Monday, March 2, 2009

Dirt Off My Shoulders

Goldie was definetly not Chris Thompson. Chris moved from place to place. He never talked "business " indoors...If you wanted to talk to him about his "business"..You met him face to face in a playground, in a busy shopping mall like the Gallery or King of Prussia Mall or what have you. He didn't send text messages, didn't talk on cell phones , didn't send e-mails...Nothing that could be hacked into or listened to. This was why for so many years he had not only been successful , but was virtually unknown to any law enforcement agencies. Goldie on the other hand actually had an office. He rented out office space in a building in the newly renovated Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia...It was near Deleware Avenue and the club scene that he loved so much. Chris called a meeting with him and insisted that he come alone and that he meet us out in the open.....Penns Landing....Goldie balked at first, but in the game or out of the game, you didn't refuse a meet with Chris Thompson..There was still that much respect for the former "King of Philadelphia"

"Man Chris, it's cold as a mug out here...what was so all fire important
that you had to see me?"said Goldie.

"Our Friends from New York would like for you to tone it down a little
bit man." said Chris.

"What? Tone it down?? Hmmmph, they got nerve as much money as I'm bout
to make for them..." scoffed Goldie.

"That's what I mean Goldie...All this flash, all this big talk..all this having your picture
in the paper....Didn't that cat, Kevin Morris...The crime solving a story on
you in Hype Magazine last month?" asked Chris.

"Yeah..hahahhaha...did you like that suit I had on on the cover? " asked Goldie -"I looked fly as
a mug,didn't I Chris?" he laughed.

"Look man...That's what I'm talkin about...You draw entirely too much attention to yourself..
and when you do that...THE MAN starts lookin at you too...The Philly cops, The DA's office, The DEA ,The FBI...the whole load man...and when they start lookin at you, they start makin our friends in New York nervous." said Chris.

"Is that what you come to tell me Chris?? Huh? Look man....I respect that you was a real quiet laid back dude...nobody never hassled aint never even been in the joint..but I aint you,
my whole personality be different..I'm in the clubs, I'm talkin shit to these hoes...I'm doin my thing an aint no New York punks gonna dictate to me how I roll...Besides...I'm makin moves with
new suppliers from Cali, from Jamaica, From soon the New York boys gonna have to up they game or they gone be out of the game....You tell em that." said Goldie.

"Nah, you tell em..I'm out the game.....This was the last peice of business I am going to do for anybody. Tomorrow..I'm a civilian...I'm Johnny Q. Public." said Chris.

"Enjoy your retirement Chris..Nobody played the game as well as you did man....but Philadelphia is my city now and I'm gon run it like I wanna." said Goldie.

"You right the king now." laughed Chris as he walked away...

I sat in my car as Chris opened the passenger door and got in...I looked at him and he looked at
me....He frowned a little bit.

"Chess...get a good look at Georgie.....That's probably the last time you're going to see him alive."
said Chris.

I looked at Goldie as he strolled away and then I looked at Chris and I nodded in agreement.

Things got crazy real fast. In a bar in Atlantic City, Allejandro Santiago stepped out into the street... A Black BMW sped around the corner and two gunmen, wearing jeans, white t-shirts and sneakers fired a series of shots from Glock nines at him... Surprisingly enough...all of the shots missed. Allejandro ran back in the bar....Two of his bodyguards opened fire on the BMW...
The BMW crashed into a pole....The driver and the two gunmen...all from Philadelphia , and all with long rap sheets were prenounced dead at the scene.

The next Week, Fathead Newton and one of his bodyguards were coming out a strip club when
three men in hoodies, jeans, sneakers and aviator sunglasses ran towards them firing shots from
uzis...Fathead Newton ducked back into the club and out the back exit and into the night...His bodyguard was killed.

Chris and I were sitting in the diner one morning and he said to me-

"The Youngin looks like he was trying to send a message."

I laughed and I said to Chris.

"You know...It might not be a bad idea, If I took Cherry and you took that little Asian Chippy that you like so much and we left town for awhile...At least until this mess cleared up."

'Chess...We aint got nothin to do with this. What we gotta run for? You especially? We just sit
tight and see who wins...Either way, I got nothing to do with it and no more to say to anybody."
said Chris.

Goldie and three beautiful young ladies emerged from one of the clubs he liked so much the next
Friday night... and right into the waiting arms of FBI Special Agent Cotton. Just months before
Agent Cotton had gunned down Eric Slaughter and here he was back in Philly arresting George Goldberg Stevens.

Goldie was arrested and charged with two counts of Conspiracy to Commit Murder...The entire case was made off of wire taps on his office and taps on his cell phone and his blackberry. If convicted..Goldie could get up to 25 years in Prison.

For reasons I'll never understand... Chris paid his bail. I was with Chris , when Goldie walked out of CFC.

"Chris...don't worry man..I'll pay you back man..I swear...." said Goldie.

