Monday, March 30, 2009

The House of Horrors

We hadn't been in East Orange that long...Long enough to grab some lunch, long enough to find that house and long enough for Sissy Van Buren to find a friend on the East Orange PD named Kyle Rollins who "allowed " us access to that house. Kyle was a Detective who had met Sissy at some kind of Police benefit two years ago...According to her ,they had become good "friends" and had stayed in contact over the years. Kyle was about my I found it interesting that Lieutenant Van Buren dated men both 3 years her junior and 3 years her senior like Rollie Rollerson.

The House in question wasn't a crime scene...just a house that had sat empty for about ten years without a buyer. Pretty strange, even in times like these. The three of entered the house and found it to be just what a house like this would be...completely empty...No furniture on any floors. Just the soft echo of your own voice and breathing..Empty bedroom after bedroom. Then I found a bedroom near the end of the hallway...It looked like it might have been a little boys room judging by the size of it. There was an air vent in the middle of the room. I pointed to Sissy and Kyle and we walked the stairs until we got to the basement. There was nothing in the
basement....or was there.....Then I saw it...A door...a door seemingly hidden with a padlock on it!!

Kyle went to his car and came back with the jaws of life. He cut the padlock and we opened the door. What we saw next was astounding!!!!!!!! A Room filled with Sado-Masochistic devices..a
room where torture was king....A room filled with surgical equipment...and two sinks...a room with an air vent......

I looked at the vent and I could imagine the things ,the screams, the sounds that Ray must have heard when he was living here.. There was no good reason for this room to even exist, except for torture... There was an old dusty book...long forgotten, with photos of two young women, one
African -American and One Asian...both on one of the tables...The type of table you see in a morgue . Both women looked as if they were dead...Both were nude. There were several other photos of nude women, all being tortured , and all seemingly in pain...On one of the photos was the initials -S.F. Seward Fox.

We were glad to get out of that house. The next day, a Crime scene investigation unit took that room and that house apart..peice by peice....They found nothing....No blood, no DNA ..Nothing...
All we had were some pretty revealing photos. Nothing really incriminating. With that concluded
we returned to Philadelphia.

A week later..The Homicide Detectives from East Orange contacted Sissy Van Buren..The two girls in the photos...One African -American and the other Asian were prostitutes who went missing more than 15 years before. No one there had a clue as to where they had gone to. No one bothered to look....Now they were more than a little interested in finding Good Dr. Seward.

I did a little nosing around, but there was nothing in Philadelphia listed under his name.. Nothing in the surrounding counties either. He wasn't a player so Gus was no help. We called Farber and asked the name of his girlfriend.... Nambula told us he believed her name was Clothilde Childs.
Clothilde there was a name that wasn't run of the mill. I did some more nosing around and I found her address. It was in West Oak Lane. I called Sissy Van Buren.

"Way ahead of you Kevin...I'll come around and get you , we are on our way there now." She said.

"We?? I asked.

"Detective Rollins from East Orange is here...He wants to talk to Dr. Seward." she said.

"Well that's okay...My wife and I are on route, we'll meet you there " I said.

"Your wife is coming?" she asked.

" I haven't seen her in nearly three days..we are inseperable when it's like that." I said.

"Oh....uh....well, alright then..I'll see you there." she said and hung up.

"Kevin, I really don't want to go...I'm never ask me to go any other time." said Sepia.

"We haven't seen each other in three days." I said.

"Well ,you certainly made up for that last night and again this morning...that's why I'm so worn out ." said Sepia.

"Would you ride with me..please?" I asked.

"Okay, Okay....tee hee..I guess I should be glad my man wants me to ride with him." she said as she got in the car.

"'re prettier than Clerow on any day." I laughed. She looked at me and she laughed too and we pulled off.

(To be continued....)


Solomon said...

Now this is a story!

Captain Jack said...

Scary ,Scary,Scary...

Toni said...

Did I detect a bit of jealousy on the part of both Kevin and Sissy Van Buren when they made their phone calls the last time???What goes on here...???

Angie B. said...

Dr.Seward sounds like he might have been a freak.

Sunflower said...

You are certainly building up the intrigue and the suspense as well as a little romantic tension here,I love it!

Lisa said...

What's going on between Sissy and Kevin??? I sense a little bit of tension of the sexual or romantic type??

Vanessa said...

What a story!!! Just when I think I've read it all, you come up with this.

Halo said...

This story was unsettling to say the least.Can't wait for the next one.

James Perkins said...

What a tale...pretty scary and pretty suspenseful.

Simon Bastion said...

This story leaves me with more questions than it answered.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Scary stuff Keith!!

Jazzy said...

Where is the good and freaky Dr.Seward?

Who is Clothilde?

And what the hell was that last exchange between Kevin and Sissy about???

Tate 2 said...

Not trying to be funny but that phone conversation between Sissy and Kevin at the end of the story made me want to toss my boxers up in the air...lololololol.

Swaggie said...

I'm not scared of lions and tigers and bears..but this story scared me on many levels...To think that somebody could be in their basement doing some ish like this.

Sean said...

I'm going to wait until the next installment before I say anymore...
but this is spinning way out there
good brother. I'm beginning to think that Ray Fox knew about more than just one murder..

SLC said...

Three days away from Sepia and didn't put a move on Sissy I mean Lieutenant Van Buren. Sounds like she thought she had a chance, and I know she don't mind sharing.