Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When A Woman's Fed Up!

"Alright Willie Turner..You're under arrest for First Degree Murder...You have the right to remain silent..if you refuse to honor your right, any and everything said by you can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney...if you can't afford an attorney, one will be gotten for you understand your rights? Of course you do, you've been arrested several times before Willie." said Lt. Sissy Van Buren of Philadelphia Homicide as
one of her Detectives handcuffed the suspect.

"Book Him Dan Ho..." she said. Detective Danny Ho of Chinatown made the collar and he was the Primary on this case...The Lt. Had just come along to watch him work.. They had collared Willie in a sleazy rooming house....Lt. Van Buren heard the sound of a bed squeaking and heard sounds of lovemaking coming from an adjoining room...

"Ohhhh...Ohhh Rollie...Rollie...sock it to me daddy...ouuuuuuuu.." came a female voice...

"Who's ya daddy now? ouuu...ouuuuuu.ummppppph...." came a familiar voice.. but it couldn't be
him...It just couldn't be....What would he being doing in this part of town and in a place like this...
a man with his money?? But there was no mistaking it...that was his voice... and she would know.. How many times had he said the exact same thing to her when they had been making love??

"Who is yo dadddddy? ummmmmmmmphhh...ohhhhhhhhhh...I'm about to blow...ouuuuuuu..."

"No daddy, not yet..not yet..hang on a little longer..please..ohhhhhhhhh..."

"Ahhh caint hold back....ohhhhhhhhhh..ow...ouuuuuuuuu......."

"Awww, my god...just a little longer and I could've come to..."

THAT was definitely him!! She now knew that her lover of nearly four years , Rollie Rollerson,
one of the richest men, Black or white in Philadelphia was in fact cheating on her with some two dollar tramp in one of North Philadelphia's seediest neighborhoods..She couldn't believe it.

"Hey Lou..can we take this mope downtown now?" said Detective Danny Ho."

"Yeah...take him downtown Danny...Good work." Said Sissy Van Buren.

She was a very attractive woman....Sissy Van Buren was nearing her 40th birthday, yet she still
had a figure that made men half her age turn their heads when she walked by. Especially when she was dressed up and not wearing the garb of a seasoned Detective..Which she was. She was the child of a White Father and a Black mother. She had at one time boasted movie star good looks. When she went to the academy, she strived to prove that she was as good as any man. She played the game right at first and rose through the ranks from patrolman to Detective , from
Narcotics, to Major Crimes and finnally to Homicide and the ranks of Lt.

A Very storied career. Then she met Rollie Rollerson at a fund raiser. He was charming and nice looking and very married. She knew when she met him that she shouldn't have ever gotten involved with him...but he swept her off of her feet...A forced kiss here, finnally a surrendered kiss there..groping in his car and finnally hot and wild lovemaking every chance she and he got a chance to sneak away. She never meant to get this involved with him. He told her that his wife was crazy..That she had split personalities and that he was going to leave her...yet he never did.

She broke it off with him....Then he came to her house late one night...Telling her that his wife was cheating on him...He was in tears..She took him inside...They made love all night long and he left her bed that next morning. Soon the news came that his wife or one of her personalities had
murdered her lover. She covered that up for him. Wrote it up as a suicide...she stopped a do gooder blogger/Private Detective named Kevin from writing the story after he figured out just what had really happened.

His wife and her split personality is in a state mental facility now instead of prison where she belongs and if word of what she had done for Rollie ever saw the light of day....She could lose her
badge and go to prison herself for obstruction of justice. She had put herself on the line for this
man and he had the nerve to cheat on her???

Lt.Sissy Van Buren sat across the street from the rooming house and watched as Rollie Rollerson
walked out of the rooming house..looking around making sure that no one saw him, slipping his sunglasses on and walking two blocks to his carefully concealed car. What a bum she thought.

She followed the girl the next night and waited until the girl left her apartment. Dressed in all
black, she entered the rooming house from the side and jimmied the lock of her apartment. She placed some illegal micro-video cameras in the bedroom and the living room where they wouldn't be seen and quietly slipped out.

Like clockwork..Rollie Rollerson stopped by the girl's room the next night..and a few nights after
that. After about a week...Sissy Van Buren broke back into the apartment and removed the video cameras. She then went to the cyber cafe and downloaded the video and audio portions
on a youtube account...Then anonymously sent the video portion to several local newspapers and Television stations.

The next day, the entire city was buzzing about video taped versions of Rollie Rollerson having
illicit sex with a "known prostitute"....There were scenes of him being handcuffed to the bed, of him being whipped..of him spraying whipped cream all over the young woman and licking it all off and of the two of them having wild sex in the bed, up against the wall, you name it...and of him yelling..."Who's yo daddy now??"

Needless to say, it was all very embarrasing. Rollie Rollerson nearly had a heart attack upon seeing his photo with whipped cream all over his face on the cover of the Philadelphia Daily News
the next morning and the caption - "WHO'S YOUR DADDY NOW?" in big bold letters. The more
lurid stuff was of course not featured in the main stream papers , but it was all over the internet.

His publicist promptly turned in his resignation..No way to clean this up! Several Church and civic groups cancelled his speaking engagements... Hype Magazine ,of which he served on it's Board of Directors asked him to step down as did several other organizations... The public disgrace was too much for him to bare. He was said to be in his home on the Main Line in seclusion

Lt.Sissy Van Buren sat in Josie's Bar drinking a Corona...She had broken every law she had sworn to uphold for the love of a married man...She had much to attone for.. She thought of Rollie Rollerson's public disgrace and embarrassment and for some reason...she smiled...then she began to laugh..and for some reason....she felt very good for the first time in a long time!


SLC said...

Wow! That's waaaay more than an intro. But I've definitely got questions that I'll refrain from asking for now. I notice Kevin isn't telling this story, and neither is Sissy, but the flow is still there.

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That I like


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OMG-LMFAO..I love this Keith!

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Keith, you are crazzzyyyyy...lmao!

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Bravo Keith!

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This was too funny!!

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I figured this would touch a nerve with the ladies...Hillarious story!

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Hillarious !!

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I've got one thing to say- "Who's
Your daddy now?"

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"Who's YA Daddy Now?" Off the chain good brother, off the chain.

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"Book Him Dan Ho?"

"Who's Your Daddy now?"

Aww man, this has to be the funniest story you've written yet..
Not at all what I suspected.

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I'm tossing my panties up in the air after reading this!!! Great story!

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CRazy Funny story man!! ROFLMAO!!!

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in a word...FANTASTIC! Now that's a payback!

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