"Don't worry about're from West Philly man..and we West Philly guys gotta stick together." said Chris.

" Chris man...I thought about what you was sayin man..I think maybe I better cool out and run things quietly like you did...I gotta get me a lawyer for this trial and while I'm thinkin of it ,could you get word to Fathead that I want to
meet with him...Straighten things out with him?" said Goldie.

" What? I work for you now? Uh- Uh playa ,You have to do that yourself man...I just did you one last solid " said Chris as he got in the car with me and we pulled off. As I drove down the street, I remember the day..because it was windy and the sun was struggling to shine and it was raining a little bit. Goldie stood there waving at us and smiling....always with the cocky smug sure of himself smile of his...I'll always remember that.

Sometime that night.....Somebody walked behind Goldie as he was putting the key in his door and fired two shots from a thirty eight snub nose into the back of his head....He was dead before his body slumped up against the door. Whoever killed him dropped the .38 right by his side.
When the police got there...they found the gun with the serial number filed off and not a fingerprint to be found on it. Nobody in the neighborhood could recall hearing a thing. It was all
so eerie.

Two months later...Chris and I were enjoying a cup of coffee and some muffins at a local Dunkin
Donots when Fathead Newton walked in....Dapper as usual. Chris looked at him...He dropped
some gold cuff links on the table and passed Chris an envelope......Chris nodded without saying a
word. Then Fathead looked at Chris...

"I'll always be in your debt brother...I hope you like the cuff links.......oh and uh...Our Friend in
New York sends his regards..." he said.

Chris brushed some lent off of his shoulders and still said nothing...he just quietly nodded. Fathead bought a large coffee and put it in a bag and left without saying anything else.

I looked at Chris, but he held his hand up before I could say anything.

"Chess...don't ask questions you don't want to know the answer to. That kid was bad for business he had to go. Am I done? Yes...I'm done.....and God now has one more thing he'll
have to forgive me for."

For Shanae and Daaimah


Toni said...

What an ending? Did Chris kill Goldie?

Angie B. said...

When Chris said that now God has one more thing he has to forgive me for, does that mean that he murdered Goldie?

Lisa said...

If Chris didn't actually kill Goldie and I don't think he did..Guys like him don't get their hands dirty..Then he certainly set him up to be killed. he could have just as easily have left him in Federal Custody.

Vanessa said...

"That Kid was bad for business, he had to go." said Chris.

Chris either killed him mimself or had someone do it.. That's why Fathead gave him an envelope with money in it..

Awesome ending. Is Chris really out of the game?

Halo said...

Chris wants out, says he out..Yet here he was trying to broker a deal between New York and Philly's new heir apparent and then possibly doing a hit to settle the matter. Chris aint out..He's married to the game.

Swaggie said...

Great Story Keith..Is Chris really out of the game?

Jazzy said...

Guys like Chris can't just walk away from all of that..If he could , he wouldn't have been talking to Goldie , nor would he have bailed him out and thus setting him up for Fathead's people
to kill him.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Wow...What a story Keith...If Chris is really out...Then he shouldn't be setting people up or possibly doing them himself..I'm sure we will see in future episodes if Chris is really out.

TATE2 said...

Wow, way to finish it Keith..I knew that Goldie wasn't long for the world..He had made too many enemies. Chris just did what he had to do to protect everybody's interests.

James Perkins said...

Wow..What an action packed story Keith..You kept the bullets flying...Yet the ending puzzled me.
Did Chris kill Goldie?? It certainly looked as if he did.
God Have mercy on his soul.

Sunflower said...

So glad this sordid mess came to a conclusion. I am surprised that you left it up in the air as to whether Chris Killed Goldie or not.
Doesn't matter..Hopefully Chess will divest himself of him and get on with his life. Hope to see more of Rell and Cherry in the next story.

Simon Bastion said...

What a Story..I am still reeling from the ending and Chris's cryptic

Political Sean said...

I really enjoyed this street drama
Keith. I'm still catching up on the other stories you've written for this blog.

Captain Jack said...

Did Chris Murder Goldie for Fathead? I'm certain the answer is yes..Which is why Fathead gave him the gold cuff links and the envelope full of money. Great Ending.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, it wasn't a sexy ending..but it was a good ending just the same. I'm sure you have a sensual story coming soon.

Keith said...

I'm working on some new charactors and some ideas for some new stories and some new fresh poetry.
Thanks for the love and continued support of "Escapades" It's about to get even wilder.

Toni said...

New Charactors?? I can't wait Keith!

Anonymous said...

ok Im confused....maybe I need to read again. but if chris was shot and killed how could someone meet him 2 months later....

ok off to read again

Blu Jewel said...

Oh, Keith, these stories are so great. I love the realism, the imagery, and Chris and Chess are great characters.

love to live; live to love!

Anonymous said...

Keith, Love the story and thanks for dedicating it to me.