Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bad Night

I sat at the bar in Josie's that night nursing my drink.....I was bored and lonely, my boyfriend, Reed Nelson.....a trumpet player from someplace in New Jersey I'd never been and never heard of was on the road. I really needed to start paying more atention to some of the things Reed told me. I can't remember where Reed said that he and the band were playing tonight. All I know is that ..it isn't here ....Not here in Philly , not here in Josie's Bar...Oh me...My name is Cherry..Cherry Johnson.

I was sitting at the bar and within minutes, I feel his fat grubby little hands running up my back and around my waist and up further..trying to squeeze one of my boobs. I gently move his hand away. It is Fathead Newton....a man I thought I loved.. a man who left me stranded at the alter while I watched him marry someone else...a man I've grown to hate and despise!

Funny, the more my hatred for him grows ,the more he seems to want me. He calls me all times of night ,asking me what I'm wearing, telling me that he thinks he made a mistake in marrying someone else, begging me to let him come over, begging me for a blow job...just plain begging.
Sometimes I screen my calls and when I see it's him, I don't answer...Other times I turn both of my phones off so I can sleep.

I've gotten myself a little job at the Haberdashery. Fathead sends me roses nearly every other day. He asks me to go to lunch...I always refuse..He asks me to come and get in his car to talk.
I still refuse...Though I did get in one time...I had to wrestle him off of me. Tonight ..I've got to struggle to keep his hands off of my boobs and off of my legs.

"Girl,why are you giving me such a hard time in addition to a raging hard on?" he asks stupidly.

"I'm not doing anything to you." I respond.

"Yes you are....why you keep playing hard to get?" he asked ,trying to sound sexy.

"Who says I'm playing?" I said.

"Do you know how many girls would love to have a chance to get with this?" he snarled.

"I can't imagine.....you should get with them then." I laugh.

"Come on now Cherry, you know I want you...I've always wanted you." He said.

"AINT YOU MARRIED? " I said as loud as I could as several of the other women turned and looked at him in disgust.

He put his left index finger to his mouth and made the shhhhhh sound.

" And as well as being married....aren't you messing with Karmen Malone?" I asked.

"Who tole you that? who told you?..I'll kill em...Who told you that?" He said with surprise.

"Everybody knows, fool." I said. He had taken Karmen in the ladies restroom and she had dropped it like it was hot for him several times.. Several women had had to run down the street
to the diner to use their restroom, because Fathead had Karmen in there screwing her brains out. Just like he used to do his wife, when they were seeing each other. I had to give it to Fathead, he really knew how to impress a girl.

"It's that damn trumpet player aint it?" he snarled in anger.

"He is my man for the moment." I said...surprised at how little conviction I said those words with. Did I always sound like that? if so, no wonder Fathead kept trying .He didn't believe me..
I didn't believe me.

Finnally he gave up trying and got up and walked away. Gus poured an Apple Martini for me that I didn't order and passed it to me.

"The gentelman over there sent this over to you." said Gus pointing to a very tall,muscular Black
man with a square jaw, a moustache and a tapered box like haircut. He was fine.. He walked over and sat down next to me...

"Well hello" he said.

I smiled myself and said -"Hello yourself."

"The name's Sam...Samuel Rasulala...I'm a teacher at Community College."

He could teach me anything...He had my full attention.

"My name is Cherry Johnson.."

"Please to make your acquaintence Ms. Cherry Johnson and might I say...that is a very lovely
dress you are wearing tonight...I would take extra care to fold it gently when you take it off later
on tonight." he said.

And there you go...he had ruined the attraction I had for him by saying something totally presumptious..When I take it off? He didn't even know me and was telling me that I would be taking my dress off..

"Oh ,you will be taking it off..." he assured me. How could someone who looked so good be such a
pompus asshole?? I guess he made the little girl's panties moist down at Community college and was used to it...but he was dealing with a woman now.

He bought me two more drinks and I listened to him talk about himself endlessly for nearly two
hours...He played racquetball, He rode horses, He went scuba diving and he played tennis.
He told me of his frequent trips to Paris,London,Tokyo and elsewhere..and how well he was known in the clubs in New York.

All this on a teacher's salary from Community College eh? I suspected that he was a big fat liar,
but I was lonely and he looked good and I was horny. Maybe this was his lucky night. I noticed the more he talked, the more he too was knocking down the hard liquors...Within a half hour, he was sleeping like a baby at the bar...and snoring too! Shame...I was just about to give him some too!

Gus looked at him disgusted and then said-

"Bruno....Get him out of here....He's asleep!"

Bruno was the big muscular bouncer. His muscles had muscles and he had no neck...I was almost tempted to start a conversation with him..but thought better of it..I watched him lift Samuel up and walk him to the door. I shook my head and laughed. I paid my tab and walked to my car..Glad that I didn't do anything with anyone that I would wake up regretting the next morning.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Escapades (No Pun Intended)

Heaven- Right now.

Michael, God's number one angel...the one he calls on when heavy duty work is needed sat at the table with a very disgruntled angel named Ariel.

"What is it Ariel? Why are you so disgruntled" He said...

"I want to know why does he love them so?" said the very disgruntled angel.

"Who are you talking about? The Big Cheese?" said Michael.

"Well not just him..but his son, J.C. Why do they love them? He does everything for them and they take it for granted..They have free will, something we only have for a few hours of the day, they have sunshine, fresh air and an entire world that they have dominion over...and yet these ungrateful humans act like a bunch of park apes on most days." He said in disgust."

"There is a reason , you know that they always have a divine reason and that reason is good enough for me...I swear Ariel...sometimes you talk like you work for......you know..old hot foot."
said Michael...

"No..perish the thought...but for all that is done for these humans, some of them have the nerve
to not even believe in him despite everything in their world that proves he exists beyond a doubt..everything they can't reproduce themselves like sunshine, rain, the oceans, wind...and even themselves....They think that cloning is it...but even to do that, they need the original life force that comes from , well you know..The Almighty!" said Ariel.

Michael smiled at him....and gently said..."If you wait just a minute..I will show you something."

"No , you wait a minute Mike...let me show YOU something." he said as he flicked on a Flat Screen Television.-

"Well ,Mabel Jenkins...We finnally meet....You wanna take that gun offa me honey..I might get nervous..shoot Clerow in his nuts...or shoot your little sister right between the eyes...""Lawd jesus..." sighed Clerow.Just then came another voice coming from down the hall-"Victoria honey....it's me...John...I gotta talk to you..." said John Struthers"Why you cheatin bastard.." snapped Victoria..She turned from Clerow and Cora Beth and fired two rounds over his head...."Sweet Jesusssssss..." said Pastor John Struthers as he turned and tried to run...She fired another round and ran and ducked behind the couch....that loose round hit him in his right butt cheek...'WHoooooaaaaaaaaaaa lawwwwddddddddd, ah been shot again....woman you crazyy...you crazzy..." screamed the Pastor as he hit the floor...Deacon Weatherford attempted to help him up...This gave Mabel all the time she needed to fire a nice well placed round into Victoria's arm and drop her where she stood..."Agggggghhhhhh, crazy bitch...I'm your sister....""My What?" said Mabel"Our what?" asked Cora Beth Then another voice rang out-"That's right girls...it's all true" It was Sweet Dick Jenkins...Victoria fired one more shot...It hit Sweet Dick in his thigh, close to but not quite at his prize possession.....He let out a yell-"Whooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Nellllllyy......ohhhhhhh lawwwwd, you crazy girl....Mabel...shoot her again...she done shot her father....Whoaaaanellly...awwwww lawwwwwd..it hurt...it...hurts....ohhhhhhhhh sweet jeeesussss..."

Ariel shut the TV off. "Look at that...She shot her sister ,who she never even met and then shot
her Father, their father...who didn't bother to tell them that they were related...then thaat sinful man got the nerve to call JC's name...He never thought of him before he got shot." He spat.

"Ariel, The reconciled..they are all good now...You need to stop being so judgemental, you're bordering on commiting a sin yourself." said Micheal.

"Hmmph...well look at this...and he's a Pastor..someone who is supposed to prepare the world for us.He never met a woman in church or anywhere else that he didn't try to deflower...Oh my will you just look at him!!" spat Ariel as he turned the Television on to another channel-

"oohh..ohhhhhh gawdddddd...ohhhhh reverend...me sooooo hornyyy...me love you so lonnngg,so lonnnng...longg timmmeee..ouuuuuuuuuu...ohhhhhhhh reverend.....bless me....ohhhh...."came the voice from inside the room...

