Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Pop Goes The Weasal

Monday morning began our investigation..... Using legal wiretaps and cloning the cell phones and laptops of some of the major drug crews...we began to listen to the chatter to see if we could hear anything about anybody getting whacked or anything major happening..
So far we were hearing nothing...Three Days had gone by...

Hop and Tyriq were in Surveilience vans

 working with Plain Clothes guys from Narcotics and Vice on the street and monitoring action there...

Carlotta and Jimmy were pressing their Confidential Informants...
and pressing them hard..but getting little more than what we already knew and getting nowhere near Ice Brown...
DEA Regional Special Agent in charge lent us a few DEA agents to help with the investigation....

Duke, Sirena and Sharon had a good profile of our dead guy.....and had a team of guys triangulating the street cameras and payphones

 until they came up with a guy who was seen at the pay phones that made the calls to the hitman..."Good night "Jefferson...
Hazel warned that she couldn't keep this guy in the morgue too much longer...And that soon she'd have to notify next of kin...
"That's okay Hazel...We know who was calling him now...This guy."said Sissy who produced a glossy...

"I know that guy..."I said.

"I know him too, from my days in the game...That's Weasel.....Kenny "Weasel "Harris.. A wanna be...
A bust as a dealer....not enough heart to be  a hitter or body guard....and now....a go for for Ice Brown...Wow...Ice Brown must be desperate for help..." laughed Eddie C.
"Our goal here isn't to get these drug crews....The DEA, Narcotics and Vice cops can have them...We want to find out where Ice Brown's warehouse or distribution center is and tie him to it...That's all we need to do." said Sissy...
"Now that we know who called our dead guy.. Let me ,Top and Junior

pick him up, rattle him around in the fishbowl." said Tyriq..
"Uh Uh...besides we don't have a charge...We don't want to do things like Lt. Tragg....We still have the advantage...They don't know Goodnight Jefferson is dead...They are going to reach out for him for a little while longer, then they are going to reach out to someone else..."said Sissy..

"And then we'll find out who the target is...One thing we do know...Ice Brown isn't the suspected target...He's targeting somebody and it must be somebody big, Somebody he's afraid of..."said Sirena.
"Who would he be afraid of? He no longer is worried about corners....He sells to any and everybody...He lets the youngins decide territory...He's the store..."said Hop..
"Maybe somebody else wants to be the store...Maybe somebody is undercutting his prices."said Duke..

"Hmmmm, I keep thinking this is something else.....He could hire local talent if it was just somebody around here..He reached out for this guy....Which means he spent some money...No, I agree with Sirena..This is something else and this is somebody he's afraid of.." I said.
"Hmmmm, I wonder if he'd tell me?" asked Angie..
"I don't want you going undercover...It's too dangerous.."said Sissy...

"I'm not going to live with him...This won't be Manny Spain...Just a mysterious girl in the night.."said Angie..
"Nah Ang...I don't like it...What if somebody recognizes you?" said Jimmy...

"I'm hoping they do...That's what is so sweet about what I plan to do.."said Angie..
"If you do it...Me and Rico and maybe someone else will shadow you...We may put some plain clothes guys from Narcotics and Vice around you..."said Duke..
"Before you do anything...Let me think on this...Meanwhile...Stay on Weasel...He's our way in..." said Sissy...

A few nights later...Angie was in Aqua Bar dancing..
She sat down....She was sweating...

''Whooooo.." she said..

The guy she was dancing with, Kenneth "Weasel" Harris sat down next to her...He was grinning from ear to ear...

"Damn got moves.." he said..

"You're not so bad yourself.."said Angie..

"You come here often?" he asked.

"I'm a Josie's kind of girl..but yeah, I come here sometimes with my girlfriends.." she said.

"What's your name?" he asked..

"Angie...Angie Belton.." she said..

"Can I buy you a drink?" he asked..

"You just ought to...You've had me sweating out my perm almost.."she said and smiled.

He bought them both drinks and he continued to talk to her...

"You a Philly girl?" he asked.

"Born and Raised.."said Angie..

"Where you go to High School?" he asked.

"Girls High, and you?" she asked.

"Glenn Mills" he said.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you were a bad boy.."she said..

"I still am...Is it true, pretty girls like baddddd boys?" he asked, laughing slyly...

"Oh yes..yesssssssssssssss... it's true.." laughed Angie..

Outside in a surveilience van we all sat..

''Angie always calls me Ms. Good Good..She's the one that slays the guys.."laughed Carlotta..
"You slay your share Lotta.." said Sharon.

"I know right?" said Sirena..

"This wasn't the guy Angie was trying to hook.." said Tyriq..

"Just as well, we been on this guy all week...He called our dead guy two more times and then he made a call to St. Louis...A guy who used to be one of Big Uncle's soldiers is on his way here in a day or two.." said Jimmy.
"Quiet down guys this is about to get good." said Hop...
Angie continued to laugh and drink with ''Weasel"

"I bet you sold drugs back in the day."laughed Angie..

"I did...I did..I worked for a number of guys...Whoever took over the local corners...I was never a boss, but I had nice things you know, nice clothes.a nice ride..a nice apartment..." said Weasel...

