Friday, October 14, 2016

Coffee ,The Way She Likes It

Bradley walked into the Hobby shop the next morning...

''Sorry I'm late babe." he said.
''What did I tell you about calling me babe? I'm not your babe...I'm not your girlfriend.." said Adrienne, who didn't care that he was late.. She actually enjoyed the time alone.. She could actually hold a conversation with customers.. Male customers without Bradley interrupting and being all up in the conversation..

"I uh saw that guy who was in here yesterday....The Black guy...He's married.. Did he tell you that? He's got a pretty little wife too.. He was kissing the mouth..." said Bradley..

"That's usually where people kiss each other Bradley...What did you do, follow him home?" asked Adrienne...She wouldn't put it past him..

''No...Nahhh...I don't...I don't follow people around.. I just happened to see them out last night at a club...Him and his wife.." he said.
"I know he was married...I saw the ring and he told me..."said Adrienne.

"You uh...You ever date a Black guy?" asked Bradley...

"Why?" asked Adrienne...

"Just curious..." he asked.

"No, I haven't...but if I met a Black guy I was attracted to, I might consider it...I wouldn't be closed to the idea.." said Adrienne....

Just then, Lt. Cotton walked into the store..

"Hmmm, nice shop..." he said looking around..

Adrienne took one look at him and smiled..

" that Black guy....I'd be open to him.... Wide Open!!!" she mused..She walked over to him..

"Hi.. Can I help you?" she said, smiling..

Lt. Cotton smiled..She was very pretty....

"Yessssss...You can darlin..You have something I want." he said.

''Excuse me? Oh..Oh,I'm sorry..."she said, blushing...She was aroused and blushing something terrible..

"That sword!!!....A friend of mine was in here yesterday...Told me you guys have a vintage sword.." said Lt. Cotton..

"That sword is probably out of your price range homeboy!" snarled Bradley angrily...

"BRADLEY!!! Find something to do...I've got this." said Adrienne angrily... She was definitely going to have to let him go...This was getting to be too much..

"It is $1000.00 dollars sir..It's a real sword.." she said uneasily...

"Not a problem...I can pay in cash.."said Lt. Cotton, who peeled off several fifties..."

Adrienne's eyes got as large as saucers...

"My My certainly have a big uh....uh..Wallet!" she said.

''And they say size doesn't matter...Heh..Heh...Heh...." he laughed as he paid her and she rung him up..

''Sure you can handle that..?"she asked..

"Baby, you can't imagine what I can handle.."said Lt. Cotton..

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuu...Oh My God!...Ouuuuuuu..I-I-I, I imagine I can't...You do have, uh big strong arms...Ohh Myy!" she breathing heavily..

"You alright mam?..."he asked..

"Yes...oh excuse...excuse me...." she said.."I can't lift this thing...Bradly, my assistant lifts it and swings it's too heavy for me.." she said ,laughing uneasily and sweating.

''Well ,I don't plan to swing it around..It's going to hang on my wall. There are uh other things that can be swung around." he said.
''Yes...I- ouuuuu..Yes..I understand..."she said and smiled..

"Can I get you some water or something..?" he asked.

"SHE DOESN'T NEED YOU TO GET WATER FOR HER!" said Bradley angrily, passing her a cold bottle of water from out of the refrigerator.
"Okay.. Chill  Baby,I didn't mean anything.." said Lt. Cotton..

"I'm not your baby..BRUH!" said Bradley ,angrilly stomping his foot..

Adrienne sighed... Bradley was a real buzz kill..

"I hope you enjoy it sir. Don't mind him.." she said.

''Why thank you kindly mam. ..Good Day!" he said and left.. The rental car he had was right outside..
He got in it and drove a block...

He took the GPS tracking device off of it and stuffed it in the dumpster nearby and then pulled off..

Nate's suspicions was right on the money...he thought.

At the squadroom, Monica and I were in the back hall kissing passionately...

A lot of the detectives and police men were at lunch...

"Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm..We'd better cut this out..Lou will be back soon.."I said..

"I know....ouuuuuuuuuuuu...And we'll see if your hunch was right..." said Monica..

We stopped kissing and fixed our clothes and sat at our desks..

''We stopped kissing in the nick of time partner..Here comes Lou." said Monica..

''You purchased the Sword?"I asked.

"Yeah..I dropped it off at the M.E.'s office.. Your sister is examining it were right..That big brute that works for her wanted to rip my head off and we were only talking...She was kind of uh flirtatious.. Another few minutes and I think she'd of been throwing her panties at me." he laughed..

"Because you are sooo  irresistable right?" said Monica, laughing and slapping her thigh..

''Ask your sister ,future sister in law...You know the deal.." laughed Lt. Cotton.

''Oh My God!" laughed Monica.
Lt. Cotton kissed Monica on her forehead...

