Friday, July 31, 2009

A Black Chick & An Asian Chick Walk In A Bar...........

I sat in Josie's on this particular night, practically crying in my beer...I was frustrated and angry at myself. I had just witnessed a man die. Maybe he wasn't the best man in the world, but he certainly wasn't the worse...and he certainly didn't deserve to die in the horrible way he died. I kept going over and over in my mind if I had missed a clue...anything, anything that could have stopped this from happening. I couldn't believe that I was blaming myself for this. In just three days,Three people were dead...Three people...maybe two that I could have saved if I had picked up the clues that were staring me dead in the face...Clues that HE was still alive and has apparently gone mad..Dr. Leonard Culpepper...a spurned lover..a man who was in love with the wrong type of girl..had finnally suceeded in wiping out his cheif Eric Derricote! Ex jock,ex playa...recently deceased. In order to do innocent man on a ship , a beautiful woman who probably aided him in poisoning Eric...and a down on his luck lawyer who acted as a middle man in the purchase of a deadly drug all have lost their lives....

It wasn't worth it...Not one bit...Not one lost life...not over a woman that didn't want him in the first place...Eric Derricote...a guy, who if he had been drowning, I would've thrown a cinder block to make him sink was dead....and a lawyer , a micro-biologist and an annoying ship guest were dead... too..and all for what? What ? I kept asking myself. I might have liked Leonard Culpepper once but now he had gone wrong and he had crossed a line...I owed it to all of the unjustly stop him..make sure he never kills again!

"Hey gonna drink that or take it home with you?" asked Gus.

"Oh, uh, hey...I...I ..I was deep in thought.." I said.

"Yeah, I see...You aint yourself tonight...Where are all your friends? " asked Gus.

I didn't really know...It was a rainy Wednesday night....No one was in here that I knew.. No Sean, No Clerow, No Cock Robbins....Not even 88 or Reed Nelson and the boys. Not too many women either...It was dead..just the way I felt inside..

"Hey Kev...Look at the front door...Hot damnnn...aint she sayin a taste?" laughed Gus.

A beautiful Asian Girl walked into the bar...She had a body that was simply out of this world for want of a better description and long black hair. She had on a short mini skirt with a split in the side and some very nice shapely legs... I was actually glad that Sepia wasn't here...I couldn't fully
look at this gorgeous woman and appreciate her the way I wanted to..Hell, the way any man with good sense and two working eyes would want to unless he was alone..and I felt more alone right now than I had in a long time.

She walked up to Gus and whispered something in his ear...He had a look of surprise on his face and then he pointed to me...He looked at me funny and then winked. I had no idea what this was all about and why this gorgeous woman wanted tio talk to me.

"You are Kevin...Kevin Morris correct?" she said

"Yes...and who are you?" I replied.

"I'm Kathy Oh." She said...And then it hit me...She was one of the girls on Eric's list that he told me to talk to...I had forgotten all about her.

"I heard that he's dead.." she said.

"If you mean Eric're right...He is...I'm sorry for your loss." I said.

"He had huge penis you know.." She said.

"Uh ,er no...I didn't know that." I said, somewhat taken aback by her forthrightness.

"Yesssss....He loved me so long....I will miss that so much...I didn't care that he was loving that Black chick too...just as long as I had him.." she said.

"Who, Lolita?" I said.

"Lolita?? I don't know no Lolita...I meant Odessa...Odessa Mason." she said.

"Huh...What??? Noooo...Odessa was Leonard Culpepper's girl...She liked him...She helped him
poison Eric.."

"You got it all wrong....Leonard was like puppy dog..running and sniffing behind Odessa...She dated him...but she thought he was a nerd....She initially didn't like Eric, but once she dated him and sampled that huge penis..she became hooked....She knew that Leonard was really in love with some chick at his job and she kept Eric a secret for awhile...Then Dr. Culpepper returned from his cruise and he was different...changed...He start seeing me and then he start seeing her
and he talk her and lawyer into buying poison.....I don't think she know it meant for Eric...She do it as favor and to get him off her back...but then he find out about her and Eric and Eric must have called her and told her that he was sick....Then she realized what she had done and threatened to go to the police." said Kathy Oh.

"Hold up...wait a minute....How do you know this and why are you telling me this?" I said.

"Eric told me some of the story before he got really sick, but he never knew about Leonard...he just knew that Odessa's house was the last place he ate before he got sick...I went to Odessa a few days ago and we compared notes...She told me her part and told me she was going to call the
cops...I told her not to do it, but she wouldn't listen...She called that white lawyer, told him to watch his back." said Kathy.

"So why are you looking for me?" I asked.

