Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Let Me Tell you a story
I promise not to waste your time
but girl,I just gotta get this off of my mind..
Listen to my story
I promise not to take up too much of your time..
but an audience with you is just so hard at times to find..
It's not only hard to find..
but difficult to express ,when I've got so many other things
on my mind./

/You see there was a chinese man
who believed that if he blinked
he'd miss the most important thing in life
for him..
so he kept his eyes open
for forty days and forty nights
and finnally he lost the fight.
he blinked..
and whatever it was that was so important in his life
passed him by../

/You say-"boy is that your story?"
did you waste my time for this?
what the hell has this got to do with me?"
baby girl, I'm like that man in the story
waiting for your kiss
holding my eyes and heart open , you see
that man ,is so much like me.../

/I don't want to blink
and miss you...
you who have come to mean so much to me...
I don't want to blink...
I'd rather kiss you...
but I feel you are slipping away from me../

ouuu, there you go.
never again in my lifetime..
Blink ...
ouuu I told you so...
Girl please
toss me a life line...
there you go...
I'm holding my heart in my hands...
trying to make you understand..
but there you go...
Am I missing out on my one chance to be your man??/


Anonymous said...

ummmm, okay(blink blink)

Captain Jack said...

Lovely Poem !

Toni said...

Awww I thought I'd be first. Cute Poem keith.

Angie B. said...


Lisa said...


Sunflower said...

A nice departure from all of the mayhem!

Vanessa said...

Your Poetry ,like your stories are so visual Keith.

Halo said...

Me Likey!

Blu Jewel said...

I really liked this one. It says so much and it so many ways is so true.

love to live; live to love!