Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Girl On The Roof

"Come on Kevin Tell meeee." she said.

"There's nothing to tell" I laughed as I finished washing and waxing my new BMW.

"Come on , what did you have on Rollie Rollerson that made him give you this nice
ride?" asked Tanginika Jones. Tanginika was a very young, but quite shapely model who was doing a photo shoot for the magazine I worked for..She was also, Sepia's hairdresser. She made
money, hand over foot doing hair in the community...and when she wasn't doing hair, she was modeling...nothing big yet..but you could look at her and see that she was a hustler...that she had
promise. She was so energetic and talkative that I liked her , even though initially I didn't want to. You couldn't help it..she just kind of grew on you. Not a day over 23, Dark brown skinned, with shapely hips and well developed legs. She had perfect teeth and a pretty smile that usually won you over before (if you were a guy) that body did.

"Who said Rollie Rollerson gave me this car?" I laughed, playfully tossing the suds at her.

" Stop it Kevin, you'll get my hair wet, you know I just had it done for the photo shoot tomorrow,
Sean Jackson will have a come on...Everybody at Hype knows that he had you fired,
then the next thing you know..You workin again and now you got a brand new car that you couldn't have afforded otherwise." she laughed.

"Hollld up, slow up girl...get out of my you know what I can afford?" I said.

"Come on Kevin...You're a writer...not a rapper or a Basketball player..I've seen your
little Hooptie..What is it...a 1996 Volvo?" she smirked.

"It's a 1998 Volvo, thank you." I said.

"Yeah, uh huh..Now you sportin a 2009 Aqua BMW, just like that...BAMMM!" she said.

I was about to spar with her some more , when Sepia came out of my house...

"Come on Tangi...stop bendin Kevin's ear and come on..we gotta get your dress fitted for
Sean's photo shoot... and we are going in my car..not Kevin's." she said.

"Nah Sepia..I wanna ride in Kevin's car." she teased.

Just as the playful banter continued, a Black Escalade pulled up in front of my house...The tinted
window lowered and the driver, A Short brown skinned guy, with a slight build and a bald head,
with a platinum stud in his ear looked at Tangi.

"Yo, wasn't you supposed to be doing something?" he snapped, not even acknowledging me or
Sepia. Tanginika looked like she'd seen a ghost.. Her playful nature shifted and all at once she seemed like a small child.

"Okay Lennie, I forgot.." she wimpered.

"You FORGOT, you always forgettin stuff that gotta do with me..get yo ass in the car." he

"Lennie, I gotta get my dress for the photo shoot." she protested.

"What? Oh, so you gonna disrespect me in the street right?? Uhh huhh." he said.

"No, Lennie no..I..I.."she stammered.

"Get yo ass in this car." he said.

She looked at Sepia and said meekly- "I'm sorry girl, I'll hit you up later." She then got in the car with Lennie and they pulled off.

Sepia looked at me and said-

"Kevin, I don't like that guy...and I got a bad feelin about him."

"Yeah, me too." I said.

A few hours later, I was in my office at Hype Magazine, when my friend ,Sean Jackson dropped

"You seen Tanginika Kevin?" he asked.

"A few hours ago." I said.

"She's late for the photo shoot." he said.

"Did you call her?" I asked.

"Yeah, I hit her cell phone and her Blackberry, nothing." said Sean.

Just then, I heard a loud thump....then I looked out my window and I saw to my astonishment
a huge figure go flying by and then I heard another loud thump on the adjoining roof right below
my office window. Everybody heard it...I heard a woman scream...

"OH MY GOD, there's a body on the roof below!!!OH MY GOD....DID SOMEBODY JUMP???"

I looked out my window and there did appear to be a body on the roof below...Then I looked up
and I could swear I saw a shadow or a figure move away from the roof above.

"Come on Sean, let's head up to the roof" I said.

"The roof? The body is down there man." Sean said.

"Can't do nothing for a dead person....I saw somebody on that roof...let's go." I said.

Sean and I ran upstairs to the roof only to see - Nothing!!

"You sure you saw somebody Kevin?" he asked.

"I know I did." I said. "Let's go downstairs, check on that body."

We made our way to the adjoining roof, several stories down and there , very,very dead was
Tanginika Jones!!!!!!

(To Be Continued......)


Anonymous said...

hold up first of all aint no man ever gonna pull up and tell me to get no where in no He got the right woman there...

OMG.... did this dude kill cant wait to see what happens next

Angie B. said...

OMG Keith, What the hell is this??
OKAY, you got me...I can't wait until tonight at midnight for the next installment!

Angie B. said...

I May not be first, but I beat my room-mate!!!!lolol.

Toni said...

@angie B- lololololol

OMG Keith, You took a break and then came back with a blast...just like I knew you would.

Sunflower said...

Hey Keith, Good to see Kevin again.
I see your theme this week appears to be domestic violence..Good stuff
here and on Keith's space.

Lisa said...

Oh My God....What a shocking ending!! Can't wait for the next part.

Halo said...

Wow Keith....You got me hooked now!

Vanessa said...

You got my head spinnin now Keith..
Wow, is all I can say..

Good to see Kevin and company back.

Captain Jack said...

Great lead story...can't wait to read the rest.

James Perkins said...

Glad to see Kevin back...and right in the middle of another murder mystery.

Simon Bastion said...

You got me hooked with this one Keith...Can't wait top see where this goes.

Tate2 said...

I was missing "Escapades" for a couple of days..Then you hit us on the head hard with this one.

Jazzy said...

What is this, "Domestic Violence " Week?? lololol Good story just the same.

Swaggie said...

Love this story Keith...The ending was a bit disturbing..but never the less, I can't wait until the
next installment.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Great story...hillarious name-
"Tanginika" really stretched your imagination with that name Keith-lolololol.

Political Sean said...

I like this...You are making your case in both Fiction and in the real world against domestic violence. Kool!

Anonymous said...

Wow....what an ending....

Nellz said...

aww man Ive been missing ya stories...loves it! Im so Jelly I have not wrote in my story blog... I can get some ideas from you bc you write so well. Im going to try and post Chap 8 today or 2morrow. dont forget about

Charece said...

Uwww I can't wait for the continuation