Friday, March 13, 2009

The Pigeon

The phone rang at 1:30 am , Sepia motioned for me to turn on my recording equipment..It was him....


"Hey baby, it's me."

"What? , Who is this?" asked Sepia, pretending to be waking up.

"It's me, your man there?"

"Yes he I can't talk to you right now...He's asleep."

"Why don't you slip outside ...I'm at the corner of your block, I want to holla at ya
for a minute."

"You crazy...I'm not dressed..I'm not coming outside...I gotta go...before Kevin wakes
up." she said.

"The hell with Kevin, why don't you drop that lame and come be wit me.?"

"Aint gonna happen playa." she said.

"Come on, drop that zero, get wit this hero...I like a woman like you, you got spunk."

"Oh really? How come you always call me at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning? , What do you think
I am a booty call?" she asked.

"hahahaha..I'd like some of that booty, I aint gon front..heh, heh,heh, but no love, this aint
no booty call...I just wanna holla at you..come on now..I'm at the corner of your block, put on somethin tight and sexy and come on down to the corner..Kevin aint gon wake up..nigga prolly snore don't he?"

"Tangi aint cold in the ground and you tryin to push up on really somethin." said Sepia.

"Why you keep bringin her up? I told you that she wasn't nothin to me but somethin to do..
but you!!! a honey like you, I 'd make you my wifey ...gurllll..."

"Keep dreamin playa, I'll talk to you tomorrow." she said.

"Heyy , don't hang up love!!"

"Good night Lennie, gotta go." she said and she hung up.

I recorded the entire thing. Ever since we'd located Lennie, Sepia had been playing him. Letting him buy her dinner, drinks, etc. and even call her...I had about twenty recordings of their conversations and so far he hadn't said one thing to incriminate himself. He didn't even discuss on tape what he did for a living. He was a known drug dealor...but he always reffered to himself
as a "salesman" I was ready to junk these tapes and go down the street and beat Lennie to a pulp, not only for killing Tangi, which I was sure he did , but for trying to beat my time with my girlfriend.

Sepia could see that I was perturbed.

"Kevin...just a little while longer...I got this guy where I want him and I think I can get him to tell
me what he did with Tangi..but I can't appear to fall for him too's gotta be real."
she said.

"Yeah, well I could walk down the street right now and beat the crap out of him and that would be justice enough for Tangi...All the justice...she's gonna get..The Police have already ruled her
death a suicide." I said.

Sepia took my face into her hands and kissed me...

"We are gonna get him Kevin...I hate him as much as you do...we are gonna reel this pigeon in."
She said.

"Listen at you, trying to talk like a cop." I laughed...

She walked over to her closet and showed me a new dress...It was low cut and extra, extra tight.
,she had matching shoes and very sexy fishnet pantyhose to go with it. She showed me a matching, lace bra..that she also planned to wear the nexxt time she saw him.

"Just settin this pigeon up Kevin...I'm going to get him drunk, get him horny and get him to talking." laughed Sepia.

"Wow, in that dress, I'd confess to Tangi's murder if you asked me" I said.

Just then my cell phone rang...

I answered it.

"Kevin, this is Lt. Sissy Van Buren, Philly Homicide..I've got good news for you." she said.

"Oh yeah? So good that you call me at 1:45 am , this I gotta hear."

"We took another look at the autopsy findings and we've discovered that Tanginika Jones was
dead, hours before we found that body on the roof...and her injuries are consistant with blunt
force trauma...not associated with her fall...Her suicide has been upgraded to murder..You wanna tell me where this Lennie person is now..?" she said.

I smiled....

"I sure do..." I said.

(To Be Continued.....)


Solomon said...

This Lennie charactor is about as creepy as they come Keith, I know kevin will figure out a way to nail his ass down.

Can't wait till the next installment so I can find out what happens next.

P.S. I wouldn't let that playa fondle up my gal, what the hell is Kevin thinking?

Toni said...

I hate guys like Lennie, I can't wait to see him get his.

Angie B. said...

I hope Lennie gets just what's coming to him. Can't tell you how many "Lennie's" I know.

James Perkins said...

Is Lennie the killer? Hmmmm,it all seems too open and shut.We'll see.

Simon Bastion said...

Go get him Kevin!!!!

Sunflower said...

I'm praying for Kevin to put the clamps on this guy, whether he is guilty or not..I just don't like Lennie.