Just then the door to the room opened and a very voluptuous Asian girl ,wearing only a Yellow Babydoll peeked out....A tall thin Black man wearing absolutely nothing came to the door behind her... It was Reverend John Struthers!!!!"Kevin? Kevin is that you?" He asked astonished."Pastor Struthers??" I exclaimed in shock."Uh...Uh er ruh..Ah haven't seen you in church lately." he said."I'll be sure to be there this Sunday Pastor." I said."Uh, er..uh...I was just paying this young woman a visit....She needed counseling..a laying on of hands , uh,you understand?" said Reverend Struthers."Yes...I..I perfectly understand Pastor." I said."Well ,it's cold out here Kevin...uh I'm goin on back into the room and I'll see you Sunday." he said and closed the door."No more...no more....I've loved you long time all night..me so tired...ohh, noo moree.."came the sound from inside the room.

"He disgusts me more than the others " said Ariel....

"You know Ariel....There is a thing called Grace and Mercy...and even the good reverend has time to make things right." Said Michael.

"You're just as bad as J.C. That sounds like something he would say." said Ariel..

"Watch your tone son." said Michael...

"Okay,Okay....Cool it Mike....This has got to be the worse ...the absolute worst example of human behavior ever...now peep this...." said Ariel , who snapped on the big 40 inch Flat screen
and turned up the sound...

My life is like one big porn movie....before I knew what was happeneing...we were in an embrace...Kissing and groping each other and stripping our clothes off... We fell into the bed..and she rode me like a horse...She was a little thicker than either Sissy or Corrine.. but not fat..she had a nice shape and a cute face..She was just a little bigger than the normal woman I went out with.We went at it hard..The legs on the bed collapsed.. We hardly noticed..we were still going at it hard, which was bad enough, but then the bed went through the floor and into the kitchen of Skillet Johnson who lived a floor below.. We landed on top of his kitchen table..He looked at me..and at Alice Pinkston..Neither of us had on any clothing..The bed had no legs on it..and there was a big hole in the ceiling....Skillet shook his head....

Ariel cut the tv off ....Then He looked at Michael with superior glee and proclaimed-

"Can't get no worse than that..A twice divorced lawyer who can't keep his pants up or his bed in the room...Now what have you got to show me that says I'm wrong about these disgusting humans?"
Said Ariel.

Michael went to a smaller screen and snapped it on.....and there in a church, with no one except the Deacon sat ex gangster ,Chris Thompson....In his time he sold drugs and he may have even taken a life. He was feared by many,even though he had willfully given up his drug trade...
He was telling Deacon Larry Weatherford-

"I've been bad all my life...It got to a point that I couldn't sleep at night Deac...
I know now that I've got to turn my life around...I've got to be a better man...
I think I can...but I need to know what I need to do.." said Chris Thompson.

"You're already doing it son..you're confessing your sins...You've already started
on your way....I wasn't always a Deacon you know...I had to take that first step..
When you're ready, when the spirit leads you...you'll take that step too." said
Deacon Larry Weatherford.

Micheal looked at a stunned Ariel and said -"That's why we love them...because even the worst
of them is capable of redemption...You got anything else to say Ariel?"

Ariel was speechless and remained that way for half of Eternity!

(For one of the best men I have had the pleasure of cyber meeting...
Brother SLC)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Investment in Happiness

You say that you're confused
about who to choose..
The guy you've loved before
but who didn't love you...
then there is me who loves you more..
I thought you knew./

You ask me how I know all of this
don't speak
just seal it with a kiss..
How could I possibly say
Because you are my investment
in happiness

I think it might be best if
I walk away for now
and let you make up your mind..
Think about how he broke your heart
and how
you may be running out of time..
I want to make you forget him baby
just take you and run away..
but you say that you're so confused..
you say you don't know who to choose..
this guy you loved before
but who never really cared about you
or me who loves you more..
I thought you knew
Thought you knew.../

You ask me how I know all of this
don't speak
let's just seal it with a kiss
How could I possibly say
that you're my investment in happiness

Do what you feel you need to do..
the final decision is all up to you
when you make up your mind baby,
then call me ,don't text me..
until then..
I guess it's time to let you be..
Because I'm willing to wait for a little while..
but after a little while my smile...
might just fade away..
It might fade away.../

Still you're confused as to why I write
all of this...
baby ,seal it with a kiss..
How could you possibly know
that you're my investment in happiness

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Language Of Your Heart

He'll Never know you
El nuncia le va a conocer
the way that I know you
como yo le conozco
He'll never care
Nuncia le va a querer
like I do..
como yo te quiero
but why am I .....
No seb porque le digo
telling you what you already know?
lo que tu' ya sabes?
I feel like I'm speaking
Siento que le estoy hablando
two languages to you..
"en dos idiomas"/

Listen to the language of your heart
and you'll never be lonely
it'll lead you to my arms
arms that long to hold you and you only./

He only comes around when he's in need
El solo te busca cuando necsita algo
but where is the boy when you need something also.
peso adonde esta el cuando tu necesitas algo
why am I asking you questions that you know the answer to?
Por que le pregunta cosas a las que tu' ya tienes respuestas?
I feel like I'm speaking two languages to you...
siento que le estoy hablando en dos idiomas./

Listen to the language of your heart
and you'll never be lonely
it'll lead you to these arms
arms that long to hold you and you

(Spanish translation by Wendy Vargas Mora, everything else written by Keith)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

In Between Now and Forever

Fathead didn't get a divorce. He somehow smoothed things over with his wife. On the other hand he became obsessed with Cherry. Everytime I came to visit her there was a huge bouquet of flowers delivered from him. She told me that he called her so much that she had to change cell phones and providers twice. When he wasn't calling he was mailing her a cute card from Mahogany for just about every occassion and then some.

When he had her number he sent endless texts ,begging her to come back to him, begging her to let him see her, begging her for a blow job, a kiss, anything. She ignored him. She even told me that he threatened my well being a time or two. It was then and only then that she answered his many calls. She told him that if anything looked like it was going to happen to me...She would never so much as give him a nod. The threats stopped..but the begging didn't.

I had a pistol and I halfway wanted to go and confront the man myself..but Cherry,Gus and 88 persuaded me not to do so. Besides ,I was in and out of town so much that I wasn't a stationary target for any of Fathead's soldiers. He would have looked pretty weak in the streets having to resort to violence to finese a lady. I knew that and he knew that I knew that. This was why I was alive and unharmed.

Yet as persistant as he was...Fathead was not my main concern....It was the man known as Chess. Chess was now living with 88's cousin , Rell, with whom he had a little son with. Chess was also the owner of the apartment complex Cherry and I were trysting in. Everytime his name was mentioned...Cherry got a little misty eyed..a sad look appeared on her face. Of course I had heard the story. Chess and Cherry had been a hot item. Chess apparently was seeing Rell
,then running over to see Cherry. He took her to Puerto Rico for some r&r...Only Cherry hadn't mentioned a little thing about being married...Married to a homicidal jerk. She left Chess stranded in Puerto Rico . As luck would have it..Chess ran into her husband and gave him a good beating and sent him to the waiting arms of the FBI and a life sentence in California...Cherry got her divorce and wound up in the arms of Fathead.

Now she was with neither man..she was with me....or was she? It all came to a head our band's last night in Josie's...The set was just ending and we were getting ready to go on the road for like a month...I could sense something cold and aloof about Cherry all night long. I sat next to her, took a few swigs of tequila with her and then laid my trumpet on the table..

"Reed?" she said softly...I knew what was coming.

"Yeah?" I said.

"We've been having a great time these past few months.." she said.

"Yeah..but- there is always a but....in these types of conversations." I said.

"Well, I think you're a great guy, I really like you, but ...my head is just not fully into this...a full
relationship and I think you deserve better.." she said.

"Wow..I thought I was supposed to say that." I said.

"I've got another man on my mind...and until I sort all of that out, I can't be committed to you or nobody else." she said.

"I could wait for you." I said , already knowing that this line of thinking was futile.

"I don't expect you to do that...if you find someone else....in between now and forever...I'd understand." she said.

"So I'm being dumped?" I said.

"For the time being ,yes...til I can sort some things out..but who knows...anything might happen
tomorrow or the next day.." she said.

"In between now and forever.." I said, smiling wryly... I had nothing more to say..I picked up my trumpet,packed it away and headed for my car without saying goodbye to anybody.
As I opened the door....

'Reed,wait...wait...open the other door...let me in.." she said.

I opened the door and got into the car...she slid in on the other side...It was a very surprisingly foggy night...There was hardly anyone on the street..We sat there in that car for what seemed like an eternity..Then she unzipped my trousers...I was surprised...She was surprised too...

