Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cool To Talk to...

The end of another long day and all of us were back at our safe house...
Sissy's Husband, Eddie C had ordered Hoagies and Cheesesteaks for us
Before he himself had gotten off work...and Duke, Tyriq, Jimmy and Hop had gotten them and were keeping them warm and fresh on the food truck parked behind our safe house

Duke, Tyriq, Jimmy and Hop had gotten them and were keeping them warm and fresh on the food truck parked behind our safe house..
 While inside, Carlotta, Angie, Sharon and Sirena were preparing places for us all to eat...

Like the guys they had all been out on the street too..

 Hazel ,Sissy and I arrived last...We were dead tired.

 Hazel had been at the M.E.'s office working hard all day...
 Sissy had to appear before COMSTAT... which had started up again, where she was congratulated for clearing 53 open murders...and cracking the worst mass murder case in the city's history, The John Toilet case...She got a standing ovation.....

Missing was Lt. Tragg...who used to always be there... After fouling up two straight cases, he didn't want to be there to face the ridicule...He called out saying he had 'Some Pressing matters to take care of."

"Yeah like actually cracking a real case" said one Lieutenant.... This was met with guffaws of laughter!

Sissy told me she was glad there were no major cases on the horizon..
I had been in court all day arguing and finishing up an unrelated case..I was glad to see my wife, Carlotta..
Kiss her sweet lips and see the others...

 Eating the Hoagies and Cheese Steaks wasn't a bad deal either..


 Sharon was the first one to report....

"Sissy, Duke and I
and my guys (FBI agents) caught a photo of this guy coming into the airport... They showed us a photo of an un assuming Blond haired man with dark sunglasses ,Black Shirt, Black slacks, Black sandles and a gym bag..

His name is Erik  Sandlov......He's out of St. Louis...Did a ten year stretch for manslaughter in the Missouri State Pennitentary....Paroled.. A suspect in 13 murders....Very good.."said Sharon...
"Oh and look who's meeting him at the Airport...Your boyfriend Angie..Kenny ''Weasel"Harris.."said Sissy..

"Nice Car...A BMW...with his name monogrammed on the side..I didn't know people still did that." I said.

"I said the same thing to him yesterday.." laughed Angie..
"Sirena ,Hop and I may have gotten a little lucky today.." said Carlotta.

''Yeah , we co-ordinated with the Marine Police, Vice and Narcotics and we got a line on a boat that docks in a Marina, every month, the same time....It's not from New York either...It's from over seas..."said Sirena..
''We traced the ships checking with the Harbor Master...It comes from way or Eastern Europe...A truck unloads the cargo into these waiting vans..." said Hop who showed Sissy photos taken by him,Sirena, Carlotta and plain clothes Narcotics and Vice cops...

"We ran the plates...the Vans are property of Brown Realty....That's Ice Brown's company..." said Carlotta..

 ''But you don't know what the cargo is...and we have no reason for a warrant just yet....but good pull..Why is a realtor getting a huge cargo from a foreign ship? Something to keep in mind..."said Sissy..
 "They told me and Jimmy about the vans and we followed those two trucks..." said Tyriq..
''Shame we didn't have cars we had to take the van...and there was 3 Plain clothes Vice cops and 3 Plain clothes Narcotics guys and two DEA agents with us..We played front and follow as well as we could and we found a farmhouse on the outskirts of the city, where all of that mysterious cargo is packed away.."said Jimmy, who showed Sissy photos taken...
"Anybody run a property search?" asked Sissy..
"I did...That property is owned by a Darryl Fletcher, who has been dead for about six years...It's still in his name but whatever they are getting off that ship is stored in that old farmhouse..we counted three guys working there as you can see in these photos...All Ex-cons..all legal employees of Brown Realty." said Sirena..

"Does this company actually sell any houses?" I asked..

"They do!...It's a real company with an administrative staff and agents...They sell and rent houses, Lofts, Apartments and Condos and rent storage space... Richard "Ice' Brown actually makes a decent profit with this business."said Carlotta.
"Brown Realty is totally legit, but I'm certain he launders his dirty drug money through that business..He drops by the office maybe once, twice a week, according to my agents." said Sharon..