"I'm going to shower and change...Just be ready for her call.." he said.
"We'll be ready..."I said.

Monica and I had solved so many cases...Had brought so many killers to justice. .I never imagined we'd be so successful as a team. We didn't get in each others way.. We each possessed a quality the other lacked and we each had a very cerebral way of analyzing situations...She was the best partner I'd ever worked with..

Monica had worked Homicide longer than me and was teaching me so much.. She always had my apt attention...sometimes for reasons not so cerebral, but more than likely, carnal.


Kylie, Monica and I met Monique at the Medical Examiner's Office...Monique had a lot to say...

''Somebody tried to wipe this sword down.. but not good enough...There was a lot of blood traces on here and body fluid...The DNA is a match for Blair Reynolds...This is your murder weapon.." she said.

"Also Mo-Mo...You and Brother in law's dumpster diving this morning paid off.. These gloves and this black jacket, hoodie and trousers you found six blocks away has blood on it that matches Blair Reynolds blood and DNA from someone else.. Not Blair Reynolds.. probably your killer...

"We have his clothes and the murder weapon...but still no proof."said Monica.

''So let's bring him down him here and question him...Maybe we can get DNA from him while he's in the fishbowl."I said.
"Sis..The other body...What was the cause of death?" asked Monica.

"Blunt force trauma to the head.." said Monique..

"Even harder to prove....Call the Lieutenant, Get a warrant."said Monica..

''Way ahead of you Baby girl..I got the warrant...Pick em both up..." said Lt.Cotton..

"Lieutenant...She didn't have anything to do with this...She can't even lift that sword.."I said.

''I know that!  I saw her...He's in love Nate...He's more liable to co-operate if he thinks she is in trouble and he can save her..Trust me."said Lt. Cotton.
''For once today..I agree with My Lieutenant.."said Monica.

He hugged her..

"Of course you do baby girl..Who trained you?" he said,laughing..

"You did." said Monica with pride..

"And you're doing a great job training Nate...He's become quite the Homicide Detective under you." said Lt.Cotton, winking at me and laughing..
"They haven't seen me...I'll go get em."said Detective Kylie White.


An hour later, Bradley Derringer sat in the Fishbowl, the nickname the detectives gave the interrogation room..

"You want a cigarette?" asked Kylie..

"I don't smoke." he said dryly...

"Coffee?" she asked.
"Yeah, I'll take some coffee." he said..

He thought that Kylie was cute as Black girls went.. She had nice size breasts and he could see the outline of her white floral print bra through her blouse..
He gulped down the hot steaming coffee in the styrofoam tumbler.. ..and tossed it in the waste basket..

An Officer took the waste basket and replaced it with a new one..

After two hours he asked Kylie where was Adrienne...

"She's in a room like this one, being questioned." she said.

"Questioned about what?" he asked.

"Murder! " she said and left the room....

30 minutes went by and finally, Monica and I entered the room...

He took one look at us and exclaimed..

"YOU!! You two are cops? And you're married?" he asked.

"Yup!"   said Monica.

''So that's why you come down to the shop...Nosin  around.." he said to me.
''Pretty much" I said..

I motioned to the officers outside to bring in the black hoodie, the black turtle neck, the black trousers and the black gloves and lay them on the table.

"Recognize these clothes???...You should..They're your size.."I said.

"So?  Never seen em before." he said.

"That's not true Mr. Derringer..We caught you on a street cam disposing of them a night ago...And we have you in a video the night Blair Reynolds was beheaded heading into his apartment complex just minutes before our estimated time of death."said Monica.

''Not to mention, your sweat and DNA is on these clothes as well as Reynold's blood and that Sword has his blood and body fluid and matter on it...You didn't clean it well enough..Oh and we have a GPS unit with your fingerprints on it that you put on my Lieutenant's car yesterday after he purchased this sword.. And we found dried blood from Blair Reynolds and matching soil samples from Liberty Park on your discarded Doc Martens...along with your DNA...  We got enough to charge you and your boss with first degree murder."I said.

"No..No  No.. Adrienne had nothing to do with this..It was all me..all me...I-I-I killed him....He was flirting with her, then they were sleeping together and I overheard him asking her to move in with him..I-I-I couldn't have that...I-I love her so much...Everyday..I-I brought her flowers..I brought her coffee just the way she likes it.Just hoping she would see how much I love her and damn it..she just couldn't see that...I was in AA because she asked me to  quit my drinking...and I was in anger management classes..because I lose my temper when I see a man talking to her too long..I did it all for her and she still couldn't see how much I love her...She just couldn't see that!"he said.
"That was you in the park the other night wasn't it? With Blair's head....You dug up that shallow grave...Did you kill that man in that grave?" asked Monica.