"Oh my God.....How can you be ....erect at a time like this?? Men!!!!!!" she said ,faking exasperation as she lowered her mouth around my rock hard penis and began moving slowly in an up and down motion...I was at first startled...This wasn't her style at all..but I wasn't about to
remind her at a time like this...I slowly began to fondle her breasts,which made her moan and move her head a little faster...

I moved the seats back a bit and straddled her, sliding her panties down and entered her...my pants were down around my knees and anyone walking by would have gotten a good view of my buttocks going up and down as I thrusted with wild abandon....The thought that we were out in the open and might get caught got us even more excited and we both went at it harder...I didn't want to climax because I knew that this would probably be the last time and i didn't want it to end...but nature took it's course and we both came together..shaking and shivering...

We held each other for awhile and then we fixed our clothes and attempted to sit upright. Her hair was wild and there was no trace of make up on her face...yet she looked strangely sexy in the near break of dawn light..

"Reed?" she said as I looked at her...

" Huh?" I said yawning a little.

"I think I've changed my mind." she said.

"What? about what?" I said.

"Well, this was my between now and forever...I think I've made my mind up...that is if you still
want to be my boyfriend.." she said.

"Wow, I screw that good huh?" I laughed.

"Silly" she said playfully slapping my arm...

"There's a Dunkin Donots down the street,let's go get some coffee and donuts." I said as we both
got out of the car and straightened ourselves out.

'Okay and Reed?" she said.


"Don't you tell nobody that I gave you a BJ in the car!" she said.

"Who me? Nah....I wouldn't do that." I laughed....but I couldn't wait to tell "88" and Gus.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tequila and Sunrise

Cherry and I never discussed our night of wild passionate lovemaking. I came by to see her the very next day and it was as if nothing had happened. I didn't know what to make of her. All I know was I wanted to do that again.. Thing was ..I didn't know how to approach her or if I should. We had a couple of drinks and talked...mostly about music and then I left at around 1:00 am without so much as trying to kiss her.

I took her to the Chart House again for dinner and then to the Mushulu the night after that. Finnally when I dropped her off in front of her house...I leaned over and kissed her. She didn't try to push me away..Nor did she move my hand as I ran them down her blouse and began fondling her breasts... I unzippered her tight jeans and began to ease her panties down and she stopped me there...

"I was beginning to think that you didn't like me " she said.

"I wasn't sure if you liked me..you didn't say anything." I said..slipping my hands down into her pants again...

"No Reed, not out here like this..let's go inside." she said.

I straightened myself up as best I could and I preceded to go into her apartment...Cherry looked
at my crotch, shook her head and said to no one in particular...

"Hmmmph...I guess you DO like me..."

I lay across her bed completely naked as she came into the room wearing a White Baby doll and
a black lace bra underneath...She lowered herself on to me slow and began to ride me at a slow paste...Everytime I made a sound she would go.....

"Shhhhhhh...I'm not going anywhere, just take your time...let me ride you slowwww..."

And she did that for close to two hours...which resulted in us both exploding in ecstacy together and holding each other's shivering bodies.

I was on the road with "88" and the boys for the next two weeks...I talked to Cherry everyday, telling her I couldn't wait to get back to Philly and see her again..

That Friday night, we were playing to a sell out crowd... I had my trumpet and I was playing like a champ...No R&B, Neo soul or smooth jazz...I was playing some real jazz in this joint and this crowd was enjoying it. I saw him standing in the back, looking imposing with his bald head and I
knew that tonight was going to be trouble.

It was Fathead Newton!! he was by himself...He motioned to Cherry to come over to him and she did.. I saw them talking and then I saw the two of them leave Josie's. I kept on playing though until the number was over...The song was met by loud applause. I left the podium...88 grabbed my arm.

'Hey where you going man?" he said.

"I'm gonna find out what's going on." I said.

"No you not..That's Fathead Newton.." he said.

"I don't give a merry damn who he is..." I said.

"Hey..hey..heyyy young fella....listen to your boy 88 there...Now he's tellin ya right...you
don't want no trouble with Fathead..you just sit tight and let me handle it." said Gus the bartender.

"You? what are you gonna do?" I said as I walked to the door. From the corner of my eye,I saw
Gus on his cell phone...then I was out on the street. I saw Fathead and Cherry sitting in his car
talking.. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. We had been making sweet love just a few weeks before..I kinda thought we had something..Could she have really been this callous with my feelings..With hers for that matter??

I walked back into Josie's and ordered a shot of Two Fingers Tequila and drank it straight with no chaser... Women...who could figure em, I thought...Then I felt Gus tugging on my shirt.

"Ya might want to walk outside kid." he said.

"Walk outside for what? " I said...

"I told you I'd handle it for ya...now go on outside." he said.

I walked outside ,only to see Cherry emerging from Fathead's car.

"Cherry, can I drive you home?" he said.

"No you can not..I don't want you to drive me anywhere" she said.

"See, you're still stubborn, that's why I didn't -"

"Why you didn't what? Marry me you fat bastard..."she spat

'Aww now come on Cherry,I want us to be friends...Why don't you let me come by your spot
tonight and you know, maybe we can have some tequila and then you know...work thangs outtttttttttttt...heh,heh,heh..." he laughed just before he was clobbered with a pocket book...

The big man fell into the street....

"Fathead you dogggg...got me sittin home butt naked waitin for your fat ass to come home and make love to me and you out here whorin around ,tryin to get this hoochie to let you come home
with her...ouuuuuuuu...I hate you,I hate you, I hate you....I want a divorce...." said the newly married Marsha Newton...

Fathead Newton , the new King of Philadelphia..the man who took the crown after Chris Thompson gave it up ran for all he was worth as his wife continued to hit him with a pocketbook.

"Baby please, please...let me explain...it wasn't like what you saw...ummmmmph..ouuuu..ouch,now that hurt baby..ohhhhhhhh..." said Fathead as his wife threw anything she could get her hands on at him...

"I hate you,I hate you,I hate you...I WANT A DIVORCCCCEEEEEEE!!!!!FATHEAD, you lyin,cheatin bastardddddd!!!!!" she screamed.

Cherry walked up to me, took my hand and squeezed it tightly... I looked at Gus....

"You were on your cell phone...You wouldn't have happened to have had anything to do with his wife coming down here would you?" I asked.

Gus showed me both of his palms and then smiled...

"Who me?? Nahhhhhhh? " he said, laughing and winking...

Cherry and I walked and talked...until sunrise I guess.....

"He said that he was sorry that he had married someone else and that he realized he had made a mistake..He said that he wanted me and him to be friends and that he was sorry things had ended on such a bad note." she said as she held my hands and walked with me..

"So what did you say?" I asked...

" Not much,I just listened....he said that he still loved me" she said.

"Oh..." I replied dryly..I knew where this was going.

"I told him that that ship had sailed for me." she said.

"You did?" I said.

"Yeah and do you know that that fool said that that was alright and asked me if I'd give him a blowjob for old times sake.. in the car , right out here in the street!!! Is he nuts?? I don't get down like that." she said.

I laughed.... Even I knew that!

"That's when I got out of his car...I didn't want to be with him anymore...didn't want to be in his
presence..." she said.

We got in my car and drove back to her apartment...where we made love ,passionate nasty love like the first time well into the early hours of the morning...When I woke up ,it was near daybreak. Cherry was sleeping soundly....a bottle of tequila was at the side of the bed..I picked it up and took a big gulp!

Conclusion Next

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bad Things

I returned to Philadelphia three weeks later and I called Cherry three times..All three times I got her voicemail. I wasn't going to call her again..but something said to try one last time. On the fourth try in as many days..she answered..We talked briefly and she agreed to let me take her out.

I took her to the Chart House at Penn's Landing...One of Philly's premeire eateries. It had a beautiful view of the river that seperates the city of Philadelphia from it's neighboring city in New Jersey, Camden.. We had a delicious seafood dinner..Walked along Penn's landing laughing and talking and about music, life, what have you and then taking in a free concert along the landing.

I drove her home and she declined to give me a kiss or let me into her apartment. She did say that she had a good time and wouldn't mind going out with me a second time. I walked away feeling somewhat less than enthused.

I saw her three weeks later and took her to Le Bec Fin, probably one of the priciest restaraunts in Philadelphia..It was the kind of place where if you had to ask the price of the meal..then you had no business being there. After another delicious and expensive meal...We drove to the riverfront again and took in a movie..One of Tyler Perry's flicks.. After that , we wandered down around South Street, had a Cheese-steak at Iskabibbible's and then stopped in Jon's and had a bottle of wine..We were good and high at this point... I drove her home.. This time ,I got into her
apartment...It was a small place..but neat and clean...Minimalist furniture, a Flat screen TV , a
DVD player and a cable box in the living room...An IPOD Dock and an IPOd with endless cuts of fine jazz on it...This Cherry Johnson was more than what met th eye.