"Because I'm scared...This man, This Leonard Culpepper is crazy...He's killed everybody that knows about it...Odessa, the Lawyer, Rubin and even that guy that sold it to them!"she said.

"Who ?? Chemical Ali Brown?? I just talked to him a few days ago." I said.

"He was found shot to death yesterday morning.." she said.

"What the hell?" I said.

"Yes...he's covering up his trail....Nobody will be left alive that knows about this.." she said.

"Well, he doesn't know you...He doesn't know about Eric and You, you've got nothing to worry
about." I said.

"I'm not sure....but I'm scared....You should be too.....There is a cab waiting for me outside..I just
called to warn you...I'm headed for Airport..Me not coming back here...too dangerous." She said.

Just like ,Kathy Oh was gone...She jumped in the cab outside and was gone into the night. I suppose when Leonard found out that Eric was sleeping with yet another of his girls..that was just too much to take...He had to go...

Within minutes, another attractive woman entered the bar....This one I knew..It was Lolita...Lolita from the cruise...The same Lolita that Leonard wanted to marry, that was using him spitefully and sleeping with Eric on the side...Seemed like I was on the wrong side of this whole deal...Seemed like these people deserved to die for what they had done to a otherwise good man who had now lost his mind.

Gus looked at me-

"Dang Kev...Usually it's a dull night...Now two foxy ladies done come in here and they both want to talk to you...What you got going on? You wearin a new cologne or somethin?" he asked.

"Yeah Gus...that's it...a new cologne!" I added shaking my head.

"Kevin!!! Oh Kevin ,I'm so glad to see you...I heard that I might find you here...I need your help
and I need to tell you something.." said Lolita.

"Okay, what?" I asked, already knowing what she was going to say.

"Leonard!! He aint dead.....He's still alive and he's here in Philly....He's killed Eric...oh my god..."
she said.

"Really? and how do you know this?" I asked.

"He called me....Oh my God...It was like hearing a voice from beyond the grave...He asked me to marry him and said that if I didn't I was going to end up like Eric." she said.

"What? He said that on the phone?" I asked...

"Yes..I've packed a few things and put them in my car and left....I'm scared Kevin...You've got to
help me." she said.

This was the second frightened woman I had talked to tonight...Leonard had now killed five people because of this woman...I felt like telling her to take a hike and leaving her to him..and then I got an idea...That was exactly how I was going to get Leonard...I was going to give him what he'd always wanted. I had no way to prove he'd killed any of these people.. I could tell my story to the cops...but I had absolutely no proof of any of it and there was no one living who could verify my story...but I wasn't going to let him walk free again, so that he could kill some more...
This was going to end...and one way or another ,Leonard Culpepper was going to be flushed out and stopped.

(Conclusion Next.......)


Anonymous said...

Oh this is good. Loving it.

Toni said...

Wow....This is like gangbusters...
All of this information...Eric was doing two of Leonard's women..No wonder, he wanted him dead..

Angie B. said...

This is just plain crazy...I don't know how this is going to end...but
I'm pretty sure it's going to be good.

Sunflower said...

My question is how does kevin plan to trap this guy? Everybody that can verify his story is dead..He literally has no way to prove any of this..I'm awaiting the ending.

Cheryl said...

Okay Keith,You've got my attention..You've got to satify my curiosity now!

Brenda said...

I'm loving this story..The soap operaesqueness of it!

Lisa said...

This has really heated up now...Leonard Culpepper is easily the most creepiest charactor Kevin has ever gone up against.

Halo said...

This is a great series...As scary as Leonard Culpepper is..a part of me feels sorry for him.

Vanessa said...

This crazy ass fool ,Culpepper has to go down..I can't wait to see how this get's handled.

James Perkins said...

This is getting good...I like the way you build your stories up to a
stunning crescendo...Eagerly awaiting the finale of this!

Simon Bastion said...

I loved this title...and I liked the mood of it all...Can't wait to see how this all ends up.

Sean said...

Your imagination knows no bounds man..That's what I keep saying..You have dropped so many twists and turns into this caper that my head is spinning...Can't wait to see how you wind all of this up.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

This guy,Leonard Culpepper sounds like a real lightweight with the ladies..I didn't like him in the first story when they were on the boat..and I really don't like him now. I hope Kevin takes him down hard.

Captain Jack said...

This is good...but all good things have to come to an end...It's time for Leonard Culpepper's murderous career to come to an end too!

Swaggie said...

Man, this is deep...I dug that title fam! -lololol

Tate2 said...

Culpepper could actually just leave and he'd be home free...Nobody other than Kevin has a clue to what he's done...Why would he be sticking around??

Jazzy said...

I dug this title Fam...and I'm really on the edge of my seat waiting to see how this one plays out.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope somebody has some meaningful sex in the conclusion.