"Yes...Yes... Ten years ago..I got so mad,I beat him with my bare hands...I didn't mean to...He was flirting with her..He was being so disrespectful,ogling her breasts, All Touchy feely with her...That old coot, She didn't want his old ass...I brought her coffee just the way she likes it. Just hoping she would see how much I love her and damn it..she just couldn't see that..She couldn't see that...Always flirting with every other guy,overlooking me..Damn it..I brought her coffee, everyday...just the way she likes it...Damn it mannn...Didn't you do things like that to get HER?" he said looking at me..

"Yeah man...I still do..Everyday..."I said and looked at Monica and smiled..

''Nate, You're gonna make me cry, stop it.." said Monica through a telepathic thought...She was tearing up..I put my arm around her shoulder...

She passed him a tablet and a pencil and he wrote his confession...She signaled the officers outside who came in and read him his rights and handcuffed him...

''I loved her so much...I just lost it every time a man talked to her.....I brought her coffee just the way she likes it. Just hoping she would see how much I love her and damn it..she just couldn't see that..She couldn't see that...Damn it..I brought her coffee, everyday...just the way she likes it...Damn it mannn..damnnnnn!"he said..Tears just flowing down his cheeks...

 Lieutenant Cotton just shook his head..
 ''Wow!" was all Kylie would say...
"Oh My God..He just wouldn't take no for an answer...He killed two people for nothing.. A Father and son..He didn't even know what he'd done..Oh My God!" said Adrienne, who had been waiting in the hallway looking at us question Bradley...
"Wow...Some of these cases..Uh get to you."I said.

Monica looked at me....She kissed me passionately...

"You've always loved me like that...I see it and I appreciate it..bae...I do.."she said.

"I know baby..I know.."I said softly...

Lieutenant Cotton smiled.. He was glad this case was over..He ignored us kissing in the fishbowl..

"I'll drive you home.." he said to Adrienne.

''So you're engaged huh?" asked Adrienne..
"Yeah, to Detective Monica Nellis's twin sister.." said Lt. Cotton..

"Hmmm...Lucky woman.." she said.

Detective Kylie White smiled sheepishly...

Bradley Derringer was convicted of two counts of First Degree Murder and given two life sentences..
 He writes to Adrienne Often..She never responds to any of his letters.

She still operates the Hobby Shop...She has hired two female assistants and one male...

After cracking that promised, both Monica and I had two days off...

"I know this Detective named Nate Nellis, who has this beautiful ,sexy wife, who he has been dying to be alone with for some time.."I said to Monica.

"And I know this Detective, Named Monica Nellis, who loves her husband sooo much and really would like to show him how much." she said looking at me salaciously..
"Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm ,I love you soo much..."said Monica as she kissed me passionately.....

 "Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu girl....I love  you too...."I said in between wet ,sloppy kisses...

She wrapped her arms around me as I lifted her up, slipped her panties down and entered her very slowly...As usual, she was warm and wet and soft as cotton...
"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu girl..." I moaned..

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nate...Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.." she moaned..

We stood there for thirty minutes ,kissing and softly thrusting...Monica was sweating profusely and crying like a little girl...

"Oh My God...Nate..Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu it's sooo good..I love you sooo much bae..." she was saying...

Soon we were in bed ,looking into each other's eyes...

Five hours seemed to evaporate...I couldn't get enough of her...And the more I thought about that photo, the more excited I got...The more excited I got, the louder Monica moaned..

Our bed was squeaking like crazy and as usual, our headboard was slamming against the wall hard....
Monica began to shake and breathe heavy.. She was cumming intensely... and before I even realized it, so was I.....

We lie in each others arms , Smiling ........

She gave me a nice sloppy, wet kiss....I pulled her to me and kissed her too..She felt my still very hard and engorged penis...Her mouth opened wide..

"Ouuuuuuu...You're still hard..ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...goodness...."she laughed as we continued kissing and I mounted her once again...

"Oh My goodness!!!!.........Nate!!....Ouuuuuuuuuuuu..Sometimes I don't believe you.." she replied smiling and slowly kissing me as I entered her again...She was so warm,so inviting..

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Nate...ohhhh my goddd!..Ouuuuuuuu..." she cried our bed began to squeak....The headboard slammed against the wall....She stared at me almost in disbelief.....

Another three hours of sweet and tender lovemaking continued....

She began to blow softly in my ear ,in between soft , wet kisses..which turned me on even more...and within twenty minutes... I exploded like a gusher ...Holding her tightly....Her body shook a little too..Tears ran down the side of her face..her body began shaking and her head turned from side to side...
"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...myyy goodnessss.." she exclaimed...still shaking like a church woman testifying......

We continued to hold each other for a few minutes....
Monica stared down at me...

"Nice way to end a case huh partner?" she said.

 "I'll say.." I said ,trying to catch my breath...


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Great ending..Great story,Loved it!

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I loved this story!

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There was little surprise when the killer was revealed..but the storytelling was excellent..