Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Will You Ever Learn?

You Said you made a major life decision
people have heard this from you many times before
lately it's become a source of much derision
but yet you're saying this once more../

You say you're through with him this time
and all of his womanizing and lies
but is that only for this week?
or until he comes up with a better alibi?/

you tell me
to just wait and see..
that this time it's the end of you and he..
but you never learn
will you ever learn?
or just keep wasting your time..?/

He comes to your house drunk almost every night...
and iof you won't have sex with him,
then it's a fight...
a late night call to my cell phone
saying you need someplace to stay, because dude has
run you out of your own home..
You say that you're really done with him...
but two weeks later you say that you'll have just one more run
with him..../

while I'm left standing on the sidelines...
secretly wishing and hoping
that you were mine..
seems like you're not the only one
who is wasting their time./

You tell me
just wait and see
soon it'll be the end of you and he...
but girl you never learn
will you ever learn??/

I don't wanna be wasting my time
if all you ever wanna be
is just a friend of mine...
and I don't wanna hear
that he's changed this time-
he promised me he'd get into therapy
because I
have been waiting here,hoping that
one day you'd see
that you oughta be
with a fly guy like me.../

but baby you never learn
will you ever learn?/


James Perkins said...

I liked this!

Simon Bastion said...

This had a nice rhythm to it!

Tate2 said...

Man,I feel like you're writing about my life!

Swaggie said...

Good One and I'm not really into poetry,but I dig yours man!

Jazzy said...

Me likes Family!

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Playa ,this was so real,it brought tears to my eyes.

Captain Jack said...


Sean said...

Another poem that would have been a
pretty good R&B song! lol!

Toni said...

Nice Poem keith!

Angie B. said...

Me likes!

Sunflower said...

Very lyrical,I could visualize everything!

Lisa said...

Good One Keith!

Brenda said...

I liked this, it was almost like one of your stories!

Cheryl said...

Great work once again!

Halo said...

Nice Poem! More...More!!

Vanessa said...

Another nice poem and a change of pace...What kind of story do you have coming up next!

Blu Jewel said...

Me likey!

love to live; live to love