We began kissing in the doorway..(She thought I was leaving) I backed her up against the wall and slid my hand up under her dress....I began to ease her panties down, before she moved my hand and eased them back up...Still, she didn't break my embrace... I slid her down on the couch and continued kissing her, wedging my entire torso between her open legs.. The spaghetti straps of her dress came off first and I slowly began to ease that dress up over her head, while once again easing those panties now...I was throbbing and she noticed it...

"Ohhh myyyy" she said...but then she eased them back up again, pulled her dress down and softly pushed me off of her....

"Okayyyyy, that's enough Mr. Nelson...pheeeeeew...let's chill before we take this too far." she said.

"Why don't you call me Reed? What's with all this Mr. Nelson stuff?" I said.

"Nothing...Nothing Reed....I really had a good time tonight." she said. She looked at my still bulging erection and smiled... "Looks like you were about to have an even better time."

"Good Night Cherry.." I said as I fixed my clothes and headed towards the door. She sat there and then she asked-

"Well Mister Nelson, I mean Reed....Are you coming back? I hope so..I had a very nice time..I really did." she said,laughing.

I didn't answer,I just kept walking. I let another four weeks go by before I called her again. We
went to see a hot young singer named Zulina perform at a very bohemian (and cheap) bistro called -"The real thing " up in North Philly. Next we drove to Ortlieb's Jazz house and watched a
hot young group perform there...We wound up at the Melrose Diner , where we had some good old American comfort food... By now , it was nearly 1:00 am.. We sat in my car, in front of her
apartment. I leaned over and kissed her, hard,pasionately...She did not break my embrace...though she did move my hands as I tried to squeeze her breasts... Finnally, I got tired
of playing and I stopped...

"Uhhh..I guess, you should be going in now, huh? " I said...

" Yes...wanna come up?" she said.

" I already had coffee..I don't think I need anymore." I said. I had made up my mind that this was going to be the last time I called her..

"I didn't say nothing about any coffee." she said and winked. I didn't want to get too excited, but I locked my car and followed her into her apartment. I grabbed her waist and slammed the door with my other hand...

"I wanna do bad things with you......uhhhhhhhhh I wanna do bad things to you..." I said with a guttural sound that sounded foreign to even me.

She laughed out loud..."Really Mister Nelson" as she unzippered my pants......Her eyes grew large and she gasped...

"Oh Mister NELSON !!!!!" as I reached up under her dress and snatched her panties off, ripping them in half...

'Heyyyy, do you know how much I paid for them..?" she said ,trying to sound outraged...

"I don't care, I'm sure you got others " I said as I lifted her up and eased her down on top of me..

"Ouuuuuuuuuuu......oh my goddddd, you feeeeel...you feeeeel sooo gooood Reed....' she moaned as I thrusted with an angry abandon....She began to wrap her arms around my neck as I continued to thrust...

"Ohhhh...Ohhhhhh..Ohhhhhh babyyyyyyyyyyy." she sighed.... I wound up easing her onto her couch and really going to town..

"Ohhhhh, baby,I just want to do all kinds of bad things to you..." I said... and we did...Mouths went places , genitals went places, sweat flowed down both of our backs like a river...clothes went in every direction...shower water was turned on and bodies wound up wet and in bed humping, slapping, smacking,squeezing, hugging and kissing for most of the night and into the morning until we were both spent....exhausted......

When I woke up....My clothes were in a neat pile by the side of my bed....There was no sign of the mayhem that had gone on in here the night before ,except for maybe the wet sheets...From the kitchen, I could smell bacon being fried... I tossed on a robe and walked into the kitchen....
God, this woman looked good even in the morning with no make up and just a robe on...A sheer robe at that...

She fixed me a breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs with sharp cheese, home fries and orange juice.. We sat and ate quietly...We didn't speak about the night we had just had.

To Be Continued....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Girl in a Black Hat

Another Friday Night at Josie's in Philadelphia...My name is Reed Nelson...I'm a trumpet player.
The piano player from philly who we called "88" invited us down. He sat in with us and we put on a show for the Philly locals. I'm not from Philly, so I didn't know all of the locals, but "88" did and that was all that mattered. In between sets he went around shaking people's hands and getting dap from everyone...just like a politician.

When we began our second set..We had a surprise for the crowd...We had hired two singers and a rapper to augment Me on the trumpet, a new saxophonist, a trombonist, the guitarist, bassist, drummer ,percussionist and additional keyboardist. The crowd roared as we duplicated and performed some of the r&b and neo soul hits of the day....In fact ,within an hour we were playing to standing room only crowds... The dance floor was jumping! I looked over at the bar and Gus , the owner was clapping his approval...

Gus was happy because thirsty people were ordering drinks as well as food and Josies was making money hand over foot.. It's funny how a moment like this can turn you around....I noticed a face in the crowd....One woman...a very shapely woman in a pair of Black jeans that seemed as if they were painted on...some red stilletto heels and a red blouse that was low cut and showing a lot of cleavage, hidden by a black lace bra and a Black cowboy hat!!! She was stunningly beautiful...A little light skinned for my tastes...but interesting just enough.

At first she was dancing by herself....for about five or six selections...then several young men asked to dance with her and she obliged. She appeared to be walking out the door to get some air and heads turned....even heads of guys who were visibly with someone...I couldn't get her out of my mind.

"88" was very perceptive..He saw me looking and after our set was over and we walked down into the area where the booths and tables were he said to me-

"Watch yourself player...she's a dangerous one" he said.

"YOU know her?" I asked.

"Yeah. You know my friend Chess?" he said.

"I've heard you talk about him...." I said.

"He was involved with her during the time he and my cousin had broken up...She's got issues man...She left him stranded in Puerto Rico, took his cash and his ride... Next time he saw her she was going with Fathead Newton." he said.

"Fathead?? The gangster??" I asked suddenly thinking about changing my mind.

"Yeah, but he was just using her..he dumped her for some other babe who he married. She thought he was going to marry her." said 88.

"Wow man, that's a hurt peice...that must be bad." I said, pretending to care, but not really caring and sighing with releif that I wouldn't be stepping on his toes.

"Yeah , well get this...then she winds up with that Black Federal Prosecutor...That young handsome guy that was making all the ladies panties wet for a minute...you know ,the cat that was always on TV.. Anyway, she had him so sprung that he was having Fathead busted everytime he turned around...Fathead couldn't get bailed out of jail good before he was being busted again for something else....but they got the Federali guy for malicious prosecution or something or other...Kevin Morris was telling me and they put an end to that...Dude left Philly...but not before he told old girl to get lost and that he never wanted to see her again." said 88.

"Wow "88", I see that you're the man to go to when I need information." I laughed.

"Yeah, but you still gonna put your bid in right, Reed ?" said "88"

"Damn right...did you see her in those pants???" I asked.

"Well you know what the song says....never trust a big butt and a smile." laughed "88".

To Hell with a song....I had made up my mind...I was going in.

When she came back...I saw her paying her tab to Gus... I walked over to her and politely gave her her credit card back.

"Gus...I got this...her tab is on me." I said.

Gus gave me a side eyed look....then a frown, then he just shook his head and waited on another customer.

'Why thank you sir..but...but ..who are you and why did you do that?" she asked.

"Come on now honey, you don't recognoze me?? I'm Reed Nelson...the bandleader and trumpet player extrodinaire.." I laughed.

'Extroidinare huh?" she smirked..

"Yes...and I must say ...you are.....you are.....uh...well you are just the best looking woman I have seen in this joint tonight.." I said.

"Oh just tonight,eh?" she said.

"Look the whole time I've been up there playing ,I couldn't get my eyes off of you...I just had to come down here and meet you...I'm not playin...Please tell me that you don't have a man." I said.

"What? You like me in a pair of jeans and you all of sudden just know you wanna be my boyfriend right? You don't even know me man." she said.

" I know your story..I've asked around....the only thing I don't know is your name." I said.

"It's Cherry, Cherry Johnson.....People run their mouths too much....everything isn't the way it might seem." she said.

"Awww come on now love.....don't be like that....smile..I'll bet you've got a sexy smile...I'll bet you do...come on......shum on...seeeeee, now look at that..I told you you could smile." I said.

"What do you want Mister....Mister....???"

'Nelson, Reed Nelson." I answered.

"Okay, you want my number?? I'll give you my cell phone number...call me sometimes." she said.

