Friday, October 23, 2009

Hard Twenty Four

Clerow and Cock Robbins sat in a rented 2010 Toyota Camry with tinted windows directly across the street from where Eddie Gold was said to live. They sat and they watched and when he left his house...Got in his car and took off, They followed...Just as they had been instructed to do by me. Clerow drove ,while Cock Robbins called me on his cell phone.

"What's up Cock?" I said.

"Your boy is on the move Kev...He's heading toawrds West Philly..." said Cock.

"Okay, follow him, but don't make yourself known.. if he looks like he's coming back give me a call okay?"I said.

"Got'cha Kev" said Cock.

Within a few minutes after they left....A white unmarked van with tinted shades pulled up....Inside was myself, my wife,Sepia...Lockpick Johnson, Peeping Tom and Sean Jackson.
Lockpick Johnson studied the house...then by passed the security system and got us inside within minutes...We were all wearing latex gloves and except for Sepia, we were all armed, just in case we had visitors.

The House was immaculate...Very neat, not too complicated. There was a Flat screen TV in the
living room and a DVD player...An Ipod Jack and two ipods....A computer and a laptop. The Beds were made and every single thing appeared to be in place.

"Kevin...come here a minute " said Sepia...She was in a back room and she was holding a thong
in her hands...

"Strange isn't it?" she said.

"No...he's a single man, maybe he had a woman over here and she left those..." I said.

"Then he must be a real player then, because look-" she said and she opened a room, the only unkept room in the house. It was full of panties, thongs, fishnet pantyhose...bras and other things that obviously couldn't belong to just one woman...Too much for even the boldest player to keep around. There were condoms..used condoms all over the floor and DVD's everywhere!

It certainly was strange to say the least. Sean and Tom took detailed photos of everything we found. Then came the kicker...We popped one of the DVD's into the computer...On it were scenes of women being tortured, beat and sodomized by Eddie Gold....One of the women I recognized was Violet Williams....The first one to go missing....Another woman that showed up on the DVD was Millicent Phillips...The second one to go missing.

"Hey Kevin..come gotta see this." said Peeping Tom... He was watching another DVD on the Laptop....It showed Eddie having sex with Millicent Phillips...

"Ohh baby...ohhhhh it feels sooo good...ummmmph..ohhhhhh..OHHHHH...oHHHHHHHHHH.."
he said.

"What?...You finished? That's it? Oh my talk so much stuff at work and you aint nothin...." she says.

He gets out of bed and comes back with a loaded pistol...

"Nothin huh? Nothin?" he screams...

"Heyy..I was kidding OKKAYYY...look...take your time, relax...we'll try again...don't shoot me.."
begs Millicent Phillips before we hear a loud noise and see her lifeless body slump to the floor.
We all stood limp at that.....Shocked at witnessing an actual murder on film.

"Kev, why would he film something like that and keep it?" asked Sean.

"Because he's a crazy sadistic bastard, that's why." I said.

"Put this other stuff back....we are keeping this one..I'm turning it over to the police." I said.

"Honey,this only puts him in for one murder..what about the other two girls?" asked Sepia.

"It's enough to take him off the street....I think he killed the other two..he just wasn't stupid enough to film it." Bag this and let's get out of here." I said.

We bagged the one DVD and put everything back the way it was and quietly left his house, got back in our van and pulled off. I called Cock Robbins.

"What's going on Cock..We are out and headed in town." I said.

"He went to all three of those addresses you gave him with guns drawn....Didn't find nothin and then left, mad as can be... He picked up some woman and is headed for a fact, he's in the
hotel with her now. What you want us to do Kev?" said Cock.

"Sit tight..I'll be up." I said.

I cut Peeping Tom and Lockpick Johnson loose after paying them and then drove Sean and Sepia
home. I got my car and then drove to the Federal Building.

"That ought to be enough to at least get a warrant for that house ..just say that this was sent to you anonymously." I said.

"Kevin,I don't even want to know how you got this...but we are getting warrants for Murder One and to search that house." said Agent Cotton.

"I need you to hold off for a few..." I said.

"I got a plan...and if it works and you guys move with enough speed....I can give you a serial killer and a stick up man who needs to retire." I said.

Just then my Blackberry went off...It was Eddie.

"Yo man...where you at?" he said.

"I'm hunting your shooter, aint that what you paid me for?" I said.

