Wednesday, July 15, 2009


"I'm horny, get up here now" read the text message from Cheryl...I showed it to Paris who was lying across his bed listening to music on his IPOD dock..

"Yeah, so what are you doing showing that to me?...Why aren't you rushing out the door? In fact,why aint you up there in her room right now..naked??" he said.

"Man ,I was just up there two nights ago...I'm tired as hell." I said.

"Yeah? , Well if I had to pay my rent this weekend,I'd be broke as hell and wouldn't be goin to AC with that fly honey I met at the AKA jazz brunch last GET UP THERE" he barked.

I went, but I took the elevator...Once inside her room though, all tiredness left me as we took passion to a new level. It was a good thing that this girl lived on the very top floor by herself. She was a loud lover...Her screams would wake the dead.

I returned to my apartment tired and worn out ...I laid down and caught about an hour of sleep
and then I got another text.

"I need some more...come back up?"

I ignored it....and went back to sleep. I would say that I was sleeping and that I didn't see it, which afterall was the truth. In the beginning, I would be the one to text her...That way,I controlled the action...but now she had turned the game around...She was doing most of the texting and it was getting worse. I was sitting in class one night and I got this-

"I miss you sooo much....please cum inside me as soon as possible (smile) -:)"

One Sunday,I was sitting in church and my Blackberry went off! Pastor Struthers looked at me
and said-

'Son, if that aint Jesus calling..turn that thing off.." The entire congregation laughed..I was so embarrassed and mad at the same time...When I did read the text, after church it said...

"How about having some Heaven on Earth this afternoon..."

This was getting to be too much...She was hooked on my penis like a junkie on crack and each time I did as I was told. I was beginning to wonder if she was a nymphomaniac or a sex addict or something. Her libido was higher than most guys I knew.

One afternoon we were lying in bed , after a rigorous session and I said to her-

"Hey you know...I've never taken you to a movie or out to dinner...and come to think of it, you don't know any of my friends."

She put an end to this conversation real quick-

"What? want me to be like...your girlfriend or something??Hahahahahahaha, I don't want to go to no movies with you, I am not interested in meeting any of your friends and please
don't start catching any feelings...All I want is that big peice of meat between your legs..." she said.

For the first time in my life ,I actually knew how a lot of women must feel at times when dealing with certain types of guys..Hell, when dealing with me. I had dealt with a lot of women simply for sex and had no intention of getting to know them past the bedroom...This must have made a lot of them feel the way I felt right this a peice of meat...It wasn't a good feeling and I hoped that I'd never make another human being feel the way I felt at this minute.
I started out thinking that I was using Cheryl...and it turned out ,she was using me.

I couldn't talk about how I felt to Paris or Sean..they wouldn't understand...they would think I was soft or worse, gay...but I knew someone who I respected, who I could talk to....Chess!
I went to the diner that Chess and his boy Chris Thompson always hung out at and had a tumbler of coffee. I told Chess the entire story and he sat and listened, then he busted out laughing just like Paris and Sean would have done...After he finished..he thought for a moment then he said-

"I know how ya feel Blake....Well actually,I don't...but I applaud you for at least trying to be a human being...Most of these cats out here don't know what that is..they just fakin it. The solution
is simple....if you tired of this gotta tell her that you aint no performing circus pet and that you can't do this no more. You got the power man..the power is withing you to change this..
It always has been Blake....I bet you she'd tell you ,if she was tired of you." said Chess

"Yeah man, you right." I said....Just then ,I got another text...

" I am sooo horny it's not funny,please,please ,please get over here..I need you soo bad."

I showed the text to Chess....

He looked at it, shrugged his shoulders and said-

"And you haven't paid rent in how many months man?"

(To Be Continued....)


Lisa said...

Wow! Cheryl flipped the script..
I knew you were throwing a twist to this story Keith!

Brenda said...

I guess it's the ladies turn to cheer huh? lolol

Toni said...

Another good one Keith...Was nice seeing Chess!

Cheryl said...

My namesake changed the rules of the game and took it!

Angie B. said...

Looks like the Hunter got captured by the game.

Jazzy said...

Ole Girl flipped the script..Nice touch bruh!

Sunflower said...

You're always full of surprises Keith!

Halo said...

Loved this twist you tossed into the story Keith!

Vanessa said...

Keith,I loved this..and the title was fiyah!!lolol

James Perkins said...

I was waiting for the turning point and this was if i know right, the next installment is going to blow it open. an't wait!

Grover tha Playboy said...

Looks like ole boy has an enviable problem...Can't wait to see how he gets out of it.

Simon Bastion said...

I liked this...Loved seeing the human side of Blake..

Jazzy said...

Liked the fit the story!

Tate 2 said...

Still Don't think I'd be complaining if I was in Blake's shoes..but I do kind of understand how he feels.

Swaggie said...

I can't wait to see what's next!

Sean said...

Great Story and good points made...
Glad you showed the woman's point of view through the suffering of the guy..that was pure genius.

Captain Jack said...

I like where you went with this story...Only a sensitive man such as yourself could write this so well...without beating people over the head with what you were trying to say.