"If I call this number, are you going to answer it or will you just screen it and ignore it?" I said.

"You'll never know unless you call it right?" she said.

"Okay..fair enough...Can I walk you to your car?" I asked.

"Sure....." she said.

I walked her to her car and she even let me open the door for her.

"Thank you Mr. Reed Nelson, you do seem to be a gentlemen." she said.

" I'll be out of town doing a few dates...but I'll be back in Philly afterwords and I'm going to call
you." I said.

"Whatever man!" she said cooly as she drove off into the night.

88 and Gus walked out into the night air and stood next to me...

"Man ,you aint gon make no money if every time you see a fine young thing ,you payin they tab.
That gal's tab was $100.00" said Gus.

"A hundred dollars?? Mannn I hope you at least got an address and a phone number." said 88.

"I got her cell phone number." I said.

'Sheeeet, that was only worth forty dollars...not a hundred." said 88 as Gus bent over laughing...

I wasn't laughing....I was intrigued!!!!

To be continued.......

Friday, June 12, 2009

Time Out of Mind

Philadelphia, PA
4:57 AM
Basement of the Federal Courthouse

None of them were smiling....Tall, stern looking men....handling guns...Riot Pump shotguns, .357 Magnums, .45 calibers...The men painstaking put on their bullet proof vests and then put on their navy blue jackets that had FBI written in bold Yellow letters...I stood and watched the men as they got into several black un marked vans...These guys were serious.

Agent Frank Cotton, The Special agent in charge arrived in a long trenchcoat with the charging documents and walked over to me...

"Now this evidence is solid right?" he asked.

"Yeah, solid as a rock." I said.

"Where did you get this stuff?" he asked..

"A friend of a friend...I don't know...each time this person sends someone else to my house, to my job and this time to one of the attorneys that was working with me..That's how I cleared al of those murder cases...but this stuff..This stuff is more potent than any of that...I figure, someone deep inside the organization is filtering this stuff out." I said.

'Well we don't have any undercovers" said Agent Cotton.

"Like you'd tell me if you did...besides..maybe it's not FBI..Maybe he's DEA, who knows but whoever is pulling the strings just gave you enough to put Allejandro Santiago and more than forty people in his organization behind bars on an assortment of charges." I said....

"I feel funny ......How did you find a judge to sign these warrants?" asked Agent Cotton.

"Long story, just be about your business and crack your biggest case in history man.." I said.

Agent Cotton looked at me and smiled...

"What about the leak? Who is it?" he asked...

'All that in good time...I'll let you know when you get back."I said.

"Be easy Kevin and thanks again." he said as he and a posse of FBI agents headed to New York.

5 hours Earlier
The Home of Judge Milton Drinkwater

Clerow pulled his car to the side and let me and Sean Jackson out. We walked gingerly up to the Judges house..It was nearly midnight...This was a middle class Black neighborhood.. It's residents were Doctors,Lawyers,Teachers, IT people and Judges... No sooner than we got to the house we saw the lights on...

"Looks like the judge is up." I said.

"It's almost midnight man" said Sean

"Yeah...aren't you up at midnight most nights?" I said.

"I suppose I am " said Sean.

When we got to the door.....a familiar sound was heard..

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....ohhhhhhhhhhh......oh goodness...ohhh goodness...ouuuuuueeeeee..."

"here come de judge baby....come over here, put it in yo mouth..yeahhhhhhh.ah likes it like dat

"You so nasty judge...ouuuuuuuu..."

"ohhhhhhhhh, you are so big......ouuuuu judge.."

What was this? Seems like everybody in Philadelphia was getting it on ,while I was out here in the street entangled up in a mess I could have left well enough alone in the first place. Sean was smiling broadly and looking down at the ground as I reluctantly rang the doorbell.

"Oh judgey ...somebody's at the doorrrrrr......"

"Oh hell, who is it this time of night?" He said..

I had flashbacks of Mr. Willie, who had been having wild sex with a prostitute in his bedroom ,while the dead bodies of two old ladies he had swindled sat rotting at his breakfast room table..He had said the same thing when I interrupted him. I thought of My Pastor ,who I'd
interrupted several times...Just my new calling I guess...Coitus interruptus...

"What the hell could you want this time of the damn night ?" said the angry judge who came to the door butt naked with a panty on his head and a bra on the floor of his foyer near his foot.

Sean turned away and walked toward the car where Clerow was waiting..He couldn't conceal the fact that he was laughing. I explained to the judge that I needed him to sign warrants for the arrests of these dangerous criminals...He didn't want to hear anymore..

"Look,if I sign these documents...will you go away and never return?" he asked...

I promised I would. The Judge had not one woman, but three very buxom women of African American , Hispanic and Asian descent running naked through his house..He signed off on everything without even reading them and then said...

"Good night Mr. Morris....Alright girls..he's leaving,let's play Naked twister." and slammed the door in my face..Lucky bastard..I didn't blame him. We drove to Agent Cotton's meeting place
with the evidence my mysterious benefactor had supplied Conrad and warrants for all of the major players involved..We had hit the jackpot.

Philadelphia PA
Twenty Four Hours Later
Judge Micheal Starkweather's chambers.

"Uhhh huhhh...I see....Well boys...this evidence looks solid...I'll sign off on all of these charging
documents..." said Judge Micheal Starkweather.

"I guess this has been a long time coming eh Judge?" said Agent Cotton.

"It certainly has...I can finnally bring that beast to justice....would you excuse me a minute? I have to go to the men's room..I'll be right back." he said as he excused himself.

He walked in the bathroom, took out a cell phone and placed a frantic call......

"You can put that away Judge" I said...

"What? Who the hell are you?" he said.

"How long have you been taking money from the Santiago organization and feeding him information on potential witnesses against him..How long? Was it after they killed your wife?"
I asked.

"Actually..it was before they killed my wife...That's why they killed her..she found out what I had been doing...now you're going to get killed in a minute and I'm going to say that one of his hitmen must've got to you and close off the courthouse." he said without cracking a smile and pulling a gun on me.

"No Judge, that's not going to happen....We know all about you...We got another judge to sign those warrants yesterday and we arressted Allejandro and forty of his high ranking associates
in New York early yesterday morning...That's why nobody is answering your phone..Give up the
phone...it's all over judge." said Agent Cotton and about five FBI agents with guns drawn!!

The Judge smiled, then said-

"I don't think so..." and before anyone could stop him, he put the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger!!!!! Nothing happened.

"I took the liberty of taking all of the bullets out of your gun and placing it back in your pants
without you noticing it Judge.....I used to be quite the pickpocket when I was young." I said.

"Not your day, huh?" laughed Agent Cotton as they handcuffed the Judge and took him into custody.

Philadelphia PA.
My house
A few hours later.

I walked in my house with a bouquet of roses...I had been away for so long I had hoped that Sepia wouldn't be mad.

"Hey Brown sugar..I'm home.." I yelled...

"Oh hey Kevin...I'm upstairs..come on up.." she said.

""You should come downstairs....I have a surprise for you..come on down." I said.

"Uhhh Kevin...I can't..Bring it up with you." she said.

"Aww Sepia ,come on downstairs.." I protested...

"Alright, but if I do..I'll have to put all my clothes back on..."she said.

"That's alright...you can see flowers anytime..I'm coming right up." I said as I took my shoes off
and tossed them, came out of my shirt, nearly tripped up the steps coming out of my pants...
It was my turn to make those noises I usually hear coming out of somebody else's apartment or house.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wrapped Around Her Bra Straps

Conrad Nelson, Robert Foxworth and I sat in the courthouse from Midnight to nearly three in the morning looking at court documents, evidence and charging
documents...We drank and ate a steady supply of coffee, orange juice and crispy creamy donuts...We all dreamed of being somewhere else at the moment...I could be at home in my bed with Sepia's big legs wrapped around me...Robert Foxworth would probably have somebody's legs wrapped around him and Conrad...Who knows what he might be doing?

"Hey guys..I got something." said Robert Foxworth

"What you got?" I said.

"I cross checked all of these case files in the data bank and one name keeps coming up all the time..." he said.

"Who?" I asked, expecting him to say Federal Prosecutor Billy Dee Prescott, yet not wanting to say.

"Judge Micheal Starkweather..He's on all of the charging documents....even the guy in New York who died." said Robert.

Conrad looked over his documents and concurred...

"Except for this last one charging Fathead..He's on every last one...I'll be damned.." he said.

"Agent Cotton talked about him though...he's got a real thing about Allejandro Santiago though...His wife was murdered by Santiago associates alledgedly the last time the Feds got close to indicting him...He's a stand up guy...He really wants to put this guy in the slams..so he can't be our man." I said.