"I went to all of them spots you said he was at and he wasn't there....Are you gankin me Kev?" he asked.

" fact...I'm sitting on a spot right now...and this is definitely it...Cause I just seen him." I said.

"For real?" he said.

"For real.....where are you? can you get to-" I said.

"Look,I'm kind of into somethin right now...He aint goin nowhere....I'll hit you up in the mornin
okay?" he said.

"Oh alright man." I answered.

I looked at the two FBI agents and smiled.....

"He's ready to be reeled in hook line and sinker." I said.

Both Agents Server and Cotton looked at me and smiled.

I drove up to where Cock Robbins and Clerow were parked... I had two Cheesesteak Hoagies from "Jim's Steaks" and two Coronas.

"Hey Guys...I appreciate your help and to show my is grub from Jim's and beer." I said.

They smiled and we all sat on the corner and ate cheese steaks and drank beer....We were across the street from the hotel in a Parking Garage and couldn't be seen...However we could see and hear..

A little after midnight, a young woman stormed angrily out of the hotel....Eddie Gold emerged behind her in his boxer shorts...

"I told you, that never happened before , now get back in this bed..." he said.

"Never happened talk a big game, but when it comes to action, you're nothin but talk.. I've given blow jobs to virgin high school boys and they've lasted longer than you...You came before I got my clothes off you pathetic man." she said.

Eddie grabbed her arm- 'Shaddup!!!" he said. "SHADDDDDUPPP!!!"

"Let me go...Let me're hurting me..let me go." she said and he dragged her back into the

We all laughed and sat there in the garage. The eerie silence of the hours that went by didn't startle us in anyway until Clerow nudged me and woke me up.

"Man, it's cops all over this joint Kev." he said..

Cock Robbins and I looked up and we saw Lt.Sissy Van Buren and Homicide cops ,as well as uniforms standing around...

'Wait here" I told them and I ran down into the street.

"What's going on?" I asked Sissy.

"You see your boy Barrington Covington here last night?" she asked.

"No...No...he's far from here...Why?" I asked.

"A young girl has been murdered...we think she's a prostitute." she said.

I glanced at the body...It was the woman,Eddie Gold had been arguing with the night before!

"There's no sign of anyone...We went to the room they said she rented with a young man and all of the sheets and pillow cases are gone....and the place is clean as far as prints..nothin.." said a

Eddie had killed that woman....a mean feat considering how much he limped around.. Client or not, he was a killer and he had to be stopped..It was time to put my little endgame into action.
Little did I realize, fate had other plans for the three of us..Me, Eddie and the Junkyard Doggie.

(Conclusion Next)


Anonymous said...

Oh snap!! Can't wait for the conclusion. This is a great caper.

Toni said...

It's gonna be a hard twenty four waiting on the conclusion to this.

Angie B. said...

Ditto what my room-mate said. -:)

Sunflower said...

Let the real mayhem begin! -:)

James Perkins said...

This is building up to what is the possibility of a very bloody and nasty finale..I can't wait to see how this ends.

Simon Bastion said...

What has Kevin got up his sleeve?

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Man, this series is the business, I can't wait to see how it all pans out!

Brenda said...

Keith....This is deep...You got a Serial Killer, a Stick up man and the FBI...Kevin has got to have one hell of a master plan to get himself out of this.

Cheryl said...

This is one hell of a caper Keith..

Cheryl said...
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Tate2 said...

Man,I'm loving this..I almost hate
to see it end.

Swaggie said...

Somebody is going to be dead by the time this is over...Is it going to be Eddie or the Junkyard Dog. (My money is on Eddie!)

Anonymous said...

I just want to know if anybody is going to be in bed making love!

Jazzy said...

Fam, this has been sooo good..I hate for it to end. I'll see you at midnight.

Sean said...

What a storyline Keith...I know the conclusion is going to be satisfying.

Captain Jack said...

Great Great Story Keith...Just don't let any harm come to Kevin.

Lisa said...

Can't wait for the conclusion to this.

Halo said...

Keith,I just ask one thing..Please bring the Junkyard Doggie back..He sounds cute..I don't care what happens to Eddie Gold.

Vanessa said...

I've enjoyed this caper a lot...I'm going to hate to see this end..but I can feel the excitement rising in me...I know that something cataclysmic is about to happen.

Anonymous II said...

Great story Keith...Just to spite your other anonymous poster,please don't have a sex scene in the conclusion..We don't need it all the time.