Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Underground Man

Bonnie Shay, Henry Higgins and I ran through a series of tunnels..I suspected they might lead us to the surface...

I had quelled an attempt by Roach and his gang to capture us...but I knew that was only temporary...He'd be back...with more guys...maybe with more firepower, and maybe with night goggles....

We were out numbered, possibly out gunned...and Henry Higgins had fractured ribs and was still bleeding profusely...

''Wait, wait...I have to stop...I have to lay down.." he said, breathing heavily...
''Don't let him go to sleep Bonnie..Keep him awake..If he has a possible concussion ,sleep could be fatal.."I said..

Bonnie went in her purse...She took out a hankerchief...she tried to dab some of the blood...

''What kind of brute would beat another human being like this?" she asked.
"Roach would...He's already killed two people...He's so violent the loan sharks don't want to do business with him...He has beaten their clients too the point where they couldn't pay.." I said..

"So you and him have history?" said Bonnie..

''A long history... We both used to box out of the old Police Athletic Club....I beat him in a preliminary Middleweight bout....He never got over it and he's never liked me since..We were teenagers then....Another time we mixed it up...was years later , he beat a guy I knew within one inch of his life...The guy owed a gambler some money...Even the gambler didn't want the guy beat that bad...I went after him, but what saved him..He was connected to some very powerful gangsters.. My friend, Walter "Kool Kat "Jones interceded on my behalf..."
I said.. ''But the bad blood between me and Roach remains...I haven't seen him in years...The minute I saw him with that Vern Monroe guy...I knew something shady was I saw dried blood on the floor...No doubt Mr. Higgins..."I said.
''Ahhhh Mr. Jones..I sure wish he were here now..We could use him.."said Bonnie.

"Yeah, you're right...And when he finds out about this..He's going to give me an ear full...What did I tell you about going out on them streets without me.."I said and laughed..

"You two have history too." said Bonnie..

"Oh yeah...We've known each other since we were 7 or 8....We both boxed out of the PAL club...Both graduated from the same high school..."I said..

"You went in the service...." said Bonnie..

"Yeah, Marines...I got my bachelors degree while in the service and then went to OTC at Annapolis..from there I wound up in the NCIS....I also won the Armed Services Middleweight title in between all that...."I said...

''So when you left the service what did you do?" asked Bonnie.
"I used the G.I. Bill to get my masters..At Temple....and I began working as the Editor of the Magazine ,I bought and turned into a Communications /Media company....If you're wondering about how I got involved in this cloak and dagger stuff...That was a hobby...I met my wife and I helped her solve a case.. and I got good at this...So I got my P.I. license..and now so many cases later..I got an agency..."I said.

''And you hooked up with Mr. Jones again?"she said.

''Yeah, he had lost his way for awhile...He was at one time one of the most feared enforcer's on the street...I convinced him to seek a higher calling when we met up again...That and the fact that hit the lotto for several millions of dollars, which he has in an off shore account also convinced him to walk the straight and narrow.. He's a very valuable asset to my agency...   I wish I could call him now.."I said.

''Well we just got to work with what we have...You and me.." said Bonnie.
"You and I always seem to get into these dire situations."I said.

"I know right?" she said..

We both laughed..


Unknown to me and Bonnie...

Sepia was several feet above and across the street talking to Vern Monroe..

''So my husband hasn't been here?" she asked..

"Noooooo..I'm surprised...You say you haven't heard from him in four hours? Oh My?"said Vern Monroe..

''What about Mrs. Bonnie Shay from the Cyclops Insurance?? She came out here today..."said Sepia.

"Nooooo, Haven't seen either one of them...Maybe they got lost..." he said...

"Oh and I'm sorry Mrs. Morris.. I meant to call you and tell you that I have found another realtor who made me a more lucrative offer...I should have called you last week before I went away on business." said Vern Monroe..

Sepia smiled..

"Why don't you cut the crap?....You're not Henry Higgins.. I've not only talked to him on the phone, I've met him once or twice.. and my husband told me he was coming over here...He didn't get lost,I put the instructions in the GPS..Plus I saw his car and Bonnie Shay's car parked down the street...Now where is my husband and Bonnie Shay?" asked Sepia..

Vern Monroe smiled...

"I really wished you had kept what you know to yourself...because see....Now I can't allow you to leave." he said softly...


"I  CAN!" came the voice of Roach who stuck a pistol in Sepia's ribs...

Sepia elbowed him in the nose..

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUFF!" he moaned...and dropped his pistol...

She then stomped on his foot...

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he moaned ..He fell to the floor in pain....

She pulled out her .22

"I'm going to the cops...If I were you two...I wouldn't be here when I come back..."

 she said and ran out of the building, jumped in the car and pulled off.

Vernon Monroe looked at Roach who was getting up off the floor....He just shook his head...

"DON'T SAY A GOTDAMN THING!" said Roach..."Who you callin?" he said.

Vernon Monroe looked at him and smiled..

"Our guy at the police department..Mrs. Morris will be back here soon enough..." he said and shook his head...This time he didn't hide the fact that he was laughing..


 Sepia drove to the Bayside Police Department... It was situated in a series of buildings that looked like apartments...She remembered it from the last time she had been here with Bonita..years ago...If you didn't know where you were going you could easily miss it...Boy she missed Philadelphia..She was ready to go home.

When she walked in she was met by a handsome, brown skinned , curly haired detective....If she didn't know right...It was almost as if he was waiting for her..

"Well I'lll isn't everyday that a fine woman like you walks in here..." he said, smiling at Sepia salaciously and checking her out..."

''Save it playboy...I'm married...I need to see the Desk Sgt or somebody..." she said.