"Well ,you may be right...but I'm going to do a little more research on him just the same and get back to you."said Conrad.

"Wait..what about the golden boy..our fair haired Federal Prosecutor?" I asked.

"Oh he's only been on the charging documents concerning Fathead..he's not on any of the others.....I don't know why he's got such a thing for him."said Robert Foxworth.

We all called it a night. The next day I went to see Chess. I remembered now where I had seen the girl on the Prosecutor's arm....In the church, some months ago at Fathead's wedding...She was crying her eyes out in the back of the church.

"Fathead had been stringin her along for months...making her think he was going to marry her and then he switched up and married someone else...I don't think she ever got over it. Before him..she and I had a thing...she left me stranded in Puerto Rico...Took my money and my rental car. Surfaces here months later on Fathead's arm." said Chess.

"You think there is a connection to all of Fathead's arrests?" I asked.

"Hell yeah it is...She got the prosecutor wrapped around her bra strap..I'm surprised you didn't figure this out before Kevin. Chris and I did. We bailed Fathead out this morning...He's home and Conrad and Foxworth got these latest charges dropped..There was no basis to them...Nothin...just pure harrasment." said Chess.

"Hey Chess, feel like taking a ride?" I asked.

"To see the golden boy" I said.

"Kevin, you know that next to Chris, you the guy I'd ride with the most, but you
gonna have to solo on this one partner..I still got feelings for her..crazy mixed up ones..In respect for our mutual friend "88"..I'd just as soon not see her." said Chess. He was one of the most honest and honorable men I knew. I understood,so I went by myself.

These were no ratty apartments in the ghetto..These were high rise and tony Condos in the Northeast...but the racket I heard upon leaving the elevator didn't sound any different than if I was in West Philly...

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh....Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhh mah gawddddd...."

"Give it to yo dadddy, give it to meeeee....ummmmmphh..."

"Ohhhhhhh....Billy...Billy...just slap me, just squeeze me, just hump me...ohhhhhhh..ouuuuu.."

"Ohhhhh..come on baby.."

I had heard all I needed to hear...and for once I was someplace that I more than likely would not run into my pastor..

Hours later, I stood across the street as the Philadelphia Police arrested Billy Dee Prescott and charged him with Malicious Prosecution, Unlawful arrests
and an assortment of other charges...He probably wouldn't do any time, nor would he lose his licensce...but he would no longer be a Federal Prosecutor....

Shame...because Fathead Newton was a gangster and he certainly did belong behind bars and maybe one day he would wind up there...but not today and not for crimes he didn't commit.

The prosecutor's hot girlfriend, Cherry Johnson stood on the corner and watched as the police drove off with Billy Dee Prescott..

I looked at her and believe it or not...I felt pity....

"You wanted to make him pay didn't you?" I asked her.

"You're damn right...he didn't have to be that callous..fat bastard...he left me
at the alter ...after I had bragged for weeks that he was going to propose..you don't treat somebody like that..you just don't." she said as she began to cry...

I held her soft body in my arms as she wept....

"Well, you had him going for awhile...but revenge is a dish best served cold, you can't let it consume you." I said.

A little while later I was driving home when my cell phone went off..it was Conrad and he had some shocking news....

I won't go into what he said , but I did call Agent Cotton and meet with him...

"So Kevin..you're certain of this right? " he said.

"I'm certain.. You just meet me at the courthouse tomorrow..I'll give you Allejandro Santiago on a plate and the rat in your shop" I said.

"You should have been a cop instead of a blogger" laughed Cotton.

Yeah, I sure should have.

(Conclusion next.....)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Postman Used To Knock

Sepia was wearing a white sheer babydoll....I lifted her up and she wrapped those big shapely legs around me...I entered her slowly and smoothly as she moaned...

'Ohhhh Kevin....I've missed this so muchhhhh!"

I had been gone several nights hunting down leads to the Sparrow murder that led to one dead end after another...I had been bone tired when I did get home...and had often fallen asleep in my clothes in the living room. Tonight, was a different story...i was spending some quality time with my wife...

"Ouuuuuuuu babbyyyy...right there...right thereeee......" she continued to moan as I stroked faster and harder...We crashed unto the couch and I began going at it even harder faster...She matched me thrust for thrust...as I continued....We exploded in a crescendo of passion..as we both rolled off the couch on to the floor in beads of sweat!...

"Kevin!!! The door...it's opening !!" she screamed as she grabbed a robe...I slid on my boxers and grabbed my pistol from the china cabinet as the door cracked and a white guy in a suit and a
trench coat showed me both palms....

"The door was open....so I uh just came in." he said.

"You FBI?" I asked...

"No..I'm a friend of a friend...They thought you should have this..." he said as he passed me an envelope. Then just as quickly, he walked out of my house, got in a dark sedan and pulled off.

The Next day after reading the contents of the letter...Donald Smooth and I found a gun in a plastic bag with fingerprints all over it. We located three reluctant witnesses with the help of Philadelphia Homicide Detectives and members of the FBI Violent crimes strike force and a kool
charactor named Adam Losanger.

Adam Losanger was a hitman for hire who was pretty well known in the Philly Underworld...It is
said that he had close to 21 bodies to his name. The gun and the slugs in it were a perfect match
for the gun used in the murders of Mingus and Oatmeal and Sporty. The fingerprints were his.
He in turn gave us the guy who paid him for the hits....a Heroin addict named Brian Holmes. Holmes was no help to us...When we found him he was dead...apparently of an overdose..
There was no way a loser like Holmes had the money or the logistics to pull off something like this... He was obviously a go between for somebody else..Somebody we couldn't touch right now.

The next night..I was eating at the diner with Cock Robbins, Conrad Nelson, Sean Jackson and
Clerow , When a very well dressed and attractive Black female walked over to our table.

"Which one of you is Kevin Morris?"she asked.

"I'm not...but for you,I can be Kevin Morris." laughed Sean Jackson.. Clerow side eyed him and laughed himself, so did Cock.

"I'm Kevin...Who wants to know?" I asked.

"A friend of a friend" she said as she passed me yet another envelope.

"Damn, the Postman used to knock" I said as I opened the envelope and read the instructions.

The Next day, Chess, Chris Thompson, Donald Smooth and I found an old ratty apartment building in Southwest Philly with whips, chains and an assortment of ropes tied in several different styles and wild enlarged photographs of naked ,fully erect men.

"What kind of place is this?" asked Donald Smooth

"A place you niggas better get the hell out of." came an effeminate voice.

I spun around only to see a gun pointing at me and Chess and Smooth and a big six foot two Black man waving it...

"You Chappie? " I asked.

"Yeah, who the hell are you?" he asked.

"My name is Morris...Kevin Morris...You know Samuel Sparrow?"

"I aint tellin you nothin" he said.

Then he heard the click of another pistol..Chris Thompson help a big gun up to his temple....

"Oh I think you will....Hey Smooth , help him jog his memory." said Chris...

"Okay....Okayyyyy...I did it....I killed Sam Sparrow....it was an accident....We were just making a porn film...we were rehearsing the last scene....I didn't mean to hurt him...I tied him
too tighhhhtttttt...."he wailed.

I got on my cell phone and called out to Clerow ,who was in a van outside.....

"Did you get all of that on tape?"

"Got it bossman" he said.

"Let's deliver this guy to Sissy Van Buren" I said.. "She'll be happy to have this one cleared...and it also clears Fathead of any wrong doing." I added as Chess and Chris patted me on the back and smiled broadly.

A few hours later, I met FBI Special Agent Frank Cotton on the rooftop of a building in Midtown.
he brought two tumblers of coffee with him.

"You've been busy Kevin...You've solved several murders...I gotta say that that is uncanny." he

"What's uncanny is that somebody has been feeding me evidence...somebody outside of your office." I said as I drank the coffee.


"Yeah Really....You know what I think? I think all of these killings were set ups and the arrest of
Fathead was part of some smoke screen to cover something else up..." I said.

"You're right Kevin...and it all leads back to our boy in New York..Everytime we get close to putting him down...witnesses die or vanish. Sparrow wasn't really a threat and it looks like his death was a pure accident...But he put the finger on three players, low level as they were who got their supply from Allejandro....and their deaths were definitely not accidents. If you guys hadn't of made bail for Fathead..he was scheduled to have an "accident " too I'm afraid." said
Agent Cotton.

"We gotta go to the Federal prosecutor with what we know." I said.

"The Golden Boy??Yeah, alright..it's his case anyway...but between you and me..I don't like him..
He's too smug,too much the showboat...He's a glory hound.." said Agent Cotton.

