back more fish than they could possibly eat. Chris Thompson and Chess joked that the two old men had hijacked a boat belonging to Mrs. Paul's. At anyrate...With help from Fathead Newton, who used
his "private" boat out at Penn's Landing....Gus and Skillet invited the patrons of Josie's to a Fish Fry one gorgeous Saturday Morning and everyone came to his boat to relax, enjoy the cool breeze and enjoy the Fried Fish and other seafood as well as an assortment of other dishes.

Lawyer,Robert Foxworth was there with the voluptious Alice Pinkston...This woman had broke his bed and sent both of them through the ceiling into Skillet's apartment just months before. Robert had become enamored with her and her lovemaking skills ever since.

Cock Robbins and His wife Vanessa was there as well as Sean Jackson, his girlfriend Sheila, Kevin Morris, His wife Sepia , Blake and his friend, Cherish and his room-mate Paris. Conrad and his wife Jill and Deacon Larry Weatherford and his wife Victoria were also amongst the crowd on the ship.

Mabel Jenkins and her sisters, Cora Beth and Anita were helping with the cooking and preperation of the other foods , While Chess and Chris Thompson were actually helping with the preparation of the fish. Chess's girlfriend, Rell and his little boy, sat with Kevin and Sepia.

Reed Nelson and his quintet, featuring 88 on keyboards provided the entertainment as the crowd enjoyed the hot food and great music on the ship.

Fathead had surprisingly not told his wife about it...she was nowhere to be seen. This could have been because he expected Cherry Johnson to be on hand to see her boyfriend, Reed Nelson perform. They waited at least a half an hour and she never showed up. Finnally, the boat took off.. Both Fathead and Reed Nelson looked disapointed about Cherry not being there. One person who was releived was Chess...He didn't want to see Cherry and certainly, not with Rell and his little boy around.. Seeing her would just bring up too many bad memories.

Fathead's nephew...a rising young player named Chick Peters was also on board...He motioned his uncle over to a table. With nothing else to do now, Fathead sat down with his nephew.
The two had platters with Fried Fish, collard greens, macaroni salad and candied yams on them,as well as Fried Chicken.

Fathead tossed his nephew a beer !

"Thanks Unc" said Chick.

"So Chick..Did you talk to our friend in Miami ?" asked Fathead.

"Yeah, I did...he said he'll see what he can do...but he's got the feds all over him." said Chick.

"Damn...I hated seeing Allejandro take a fall...He was my main man for years and he was Chris's
main man when he got started." said Fathead.

"How's business otherwise?" said Chick

"Man, I had a I'm still able to supply most of my customers...but it's running low
and that guy you sent me from Atlanta is horrible...His product is weak....I put some of it out on
the street and lost half of my customers." scoffed Fathead.

"What does Chris say?" asked Chick.

"Chris? Chris Thompson?? He's out of the game completely...He don't even discuss that kind of thing no more. Plus, Allejandro and the New Yorkers was his connect..He don't know anybody else." said Fathead.

" Wow Unc. Chris made his money and got out the game quick....You ever think about doin the same?" asked Chick.

"Nah..there is still a lot of money to be made." said Fathead.

"You made more money than you can ever spend Unc." said Chick.

"Yeah and I want to make let's drop that discussion....Go back to Miami and talk to that guy for me okay? I need that connect." said Fathead.

'Okay Unc. Hey listen...I need you to stop by restaraunt...I'm having problems and maybe you
can help me out." said Chick.

"What kind of problems?" asked Fathead.

"With some investigators from American Express and from Visa and Mastercard....some of my
customers have reported having things charged on their cards after they have left my
know,kind of an identity theft type of thing." said Chick.

"You runnin some kind of scam Chick?" asked Fathead.

"Nah Unc..Nah...I remember you told me to keep legitimate business's monkey business
,but somebody that works for me is doing somethin..I just don't know who." said Chick.

"Okay...I'll stop by and check it out." said Fathead.

Skillet Johnson walked over to their table....

"You're Fathead right?"

"Who wants to know?" asked the gangster.

Skillet pointed towards the irate woman headed his way....

"She came in a little boat that docked alongside of this one and she boarded just now...askin for
you." said Skillet.

It was Fathead's wife....

"Fathead, you fat bastard, you purposely didn't tell me about this...I hate you,I hate you, I hate you...I want a divorce...." she screamed.

Fathead shrugged his shoulders..Looked at Chick and Skillet....

"You think YOU got problems nephew?" he said.

(To be continued..)


Anonymous said...

This story made me hungry!! Can't wait to see where this is going. Fathead never learns. lol

Toni said...

This made me hungry too! Good story!

Angie B. said...

Poor Fathead...He never learns does he!-lolololol.

Sunflower said...

Another Summery kind of story...Love it Keith!

James Perkins said...

Glad to see the boys back...

Simon Bastion said...

Love your stories...Especially your gangster stories.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

I'm ready for some fried fish and collard greens myself!-lolol

Lisa said...

Nice to read a story again...I was enjoying the poetry too!

Halo said...

Oh God, a Fathead caper...I love it.

Vanessa said...

Good story!

Swaggie said...

I've said that reading some of your stories is like watching the
Wire! This one sounds like another winner.

Jazzy said...

Good story Fam! Sounds like a potboiler!

Tate2 said...

That Fathead is a trip...He needs to drop that wife of his...She's crazy!-lolololol.

Cheryl said...

Another good one Keith!

Brenda said...

Love your charactors...I feel like I know them.

Sean said...

Keep Bangin brother..Keep bangin!

Captain Jack said...

Love your stories....Not a big fan of Fathead, but he is funny!