Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What A Surprise!

Cassandra began to kiss him passionately...He eased his hands up her skirt and began massaging her butt cheeks with those large hands of his...She was definitely turned on now....He kissed her between her breasts and behind her ears...She shuttered...

''Ouuuuuuuu...ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.."she moaned... 'Come....Come...Come here bab-baby" he said...

Darren's hands were shaking and she was turned on by the way he stuttered and seemed uneasy...She had been throwing hints at him for months that she was interested in him and yet he unlike all of the other guys in the office who were always making passes at her , Darren had seemed to resist a little...He talked a good game, but everytime they were supposed to hook up something always came up..Same thing had happened with several women he had flirted with...He was a big tease!

Finally, after a night of drinking at Josies...Darren had told her she could come to his apartment...He was certain that his room-mate was out...She suspected that his room-mate was a female and that it was a platonic relationship.

It took him a few minutes but...he had her dress off and she kicked her heels off...He slipped her panty hose down to her ankles and she stepped out of them and he had her bra off in mere seconds.... She unzippered his trousers and un bottoned his shirt...His undershirt was off and he had stepped out of his socks very quickly...He kissed her from her nick down to her panty line and she moaned and shook..As he backed her up against the wall and began french kissing her like nobody's business..

Her hands drifted down and squeezed his massive penis and began gently stroking it... He responded to that....he spun her around and eased into her from behind....Oh, he likes it doggie style!! She thought and giggled to herself.....I thought he was a freak! she thought to herself once again!

"OHHHHHHHHH RODERICK!" he yelled as he entered her from behind and began going to town... "Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.." she screamed in pure ecstacy and then thought..."Roderick??  My name is Cassandra." 

 "Roderick??  My name is Cassandra."

Just then the door swung open ...It was his room-mate... A Man!!  A big six foot , strapping man!!!! He put his hands to his mouth and screamed in horror... "OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD..DARREN??...YOU'RE CHEATING ON ME!" he screamed, then jumped up and down and threw a mini tantrum!...

He exited her rear end and tried to explain in a panic..."I AM SOOO SORRY RODERICK....I WAS DRUNK....I THOUGHT IT WAS YOU!" he said. She stood there butt naked looking at the whole thing in pure amazement!

Roderick rose his left hand palms up and turned his head away- "DARREN!!! DARREN, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT....OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDD!! And with a woman....Do you know what you want?" screamed Roderick....

"I want you Roderick....You...It's just that I was drinking....I was drunk...I swear." said Darren.

How could he think that she was Roderick???? Uh uhhh...Stevie Wonder could see through this lie she mused as she gathered her clothing which was strewn all over the living room floor....All of the women on the job salivated over this man and here he was on the DL!!! Wow~!   He also was in denial too she thought..

What a surprise! Cassandra gathered her underwear and her clothing and slowly dressed and slipped past the two men, one who was sobbing uncontrolably and the other who was busy trying to explain his indescretion...That part wasn't surprising she mused as she let herself out.


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