"Yeah, but who else can we trust?" I said.

"Okay..I'll set up a meeting with him tomorrow." said Agent Cotton who looked at me and said

"You sure you want to make your presence known now?? Whoever arranged those killings doesn't know how we cracked those cases...you might be putting yourself in danger Kevin."

"Yeah ,I know, but it's the only way to flush out the rat." I said.

"Okay." said Agent Cotton as he left the rooftop.

I was driving through the streets of Center City and as luck would have it..I saw the young handsome Federal Prosecutor with his girlfriend...The one that Chess used to go with..The one named Cherry...She was a looker.

Just then,my cell phone rang again...it was Chess.

"Kevin man...The feds just arrested Fathead again." he said.

'What? Arrested him for what?" I said...

"As a material witness against Allejandro Santiago on RICO charges." he said.

Here we go again, I thought.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Chris, Chess ,Conrad and I sat in the car as Attorney Robert Foxworth and Fathead walked out of Curran-Fromhold Correctional Center on State Road , where Fathead was being held. Bail had been made and Fathead was a free man...at least for awhile. Handsome young Prosecutor ,Billy Dee Prescott was on Television ,no less than an hour later vowing "Not to rest until Philadelphia is free of this human parasite that preys upon the life of good people." He has such a flair with words,doesn't he? I could imagine my wife at home probably having an orgasm after watching his smooth performance on Television.

"Thanks guys..I really appreciate this" said Fathead.

"Just stay out of sight man, stay off the streets until my man Kev here can sort this out." said Chess.

"Listen to Chess Fathead...There is more to this than meets the eye" said Chris.

"Okay...I'm hungry...let's get some breakfast." said Fathead..

"I know a place...real out of the way that serves a good breakfast and that the reporters won't know about ."said the other attorney..Conrad Nelson.

"Okay...good..then let's go " said Robert Foxworth as we pulled off and headed towards the city.

"I've been nosing around and I've found out a few things....This guy Sparrow owed a lot of money to a low level player named "Sporty" up in North Philly...He also bought and used a lot of coke." I said.

"I've heard of him vaugely. he's a juice man...a loan shark...but he wouldn't do nothing like that?
would he??" asked Chris.

"Well, he's gay and he and our boy Sparrow made a fortune making gay porn and other alternative sex DVD's and selling em for profit. He owed 'Sporty" 1o k on the movies and he owed another player named Mingus 20 K on a package he was supposed to turn over that he messed up...Supposedly, he snorted half of it." I said.

Chris and Chess looked at each other, then laughed..

"Mingus?? Him, we know....we ran him and his boy, Oatmeal out of West Philly last month." said

"Well guys...I gotta check these leads out..I hope you wouldn't be insulted if you drove me to my car and let me skip breakfast ,while I check this out?" I said.

"Alright Kev...We can do that...but let me call my man,Donald "Smooth". You don't wanna go up
against Mingus or this Sporty charactor without some muscle.' said Chris. He was supposedly no
longer in the game, but he still had some kind of street clout.

An hour later, Donald Smooth and I knocked on the door of the House where Mingus supposedly lived.....The door was open and it was eerily quiet...I didn't like this at all... Donald Smooth drew his gun and I drew mine and we walked in easily.......There lie the man known as
Mingus and his lieutenant, Oatmeal on the floor face down in two seperate piles of blood....very,very dead..... There would be no questioning of these two.

"Come on let's get outta here and don't touch nothing." I said as Donald Smooth and I departed.

We next went to the Apartment complex where the Player known as "Sporty" supposedly lived.
His apartment was empty...It didn't look like there had been any kind of struggle or anything...
So we left... A quick look in the driveway behind his apartment complex found him in his car ,slumped over the steering wheel. He was stiff from rigor mortis....What the hell was going on??

I cut Donald Smooth loose and I went down to the Federal building and met with Special Agent Frank Cotton.

"I'm not surprised that those guys are dead Kevin. Those were the guys Sparrow named in the
charging docket...He owed both of those guys money. Not a lot of money at that..Nothing to concern a guy like Allejandro. Those guys probably never even met Allejandro. They were street guys. This guy was playing us from day one Kevin." he said. "Just trying to stay a step ahead of his creditors." he added.

"You think Sporty or Mingus and Oatmeal killed Sparrow?" I asked.

"They might have, he did owe em money, but something is funny....He told us that they could make a case against both Fathead Newton and Allejandro.....now they're dead...A year ago..I had
another witness that really could've put Allejandro away...He wound up dead too...Everytime we
have gotten a witness of any type..somebody has killed them." said Agent Cotton.

'You got a rat in your shop."I said.

"Yeah...but I don't know who Kevin, that's why I don't want it known that you're on this case..keep your profile low. We can't meet here in this office anymore...You call my cell and I'll meet you somewhere on the street." he said.

"Got it...Who sees the charging dockets?" I asked.

"A couple of judges, the Prosecuting Attorney of course and my superiors...Any number of people...I've got some people looking into all of their backgrounds."said Agent Cotton.

"What do you want me to do now?" I asked...

"Hang loose Kevin...I'll be calling you." he said.

I bid him goodbye and went back to West Philly. I played a game of Chess with who else, Chess?
and lost of course, Then he offered to drive me to my car...As we were about to get in his car, we
saw none other than the golden boy, Young handsome Federal prosecutor, Billy Dee Prescot, with a fine young thing on his arm....

"Wow, look at her.....I figure our boy would pull some prime beef like that." I said. I hadn't noticed that Chess hung his head low....and frowned..an almost sad frown...

"What, you know her Chess?" I asked.

"Yeah, I know her...Her name is Cherry...Cherry Johnson...I used to be involved with her" he said.


Monday, June 8, 2009


It was rare that I ate in this part of the city..I usually dined with my wife Sepia or with Cock Robbins ,Clerow or Sean Jackson at Josies or at our neighborhood Diner. This morning I was in West Philly with my childhood buddies , Chess, Chris Thompson and Fathead Newton. Fathead was back from his honeymoon and he had us laughing and screaming about his escapades in Florida.

"Hold up...Hold Up Fathead...You had a hooker in your car in the parking lot and two white girls
slammed into your car?? Where was your wife?" laughed Chris Thompson...

"Mannn, she was in another hotel , watching some fashion show....I was in another club, I was bored, the broad looked good and so I thought...why not?" laughed Fathead..

"See, that's why that happened...you know you wrong." laughed Chess.

I just shook my head...

'Kev...you need to come by more often...We don't see you much...now that you all married up and solvin cases and what not...Who would've ever thought that?" laughed Chris.

"I will, I will....I hadn't heard from either of you in years." I laughed.

"I may be making that married move soon myself " laughed Chess.

"Oh Yeah? You and Rell?" I said

"Yeah man, it's about that time." said Chess.

Just then, FBI Agent Frank Cotton and six well dressed men in suits and with trenchcoats walked in the Diner.

"Fancy meeting you here Kevin...You know these guys?" He said. I could tell by his voice that this was business and not pleasure.

"Hello Special Agent Cotton. Chess and Chris here and I grew up together." I said, wondering why he asked.

"I'm not here for them... However Mr. Newton, I am here for you. Arthur Felonious Newton, you are under arrest for conspiracy to committ murder of a Federal witness, to wit one, Samuel
Sparrow. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be held against you,
if you do not have an attorney, one will be provided for you...do you understand what I'm saying to you? Of course you do Arthur...Let's go.....Always a pleasure to see you again Kevin." he said
as they handcuffed Fathead and took him away...

"Hey man, I didn't kill no Sam Sparrow..I don't even know no Sam Sparrow...You got the wrong
guy...Chris, Chess..call a lawyer...Help me please!!" he pleaded as he was led out.

I looked at Chess who looked at Chris. Chris was silent for a moment and then he said-

"Fathead aint the brightest bulb on the light socket, but he wouldn't hit a federal witness...plus the man been in South Florida...Chess, call Foxworth...."

"Chris....I'm going to call my attorney too...His name is Conrad....You think I can look into this?"
I said.

"Wow, a case just dropped into your lap huh.....hahahaha..hey Chess, look at this..our boy is gonna help us in one of our capers." Laughed Chris...almost as if he was proud.

"Kev, you sure you wanna do this man?...It could get murky..Me and Chris aren't gangsters, we can't help you...but we got a guy named "Smooth" who can watch your back." said Chess.

"Much obliged man...I'll let you know..I got my own people though...but thanks for the offer,I may need it..Between Conrad and Foxworth...He'll be protected legally..might even make bail.
Tell him to lay low...and I'll nose around...see what I can see." I said.

"Thanks Kev.." said both Chris and Chess as I got in my car and pulled off.

