Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Got What You Need

For awhile, I didn't worry about Lennie, though I never totally forgot him...and what he did to Tanginika...Days turned to weeks and weeks became months and my attention turned to my wedding. It was a nice wedding...Clerow was my best man. Sean, Paris, Blake and Conrad were
my groomsmen, while Mabel, Cora Beth, Victoria and Sheila were the maids of honor. Since her father was deceased and her mother was presently a guest of the state of Pennsylvania for life, Gus of Josie's bar walked her down the aisle.. Deacon Larry Weathford was there, so was Big Nasty...Missing was Cock Robbins and his wife Vanessa. They had been invited and they sent us a nice present, but apparently there was too much bitterness still existing between Sepia and Cock for him to feel comfortable at her wedding, even though he was now married and a reformed player. I wasn't mad, I understood. Reverend Brother Dr. Pastor John Struthers married us. He was two hours late. I would later learn that Deacon Larry Weatherford had to
go to one of the choir member's house to awaken him after a night of "laying of the hands" if you know what I mean and I know you do.

There was one woman in the church who I didn't recognize. She was about twenty five, very attractive and very very pregnant...Nobody in the church seemed to know who she was...
After the wedding , when Sepia and I were standing in the receiving line she walked past and whispered in my ear... "I got what you need..." I looked at her stunned and then said-"What?"
"You want Lennie, come see me after you come back from your honeymoon..I got what you need." Then she slipped into the crowd and vanished. I was preplexed....but I must say..the smell of blood was back in my nostrils...The hunt was on!!!

Sepia and I honeymooned in Atlantic City....and returned to Philadelphia two weeks later.. I had forgotten the mysterious pregnant woman, but she hadn't forgotten me...She came to my office on one of the rare days that I actually went to the office and place a towell on my desk.

"What? No Hello...No Intro?" I said.

"Who I am is not important, since I aint never gonna testify in no court..but what I brought you
might help you get Lennie for what he did to that girl." she said.

Under her towell was a bloody crowbar inside a plastic bag. I looked at it in amazement!

"That's the crowbar he beat that girl Tangi on the head with....It's got her blood and brain matter and his fingerprints." she said.

"What? Is this some trick or something...and how do you know this?" I asked.

"Because I was there when he did it...He had her up in his apartment giving him a blowjob that day and I walked in on them...I was furious..Here I was having this fool's baby, engaged to be married to him and he was still fooling around with Tangi...I threatened to leave him and he got up out of the bed and told me to stay, told that trick Tangi to get dressed and get out....Well, she didn't take too kindly to that and she cussed him out pretty bad...told him he wasn't even all that good in bed in the first place. Lennie didn't take too kindly to that ,so he slapped her and then he punched her...She hit him in the head with a vase...and before you know it..Lennie choked her...
I kept telling him to stop before he killed her, but he was in a rage. It looked like she was dead..
But after awhile, she started coughing...Then he took the crowbar and bashed her head in for good measure... He made me help him load the body into his Escalade and he had my brother take it up to the roof of your building and drop it would look like she jumped..You saw my
brother on that roof." she said.

" This is a wild story, but for the sake of an argument...say I believe you and I give this to the police...Why are you doing this? You're pregnant with his child...what is in this for you? "I asked.

"Me? Revenge...He done got some other girl pregnant....Tangi's girlfriend, can you believe this
guy? And he broke our engagement off...He told me that if I go to the police or say anything about this..He'll kill me and my brother. He doesn't know that I kept this crowbar for insurance, just in case he tried to hurt someone in my family or break our engagement off.
I was supposed to have discarded this crowbar. I didn't like Tangi...She was with my man and she knew he was my man, but I aint want her to die." she said.

"Alright...I'm gonna turn this into the police. What happens to you now?" I said.

"Me and my brother are going to leave Philly..We aint comin back here until Lennie is safe behind bars...That ought to be enough to put the kibosh on him." she said.

"Well, I guess I should thank you....but who are you? What's you name?" I asked.

"I'm not tellin you that...I gave you what you need...Now I'm out...Good luck Mr. Kevin." she said and she left.

I didn't try to follow her...this was too good to be true..After all these months..I had Lennie...He had been incredibly careless....A smart guy like that..I couldn't believe it.. Just cell phone went off.

"Kevin Morris?" came the familiar voice of Lt. Sissy Van Buren of Philadelphia Homicide.

"Yes...that's me....I got something for you that may help you with an old investigation." I said.

"Really, because we got a break in the Tanginka Jones Murder....An anonymous tip just told us where the garage is that houses a 2008 ,Black Escalade that has blood,DNA and fingerprint evidence linking one Lennie Hughes to the murder....We just got a warrant for the garage and we
are going down there now..What did you have?" she said.

"I might just have the murder weapon." I said.

"Let me guess....a pregnant woman gave you this stuff right?" she said.

"How did you know?" I asked.

"Apparently, Mr. Hughes should have invested in some condoms...Our confidential informant is
telling us..that he has two women pregnant and they aren't too happy about it and even though they are afraid to testify , they apparently have enough knowledge of what he did to start talking." she laughed.

"You have got to be kidding me." I laughed..
"What did your pregnant girl look like? Tall, light skinned like a model?" she asked.
"No, this one was brown skinned, kind of thick." I said.
"Hmmm Mr. Lennie is quite the ladies man I suppose." she said.
"He's a cold blooded murderer, that's what he is..." I retorted.
"He's Trash...It's time to take out the trash, wouldn't you say Kevin" she said.
"Indeed it is...high time." I said.

(Conclusion Next- )


James Perkins said...

Looks like the net is about to draw this fish in.

Simon Bastion said...

Wow, Kevin and Sepia actually got married...Well, they were living together for a long time, they might as well have gotten married.

Lennie looks like he might go down, but I suspect that as easy as
this looks, it won't go down quite the way we are being led to think.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

He's goin down man!!!

Tate2 said...

I just know that this isn't as open and shut as it looks...I know that Lennie is going to weasle his way out of this somehow.

Swaggie said...

Lennie is a weasal..Could he be setting Kevin up again for another

Jazzy said...

Lennie is awful careless to leave the disposal of evidence that can tie him to a murder in the hands of a woman he was cheating on!

Political Sean said...

This seems like a big set up..I'll reserve my judgement for the conclusion.

Anonymous said...

What? No peek into Kevin and Sepia's Honeymoon sexcapades???

Captain Jack said...

I love this blog's use of the long form fiction. Most of the fiction on other blogs like this are short stories. Your serialization makes it that much more intriguing.

Vanessa said...

I can't wait to see Lennie Get His!

Halo said...

Finnally, that creep Lennie is about to get his.

Lisa said...

Kevin and Sepia got married..Nice..
Now will he finnally get the goods on Lennie?

Angie B. said...

I'm with Tate2..I don't think this is as it seems to be. Lennie has got something up his sleeve.

Toni said...

A lot is happening in these stories..I like where you're taking these charactors.

Sunflower said...

I can't wait to see Lennie brought to justice. I thought it was nice, not making us wait to see Kevin and Sepia married.

Anonymous said...

I still say- "What? No peek into Kevin & Sepia's sexcapades on their honeymoon???

Keith said...

The conclusion to this story-'Fatal
Undertakings " is next up..Then..I've got a lot of poetry
coming and I plan to introduce yet
another new charactor in the coming weeks.