"He meets with his managers...then he leaves...usually with two guys...One of them being Kenny "Weasel" Harris." said Duke..
"He doesn't come down in the hood at all...Everything is run from his condo
In the Northeast.... That big dude...His name is Caesar...Ceasar Nichols...That's his street boss...Ex Con...Did a Nickel and a Dime in the State Pen,Used to be a leg breaker and a head knocker for the juice boyd....Now he is listed as the owner of the Nichols Bottling Company ,which provides soda and liquor to local bars... Company is legit...but he is rarely there...Another guy seems to run the day to day...He is employed by ,guess who...Richard "Ice" Brown and ''Brown Realty""said Tyriq.

"His name is the name we've been hearing on the wiretaps from all of the drug crews when they run out of product...They call or text him on a phone...Different number every two weeks..It's been hard to keep up ,but we have.."said Hop..
"Haven't seen him meet with anyone though...They talk in code on the phones...We still don't know how they get their supply." said Angie..
''We got a known hitter here and we don't know who is going to be hit.."said Duke..

"True...Angie...He gave you a number to call him right?" said Sissy..

"He thinks I'm in Internal Affairs...Since I'm not Narcotics...He figures I'm cool to talk to." she laughed.
"I think it's time you took another trip to Aqua Bar..I'll have three plain clothes guys in the bar..And Duke,Jimmy and Rico will be in the van...The usual place.." said Sissy...

"Okay...I'll get ready." said Angie.
"The rest of you...Take five...You've done good work." said Sissy...
Hazel was just arriving...

"Heyy Guys.." she said..She sat down...
Hop passed her a tumbler of Hot Coffee
and Sharon passed her a Hoagie..

 Duke leaned over and kissed her softly.

 ''Ouuuu baby, your lips are extra soft..." said Hazel...

"That's a bedroom kiss baby." said Duke..

''Ummmmmm...I am a little tired if you know what I mean?" said Hazel, winking at her husband.

Hazel took her tumbler of coffee and her hoagie...

"Ouu Thanks Guys...We tried but we couldn't locate next of kin...We are shipping the body back to Detroit tomorrow where they will probably cremate him..." said Hazel...
"Wanna play some cards mami..." said Carlotta.
"Boss Lady gave all of us, the night off except, Rico, Duke, Jimmy and Angie...They're going back out tonight.."said Sirena..
"I'm going back out to...I need to talk to somebody about this case...Someone cool to talk to , who's in the know." said Sissy with a wink.

Josies was jumping tonight...It was the middle of the week, but it might as well have been Friday , judging by the size of the crowd...
"Hey Sissy " said Honey Brown..."where are the guys?" she asked.

"Oh I don't know...Keith and Carlotta and Hop and Sharon are home..Sirena is home, My husband is still at work and Rico, Duke and Jimmy are working tonight..I decided to come out and knock back a few." said Sissy.

"You guys really hung one on at your birthday party....Glad to see you all are still amongst the living."said Gus, the owner and head bartender...
The man known as Pink sat down next to Sissy...

"Hi ya doin Siss?" he said.
"Hello Pink, how are you?" said Sissy...

"So much better now that I'm sitting next to you...You smell great, got a new hair style..Lawd woman..." said Pink...

"ICE BROWN" said Sissy...

Pink smiled...

"He's a realtor..." said Pink and laughed...

Sissy drank her beer....She was silent...

"He's the main connect for half a dozen of these drug crews...He gets his package off of a boat..A Boat that docks in a Marina down by Penns Landing." he said.

"This boat...and these vans.." said Sissy ,subtlely showing him photos..

"You're good Siss...Yeah..." he said.
"They take their stash to this farm house.." said Sissy...

"I didn't even know that..." said Pink laughing...

"I know Caesar Nichols is his number two...but where does he distribute the dope to them?" asked Sissy..
"He takes an order over the phone, Check out his Bottling Company...After the stash is cut and street ready, they go to the basement of a property he owns in West Philadelphia,Baltimore Avenue to be exact.. and make their pick up...It's so simple it's not funny." said Pink...

''A week ago they brought in a hitter from Detroit..." said Sissy...

"Yeah but the guy never showed up...There is a rumor on the streets that the guy died...I don't know, but they brought in somebody else a few days ago.."said Pink..

''We know...We even know who it is."said Sissy showing him a photo...What I don't know is, who is the target?" asked Sissy.
"That I don't know...All I know is somebody has either got him mad or shook for him to bring in outside talent of this caliber to off him.."said Pink...

"Thanks Pink..."said Sissy..

"You seemed to have known as much ,if not more than I did.." said Pink...

''Yes, but you still filled in some blank spaces.."said Sissy..

''So uh how about a kiss?" he asked.
"In here?, Josies????...That wouldn't be a good look for either of us." said Sissy.
Pink laughed..

