Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Trouble With Girls

"What took you so long?" I asked.. I had brought our son back and had put him to bed and had dozed off waiting for Rell to come from the hairdresser.

"I'm sorry Chess, they overbooked at the hairdresser's again..
I was in their for five hours before I got in the chair." said Rell.

"Well, I suppose it was worth it...your braids look nice." I said.

" Yeah..I paid enough for them...Can't wear a perm...remember?? You sweated
my perm out the last time." she said and shot me a sly grin.

The past two times I had brought our son back from his weekend with me, I had not been able to get out of Rell's house. We wound up in bed making love. She didn't get mad that the last time she had just gotten her hair done. The time after that, we wound up making love on the living room floor. Rell had changed...It seemed as though now that she knew I was involved with someone she went out of her way to try to seduce me...and usually with sucess. It wasn't that I didn't want her..I did...but this complicated things...I wish she had shown me this interest when I
was sitting up in my condo alone for six months. To make matters worse, Cherry had seemingly gotten needy...When she knew that I was going to get my son, she too would wind up luring me into the bedroom and trying her best to keep me there. There were even nights when I would leave one's bed and wind up in bed with the other one.. It was getting to be too much.

Of course if Chris were here he'd laugh, tell me that there was a line of guys on any given day who would love to have "my problems." and then slap his leg as he did and laugh his ass off at me. I needed Chris's advice on what to do now...but he really wasn't here. Chris and his Half Asian,Half Black girlfriend, Susie Wong Jefferson were in Puerto Rico. Chris had rented a villa
there and had been there for about six weeks. He would call me from time to time and always say that he was coming home, but I didn't think he was coming back to Philly anytime soon. He really tired of the streetlife and now that he was out of the game for real, he wanted to be off the

Chris told me that all he did was fish, listen to music,eat and make love to Susie Wong Jefferson all day long...He invited me down, told me to bring Cherry "Or Rell or both, cause I need a scorecard to keep up with who you doin now of days...hahahahahahahahahahaha..." he had said the last time we had talked.

"Well Rell.....I'll be seeing you." I said as I tried to ease my way out.

"Awwwww noooooooo, you just gon leave and not give mama some sugar?" she said in that seductive voice of hers.

"Rell, it's been a long day..I have to go.." I said.

" Uh-Uh...come here, give mama some sugar.." she cooed.

Chris had always said that Rell had me whipped and I guess he wasn't lying...I walked over to her and attempted to give her a kiss on the cheek, but that turned into a passionate tongue wrestling match with deep breathing... Rell reached down and unzippered my pants. I tried to move her hand, but she moved my hand away and grabbed what she wanted....

"Ouuu, I love the way it swells in my hand ,when I grab it." she laughed.

Two hours later, I woke up in Rell's bed...naked....her shapely naked body next to mine, gently sleeping....It had happened again...I got up slowly, grabbed a towell and walked into her bathroom and ran the shower water....I took a nice long hot shower and then after drying off,
Put my clothes back on and walked over to her bed...I leaned down and kissed her on the cheek.

"Rell honey, I gotta go now.." I said.

"Okay Chess...I'll see you later....thanks baby..I needed that." she said and then drifted off to sleep.

I drove across town to Cherry's place and let myself in... I took my clothes off slowly and eased
into bed with Cherry...I felt her and I realized she was wearing a sheer black babydoll with garters and black I like...I also realized that she wasn't asleep..

"I waited for you.." she said...

"I'm sorry,somethin came up." I said, expecting an argument...

"Well, I'm going to make something else come up " She said ,and just the sight of her nice shapely body and firm round breasts, made me rise to the occassion again...literally and figurtively...The next thing I knew, Cherry and I were in the throngs of passionate lovemaking.
I wasn't going to get any rest tonight.. This wasn't real and it shouldn't be happening. I don't know how long I could keep this up....I didn't like what I was doing...Really ,I didn't...While Rell knew about Cherry (and didn't seem to care) Cherry only knew that she was my son's mother..
didn't really know her name and certainly didn't know that I was sleeping with her...I felt as though I was cheating.

Chris had a saying about the law of averages...about how nothing stays the same, how nobody stays on top forever....I might be riding high right now..but something had to give...sooner or later this would all come crashing down on me unless I changed the rules of the game somehow.

The next morning..I went to pick up two airline tickets...As I was about to get in my car, I ran into Suge Nelson...a local player.

"Hey ya doin?" He said.

"I'm good Suge, what's up?"

"Look man..I thought you might want to know...Some guy...from out West just rolled
into town...He's been throwin around a lot of cash....askin people if they seen his girl."
said Suge...

"Yeah, so what?" I asked.

"His girl looks a lot like that girl, you been holed up with." he said.

"Yeah? Well, I doubt if it is...but thanks for giving me a heads up." I said.

"Anytime Chess.." he said as he walked away.

I wondered silently if this was Cherry's ex....but how would he know where she was?? There probably was nothing to it...I thought.

I drove to Cherry's place and she was surprised to see me.

"Wow, back so soon Chess...???It was good wasn't it? You want some more?? I know I
do..." she laughed...

"Cool out......I got two tickets here...You want to go to Puerto Rico with me for a few days?"
I asked.

Her eyes grew large, she let out a scream --

"Puerto Rico?? You and me?? Why of course.....I still haven't found a decent full time job yet,
but hell, I'll vacation with you first, then resume that.." she said.

I had been paying her rent up to this point, so I guess it didn't matter to her....Maybe I should
have been going to Puerto Rico alone...I needed to get my head clear, I needed to confer with Chris.. I needed .....a break from sex...Never thought I'd ever say that.

(To be continued..........)


Grover Tha Playboy said...

Damn, that Chess reminds me of myself-LMBAO

TATE2 said...

Chess in da house!!!!!Love it man.

Swaggie said...

Chess, slayin the ladies and complainin about it...wouldn't be me!lolol.

Jazzy said...

I love these Chess stories...He's so close to the streets, so edgy and different.

Simon Bastion said...

Chess is somethin else..Loved This story.

James Perkins said...

Three cheers for Chess!lolol.

Sunflower said...

I am sooo not feeling these charactors, Keith ,awaiting your new charactors and storylines. Sorry.

Toni said...

I love me some Chess..loved this story Keith.

Angie B. said...

Cool Story Keith!

Halo said...

One minute I'm loving Chris,Then I'm loving Chess...Love both these guys.

Vanessa said...

Chess is the man, but I've got a feeling all of this is going to come crashing down on his head,real soon.

Lisa said...

I knew the guys would love this story..I just hope all of this doesn't come down on Chess...He can't keep jockin two women and not get caught...Guys just aint smart like that.

Captain Jack said...

Chess must be a monster in bed!lol

Blu Jewel said...

damn Keith, you had me going and then left me hanging. can't wait for the update.

love to live; live to love!