Friday, June 29, 2012

The Right Dress Will Get A Girl Far

I watched my wife get dressed in the bathroom.... She stood silent as I hooked the micro listening device in her bra...

''Now what exactly is it that you want me to do Kevin?" she asked.

"I want you to get in good with this guy...Flirt with him, but push his advances away...Make him want to talk to you....Try to get him talking about your cousin ,Althea it?   But don't bring that up right away...Lead him into it." I said.

"Okay....I'll see what I can do." she said.   I could sense her excitement with wanting to go "undercover" on this operation.

"Robert Foxworth has a friend who works in the unions who fished Clerow in there as a janitor...He'll be keeping watch on you as much as possible...." I said.  Robert's friend had also fished Sepia in there as a   vacationing Councilman's aide.   The vacationing councilman was in on the entire operation...He had no love for Floyd Jeters....Jeters had allegedly slept with his wife!

''Robert sure has a lot of friends." said Sepia.

"It comes in his line of work..Him being an Attorney and all." I said as I zipped her up.

"Damn...You sure look good in that dress girl." I said....

Sepia smiled and looked at me...

"The right dress will get a girl far." she remarked...and winked....



With the help of another of Robert's friends,...Lockpick Johnson and Peeping Tom had got into Floyd Jeter's office and wired it for both sound and video....  Owen Todd drove Sean Jackson around, snapping photos of him....

We knew where he lived...We saw his wife and his three small children...We also saw him in other parts of town, coming out of different women's homes and apartments.....Not to mention that his office was a revolving door of  young ,pretty secretaries and administrative assistants...Getting a biology lesson...about "The Birds.....and the bees..." no doubt!

He didn't discriminate...Black, white, asian, hispanic...They all saw him...and him being a very important councilman's aide got them ,in return for sexual favors...a good (free) parking spot... overtime pay... time off and other perks they might not have gotten on just plain merit...

Clerow had been "working" there for a few days as a janitor..un-noticed...Sepia started working there and he damn near lost his mind... Despite the fact that she told him upfront that she was married..It didn't deter him...He pursued her almost obsessively...She refused his advances and any attempt to come to his office..When he came to her office..She made sure Clerow was there...This was driving him crazy...


While that was going on...Another drama was unfolding....I got a call from Robert Foxworth.......

''Hey'll never guess what just happened?" he said excitedly.

"I can't imagine....Are you going to tell me or what?" I said.

" I got a client....His name is Yokum Tate III" he said.

"Yeah? " I said getting a little testy with Robert...

"Well I'm defending him on a manslaughter rap....If he's'll be his third offense and he'll automatically get a life sentence.....So like most three time losers...He wants to cut a deal...He says he has information on an unsolved murder...Guess what unsolved murder?? Your unsolved double from last year..Meet me at the detention center..." he said.

Wow...all of a sudden my seemingly impossible little unsolved double homicide was opening up....Owen Todd and Sean Jackson was busy as was Peeping Tom and Lockpick Johnson....Clerow and my wife were busy....and I didn't need Kool Kat as of yet..So I drove to the detention center myself.

Robert Foxworth, Chance Howard and Cole met me at the Detention Center... An escort led us into a small detention room where Yokum Tate III, a short ,bald, Black inmate sat with a smirk on his face...

"So you're the gum shoe my lawyer was tellin me about eh?" he smirked.

"Tell your story fast pal....I haven't got all day." I said.

" it is....About a year ago...A big shot city councilman and his wife got shot to death right?  It was never solved.... I set that up." he said.

"You set it up?" I asked.

"A guy....Some big wig in city council...He knew a guy that knew me...We met at this bar...The Mermaid Club...He said he needed somebody offed... A broad...He had gotten her knocked up and it was his bosses wife...Not to mention..He was married and had a baby on the way...He needed her out of the way and quick.  I told my friend that I knew a guy...a guy that worked clean and cheap... His name is Bobby Price.
This guy paid me...10G's to get this guy to do the job and he paid the guy 10G's to do it....I got the guy and the guy did the job...He was only supposed to whack the broad...but the broad's husband was there and he popped em both." he said.

"You realize you're confessing to excessory to murder?" I said.

"I didn't kill anybody...I just put two people know ..a business deal.....I can tell you where the gun is...and where the hitter is staying....See..he used a silencer...After the job was done...He gave it to me, to dispose of it...I bagged it and hid it." he said.  What a psychopath!

"You hid it why?" asked Robert.

"Just in case a time like this came up and I might need to make a deal....I give you the killer...You get some time knocked off of this manslaughter conviction....That's a fair deal, huh?" he said.

I didn't like this guy, nor did I like the idea of making a deal with him...but it was all I had....I looked at Robert...He looked at me....He nodded.

"Deal." I said.


That night when I arrived home...Sepia was smiling....

"Hey lover guess what?" she said.

"I don't know...Tell me." I said.  Now she wanted to play one thousand questions...

"That Floyd Jeters is a nasty man..Finally got me in his office....Do you know he had the nerve to ask me what color panties I was wearing?? Anyway...he begged and begged me to give him some and I had to knee him in the groin to back him off....but I got something...Free Parking for the rest of the month...and next Friday off." she said.

"Wow!" I said with fake enthusiasm...

"That's not all...." she laughed..

"A gold key to the executive restroom?" I joked.

"No.....better...While I was there...He had to leave his office for about a half hour...I went through his files and found this....a copy of Althea Washington's medical records...She was indeed pregnant and it was his baby....They had gone together apparently, just three days before she was murdered!!...It's got the Doctor's name and address....I made this copy and put the original back. It doesn't seem like these records should be in his possession." she said.  ''Clerow took a photo of the files in his office with his phone..."she added.

My eyes lit up....This was better than I'd hoped....She and Clerow had done well.

"You're right....They shouldn't be. WOW...You did good wifey, real good....The right dress will get a girl far." I said. Sepia smiled!
(Conclusion Next)


Grover Tha Playboy said...

Dayyyummm...If Sepia looks like that...I'd confess to murder!!!

Tate 2 said...

Grover, you aint never lied man!-LOL!

Swaggie said...

Poor Jeters...I know he was goin crazy lookin at all dat body and being rebuffed..He still gave her free parkin and the day off! I don't blame him...Kevin is a lucky,lucky dude!

Cheryl said...

LOL! Men!

Brenda said...

Okay guys ,pull your tongues back in your mouth! LOL!

SLC said...

Grover and Tate are gonna throw draws like anonymous throws panties.