Angie looked him over.

"You still have nice clothes...Nice tastes...and I love your cologne..." she said..

He was a snazzy dresser and had a nice fresh haircut..

"That's my BMW out front..."he said.

"With your name monogrammed on the door..I didn't think people did that anymore.."laughed Angie..

"Awwwwwwwwwwww you got jokes...I do it...I'm known in these streets....You ever hear of Richard "Ice" Brown?" he asked.

"Yeah...I've heard of him....He's kind of like the man..All the drug crews buy off of him.."said Angie..

Weasel smiled..

"Yeah...He's uh ahhh a realtor.." said Weasal.

"Okay...." said Angie..

He smiled..

"You're really street wise.." he laughed..

"It's my business to be.." she said.

"Yeah? What do you do for a living?" he asked.

"I'm a cop." she said and laughed..

"Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh you aint no cop.."he said.

"I am...You've been dancing with and talking to a cop..all night long." said Angie.

"I don't believe it...Cops don't look like you." he said..

Outside in a surveilience van we all sat..

"I get that all the time." said Carlotta..

"Me too...What do they think cops are supposed to look like?" asked Sirena..

"Not cops...Lady cops...We are supposed to be rough and hard....Not be lady like or sexy.."said Sissy..
''Some are, but not the cops in our division...We got the sexiest cops in the department...even the uniforms." said Tyriq..
"I second that."said Duke,laughing..

"That's why I love you guys...You guys really appreciate the women you work with."joked Sharon...

''Yeah...We are married to them!"said Jimmy...
Even I busted out laughing...

And in the bar...

 Weasel stared in Angie's eyes...
''What do cops look like Weasel?" asked Angie..

"They don't look like you...Wowww!" he said.

''Well, I am a cop..I wouldn't lie about that.." said Angie..

"You married?" he asked.

"I am.." she said and smiled.

''So what are you doing in here, alone?" he asked.

"Drinking and getting the third degree from you." she said and laughed..

"I'm sorry...but I don't believe you're a cop and I don't believe you're married either..No sane man would let you go to a club alone.." he said..
Outside in a surveilience van

Tyriq,Duke Hop and I all gave Jimmy the serious side eye and then cracked up laughing..
Jimmy laughed...

"Come on guys...Give me a break.." he said.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!" said Sharon, Sirena and Carlotta in unison...
While back in the bar....Weasel paid for their drinks.....

"Thank you for the drinks Weasel...What is your real name?" asked Angie..

''Kenny...Kenny Harris.." he said..

"Well...I'd better be going..." said Angie..

"You comin back here?" he asked.

''Why? You want to see me again..?" she asked..

"I do..."he said.

She wrote her number down on a piece of paper..

"If you want to see me call this number...." she said..

"Where do you stay?" he asked.

"Uh Uhhhhhhhhhhhh..We just met....You'll learn all of that later..Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Kenny." she said.

''Angie...Can I have a kiss?" he asked.

"I just met you.....No.....Maybe later..."  she said and smiled..

He watched her walk a few blocks away into the night...

She made sure she wasn't followed and then joined us in our surveilience van.. We headed back to our headquarters...

Back at "Copland"...We all had a good laugh....

Hazel was just getting there herself...

"Look at this..We are getting in at the same time.." she said.

Eddie C. was passing out Hoagies and Cheese Steaks to all of us and beers....

"Wow, you all are back kind of early...It's not two o'clock.."he joked.. and hugged his wife, Sissy..
''Hey Baby, we were watching a great performance tonight.."joked Sissy...

"I'll say."I said..

Carlotta sat on my lap and leaned her head into my chest...She was exhausted//

Sirena and Tyriq did likewise...

So did Duke and Hazel

and Sharon and Hop...

Jimmy and Angie were off in a corner, kissing passionately...

 "I missed you baby.." said Jimmy...
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm baby....I missed you too!" said Angie..
There was a full moon out tonight...

Kenny "Weasel" Harris sat at the bar, it was near closing time..

"Man....I think I'm in love.." he said..

"In love? With who?" said The Bartender...

"That babe I was talking to...Angie...She gave me her number.." he said.

"You know she's a cop right?" said the bartender..

"She was telling the truth?" asked Weasel..

"Yeah...She's a detective...I think she works like uh Internal Affairs....She polices the police.."said the Bartender...

"Oh yeah? Then she's safe...Long as she aint no Narco..." said Weasel...

"Nah she aint no Narco.." he said...

"Where she live at?" asked Weasel..

"I don't know.." he said.

''She married?"asked Weasel..

"I don't know...I heard that she did get married a few years back, but I don't know if she still married."said the Bartender.

''Wow!  Well she was in here alone tonight...I'm assuming she's not....I gotta see her again..mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn." said Weasel..

"You are sprung...Just watch yourself... Ice wouldn't like it ,if he heard you was involved with a cop in any way.."said the Bartender..

"I got this under control....Besides she aint a Narco...How much harm could she do?" asked Weasel.

Weasel looked out at the Philadelphia night...To him the night held a lot of possibilities..



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Angie has done it again! Hooked another one..