He smiled...She had to admit...He was cute...

"The desk Sgt is at lunch, but I'm a Detective...I think I can help you..."

"You've got to hurry...My husband and my friend are missing...They came out here to inspect the Higgins place...Four hours ago and I haven't heard from them since..." said Sepia..

"You think they might have gotten lost? maybe they stopped and got a drink.." he said..

"They did not...They didn't come out here together...They both came at seperate times and both are missing." she said.

"Welll it's only been a few hours I wouldn't call that missing...They might be back in Philadelphia by now.." he said.

"How'd you know we were from Philly? I never mentioned where we were from?" said Sepia.

"You got Philly written all over you...That swag...that attitude....Plus I know everybody around here.. and that body you got on you is definitely not from around here.." he said.

"Look would you please help me...One of the men there tried to pretend he was Mr. Higgins...I'm a realtor..I know Mr. Higgins and he's been missing for a week..I don't my husband and my friend to be the next people missing or worse...................dead.....Please help me,Let's go back before those two leave.." said Sepia.

"The Higgins place eh?  That sounds like Vern Monroe and Roachy....Come on get in the car..We are going back.." he said..

"Thank you.." said Sepia.

"Oh...The name is Starks...Detective Anthony Starks and your name ,Pretty Lady?" he asked.

"It's Sepia..Mrs. Sepia Morris.." said Sepia.

He laughed as they got into his car.

While Sepia and Detective Starks headed back to the Higgins place...

Bonnie Shay and I found a small room down there in the tunnel..
"Look...a bed!" said Bonnie,.
"And a refrigerator....and it's on and full..."I marveled..

The refrigerator was surprisingly plugged into a wall socket...Inside was Ham, Cheese, A loaf of bread, Eggs, Bacon and sausage....

"Look, there's a hot plate and a sink with running water.." said Bonnie, who ran some cold water...She found a towel and she used it to wash the blood off of Harry Higgins....The cool water and the towel was soothing to him....He laid down ...She propped his head up on the pillow.."

" Feel better now?"she asked..

''Oh yeah...Oh yeah, thank you Bonnie." said Henry Higgins.
"If I can find a way out of here...We can get him to a hospital and get the cops before Monroe and Roach and their motley crew finds us....I think we are safe from there here.." I said..

"BUT NOT SAFE FROM ME!!! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE?" came the voice of a bearded and stringy haired white man who resembled Charles Manson...

We had gone from one situation to another!!!

This was turning out to be one hell of a day..


While many floors above , Sepia and Detective Starks were approaching the Bed and Breakfast....

Sepia pulled out her .22...

Detective Styles smiled..

"You won't need that....I'm here.." he said..

"Aren't you going to call for back up?" she asked..

"For what? I know these two..." he said..

To Sepia's surprise...Vern Monroe opened the front door..

''Well Tony ,how are you doing?" he asked..

"You gonna let me in Vern?" asked Detective Starks..

''Sure, Sure.."he said.
''I want to know where my husband is, Ms. Bonnie Shay and the body of Henry Higgins.." demanded Sepia..

Vern Monroe shrugged his shoulders...

"The Body of Henry Higgins?  He's  very much alive as is your husband and Mrs. Shay...All three of them are across the street in that building somewhere." he said.

Sepia was relieved somewhat...A part of her was thinking the worst...That one or all of us was dead..she would later tell me.

"That place doesn't look like it's open.." said Sepia, glaring out the window...

"Oh it's not...Your husband, Mrs. Shay and Mr .Higgins all ran over there and are probably in the sub-basement....We are just waiting for them to come out.." said Vern Monroe..

''What do you mean we?" said Sepia, who went for the gun in her purse...

Avril "Roach" Dayd pulled out his .45 and pointed it at her..

"I wouldn't do that sugar britches...My Gun is a lot bigger than yours...Get cute this time and I will kill you...You can make bank on that!!" he said.

"I told you , you wouldn't need your gun." said Detective Styles , who took her purse away from her..

"You!!!! You're in on this too?" said Sepia..

"I'm afraid I am.." he said, smiling..His Glock Nine pointing at her head.." Now don't do anything stupid Mrs. Morris...You're too pretty a woman for me to have to kill.." he said.

"He's my nephew..."said Vern Monroe... "I'm so proud of him...The strides he's made on the police force.."he said and busted out laughing...

There is a saying...It always looks darkest before the dawn....Well it sure was dark right now!



Toni said...

They better not hurt my girl Sepia.

Angie B. said...

I thought Sepia might get the best of them for a minute!

Sunflower said...

Hopefully this guy Kevin and Bonnie Shay ran into underground is just homeless and wants to be left alone!

Cheryl said...

I knew that the Detective was one of them...Vern said he was calling "Our Guy" at the police station...

Lisa said...

That's right, he did say that..

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Roach has been having a bad day....Higgins kicked him in the groin and smashed a tray over his head...Bonnie Shay kicked him in the groin.....Kevin shot his gun out of his hand...and almost killed him in the sub-basement and Sepia elbowed hm in the nose and stomped on his foot..Damnnnn!

Halo said...

LOL! He sure has...Still waiting for the inevitable showdown with Kevin.

Vanessa said...

I want to see if Kevin and Bonnie and Henry escape from underground and get back to the streets....Higgins is still in bad shape and needs medical attention.

Rita said...

I am very interested in how this turns out...Kevin doesn't realize that Sepia is there and in custody.....He and Bonnie and Higgins will probably make it back to the street..but they could possibly leave and leave Sepia stuck there!

Brenda said...

I was thinking the same thing...That would be a very bad situation.