"You're cold Siss...You're right, but you're still cold.." he said..


At Aqua Bar, Angie was once again, drinking alone..
Weasel walked over to her...

"DAMNNNN girl...You are wearing them jeans...and do you have a bra on under that t-shirt..??" he asked.

"My aren't we full of questions tonight? And I'm the detective.." said Angie..

"Yeah...So you're uh Internal Affairs and you live on Fulton Street." he said.

"You checkin up on me?  I don't live on Fulton Street anymore..but yes I am a Detective.." she said

"Where you live then? " he asked.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because ,I want to go home with you." he said.

"You don't waste any time do you?  You don't even know me.." said Angie..

"I want to get to know you.." he said.

"I told you I'm married." she said..

"I heard you are seperated." he said.

''You did huh?"she said.  She had planted that story in the bar...She was Internal Affairs and she was seperated..

A slow record came on...

''Dance with me Angie." he said.
They danced...

She could feel his erection...His trousers were standing out like a circus tent..

"Ummmmmm you happy to see me?" she asked, smiling at him...

He blushed a little..

"Very....I'd be even happier if you stopped teasing me and let me see you in your underwear.."he said..

"I've heard of being direct, but you take that to whole new levels.."said Angie...

"Well?" he asked..

"Well what?" she said..

"How bout it...? Me and place or yours..??" he asked.

Angie laughed...

"In Your Dreams!" she laughed....

"You have a sexy laugh.." he said.

"You think everything about me is sexy.."she said.

"I do.." he said..

"Calm down before you hurt yourself.." said Angie..

"Damn girl...Where do,you live?"he asked..

"Where do you live?" she asked.

''Downtown in a condo...Now let that sit with you for a minute......I think it  would be better if you came to my spot...." he said.

"I think it would be better if I went to my house alone...I don't even know you...All I know is you work for Ice Brown..the drug man...." she said..

"How do you know who my boss is?" he asked.

''Everybody on the street knows..The cops know...they just can't prove it.." said Angie..

Angie and Weasel continued to drink...She thought of how many men had fallen in love with her...She thought of her first love,

 Private Investigator ,Kevin Morris....She thought of her husband, Jimmy..
And she thought of two men she loved , who didn't love her back...Me..

and Duke..
She thought about former Drug Kingpin,Manny deceased....He died never knowing she was a cop..but madly in love with her..This poor clown ,Weasel,who she had zero interest in knew she was a cop and he still wanted to talk to her, ..still wanted to sleep with her..

Angie was dumping a lot of her drinks in the plants while Weasel was drinking more and more..and talking more and more..

"I'm Ice Brown's right hand man....Right now..Right now I'm working on something big with him..." he said..

"You arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre.." said Angie.."Tell me more....that kind of talk gets me hot.." she said.

"It does?" he asked.

"You said Pretty girls like bad boys.." she said.

''And I'm a Badddddddddddddddd boy baby! I'm known in these damn streets.." he said,laughing..

Was this guy really this stupid ? She thought... Definitely not her type..She at least liked smart men...Manny Spain, as evil as he was did look good, dress well and had a brain...This Weasel was short and unattractive and worse...stupid as all get up......He could never share her bed in any world! She mused..

''We brought in a hit man...from out of town...for a big job..." he said..

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..I feel something big in your pants..and hard too!" she said, softly stroking the crotch area of his pants..

"I want to put this big thing into you tonight girlllllllllllllll...ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.."he moaned..

Angie giggled..Not in your best dreams! She thought.

"About this other big thing...What is it?" she asked..

"It's a Police...Boss wants to hit Captain EDDIE CANTRELL...You know him?" slurrred Weasel...

"Uh , Uh I've seen him around...Wh-Why would your boss  man want to hit a Police?" asked Angie..

''When he was Detective Eddie Cantrell, he arrested the Boss's father and his grandfather...sent em both up for life on a conspiracy to commit murder rap...His grandpop died in prison...His pop was paroled, but was never the same...Boss said if he ever got in a position to kill Ed Cantrell, he was gonna do it...Cantrell's wife is the head of the in Philly huh?" he said.

"I don't know.Is she?"Angie Lied...

"He tossed her in for good measure...heh heh heh heh..." He laughed..He was so drunk his head fell on the bar hard...He was out for the night...
By now, Angie was gone ,

back in the van with the guys..

"Did you hear that?" she said.

"Every word of it.." said Duke..
''What are we going to do?" asked Jimmy...
''We are gonna stop it." said Tyriq.