The first thing I did was go straight to the Federal Courthouse on 6th and Market and ask for Special agent in charge ,Frank Cotton. Cotton and I had worked together before on a case and maybe he could help me out.

"I figured you would turn up....You love this stuff huh? You got a P.I. license or are you on some
murder she wrote trip?" he asked.

"I do have a license now. I'm still writing my blogs and for the magazine...I just do this on the side." I said.

"So, you got a client?? or is this for a story? " He said.

"If it was for a story,I know you'd walk away." I said.

"Damn right...." snapped Agent Cotton.

"Fathead...I mean Arthur Newton is represented by Robert Foxworth and Conrad Nelson..I'll be
working for them...I need to see the murder scene photos." I said.

"You sure Kevin? Don't try to play me....I'll run you in for obstruction of justice..." he said.

"I'm on the up Agent Cotton." I said. He side eyed me for a moment,then he obliged.

"Okay, Samuel Sparrow was a witness....He was turning in valuable information on one Allejandro Santiago, a major drug trafficer from New York City and a friend and associate of Fathead Newton....Fathead wasn't named in the indictment, but we beleive he was sub-contracted to kill Sparrow and did it as a favor to Allejandro." said Agent Cotton. He then opened an envelope with some photos in it....

Sepia had once told me that Cock Robbins had a "weapon of mass destruction " in his pants that women couldn't resist, which was more information than I had ever wanted to know but this guy, Sam Sparrow had to have the hugest penis I had ever seen..It didn't look real. There was a
rope tied around it and a thicker rope tied around his neck and he was seemingly hung from the ceiling in an odd pose...He had died from suffocation and heart failure. His eyes were wide open,
blank,expressionless, seemingly staring at nothing in particular. It was the most bizzare thing I had ever seen.

Drug gangsters didn't murder like that...They shot you, they stabbed you maybe..but they didn't
take this kind of time to intricately kill somebody like this. I knew that from looking at the photos...What bothered me was why a seasoned guy like Agent Cotton didn't know it!

"Kevin look...I've been at this a longgg time.....This aint no drug hit....Fathead wasn't even named
in the indictment and at the time of his death...all this guy, who was a damn junkie himself could give us was a few street dealers and mid level players...nothing to really concern Allejandro Santiago...But I gotta keep Fathead here ,because the new Federal Prosecutor has a hard on for
Fathead for some reason...I don't know why....oh and no pun intended.." said Agent Cotton.

The New Federal Prosecutor , Billy Dee Prescott , was handsome, young and the First African American to head the Organized Crime Strike Force. Women, both Black and white swooned whenever he was on Television or in the Newspaper after a break in some big case. Sepia even said that he was cute. He was just a pretty boy to me....a guy that seemingly liked to see himself on the news and in the papers.

"Oh,so unofficially, you don't mind if I nose around on the sidelines too, right?" I said.

"You can go places I can't..." he sighed.

"Got'cha" I said.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Could Be A Fool

I've been enchanted by Pretty smiles
and I've been haunted by the softness
of a voice...
True, I've been through my share of trials
and I should be smart enough to make an intelligent
I could be a fool
but I've got a certain feeling...
a certain feeling about you./

I'm the victim of pretty brown eyes
and soft flawless skin
My past has taught me about the tender disguise...
and bodies made for sin..
I could be a fool...
but I think I'm on to something...
Something good concerning you../

Some people get hurt and they fear falling in love again..
but I'm a hopeless romantic
and whenever you're near -
I feel I'm in a fight that I can win../

I've been enslaved by a seductive gaze
and entranced by a touch of the hand..
My personal history is littered with
a sweet type of misery
and though I could be a fool
I believe I'll take my chances with you..

"I'm a sportin man"

I could be a fool
but I've got this lucky feelin about you..

I could be a fool
but I'm gonna trust my instincts about you.../

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Barbie and Kennedy

Hi...My name is Barbara Jennings, but my girlfriends have always called me Barbie...and oh my god, have I got a story to tell you.... See, it all began on Thursday when I got my drivers license. I should have failed, but the instructor was busy looking at my boobs..So he let me do the parking part again and ignored the fact that I slightly tapped the cone when I was parking the car. I think I slightly tapped it when I was coming out of the parking space too. It was hot, there was 15 people behind me waiting to take their driving exam too and I think he just wanted to get out of there. My Best female friend, Kennedy told me to wear a really low cut top and a lacy bra and some really tight jean shorts when I went to take my test. That's what she did and she passed with flying colors. Kennedy is the worse driver in the world...Oh,my gosh!

Anyway...I passed my drivers test, got my photo taken for my license and Kennedy and I left in Kennedy's mother's car..a 2009 Chevy Impala. It drives nice. We had Eminem's 'Relapse" blasting on the IPOD as we happily drove down the highway towards Miami...Kennedy and I are just two weeks from graduation and we like don't even bother to go to school nowadays because,we are like ,you know, SENIORS....and we like,don't have too!..

We were on the highway ,headed to a party in South Beach that night...We had had a couple of
champaigne punches and some vodka and cranberry juice spritzers. We stopped over this Black
guy's house that Kennedy knew and he turned us on to some good weed... Kennedy told me that she and the Black dude had almost done it one night...She said that they were getting high and started making out and he was getting ready to put it in, when the key was heard in the door. His room-mate came back early. I asked her if he was like really huge, the way they say Black dudes are and she said he was humongus...I was like whoaaaaaa man...I need to find me somebody like that! I thought.

Anyway, I'm getting away from my story...We were kind of wasted...I was really wasted and I let Kennedy drive. It was afterall, her mother's car....Kennedy is like ,the worse driver in the world.....She must've had her boobs, which are larger than mine , really hanging out the day she got her driver's license,because I don't know how she passed that test.

We were driving to South Beach. Two times I had to tell her to slow down and to stay in the right lane and stop swerving over..

"Kennedy...do you want me to drive?" I asked.

"Be quiet Barbie...you're high" she said.

We heard a honk...then we heard another honk...Then we saw a guy in a car motioning to us to turn around...

"What's he saying Barbie?" asked Kennedy.

"He saying that we are going the wrong way." I said.

"Oh he must be drunk...How does he know where we are going?" said Kennedy.

Just then, I saw a big SUV coming right at us....

"HE MEANS WE ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY ON A ONE WAY STREET IDIOT...TURN THE CAR AROUND...TURN IT AROUND KENNEDY!!!!!!! " I screamed as Kennedy whipped the car around just moments before we would have been crushed....

She drove into the lot of a nearby motel and crashed smack dab into a parked car!!!

We heard the woman in the car scream and raise her head up out of the man's lap as their car
spun around in a circle...

'What the hell?" said the man...A big fat bald headed Black man with an earing... He fell out of the
car..His pants were around his ankles and his boxers were also down around his ankles...He was
still erect and he was huge....Kennedy agreed...He was larger than the Black guy we smoked the weed with...

"Fathead...Fathead...pull your pants up...people are coming out in the courtyard." said the woman in the car with him...

"Fathead???What kind of name is that?" said Kennedy,right before she passed out...

The woman in the car said-

"Oh shit...I'm out of here." and ran off into the night.

"Oh my God sir...We are sooo sorry." I said, in tears...

He fixed his pants and looked me up and down.....

"Now look...we could both be in a lot of trouble" he said.

"We were high...We are sooooo sorry, but my parents have a lot of money...we can fix the car"
I said.

He shook his head-

"Look,I'm here on my honeymoon...I just got married." He said.

"OH congratulations Mr.....uhhh."

"Fathead...just call me Fathead..I'm from Philly." he said.

"Looks like your wife left you." I said.

"That wasn't my wife...I picked her up in the club..I don't even know her name." he said.

"Oh my God...How could you? And on your honeymoon?" I said.

"Look, let's not worry about that....You girls are driving under the influence...you hit my car,
the cops will be here soon...we gotta do somethin..." he said.

"But what? I just got my license today....and my girlfriend just got hers last month." I said.

"Okay, Okay...Look....I have money....I'm gonna call a guy I know down here...He'll be here with a tow truck and he'll haul both of these cars off and do some body work on them..Your car will be good as new..I'm gonna rent a room for you girls..You stay in that room...sleep it off and don't come out until you are both sober....by tomorrow morning or afternoon...your car will be returned to you good as new how is that?" he said.

"Just like that? we don't owe you nothing?" I asked.

"Nothin....just remember...none of this happened...you don't know me...you never saw me before
you got that? " He said.

"Sure Mister...Fathead"I said...

"And forget my name" he said. He went in the car and pulled out a gun and stuffed it in the waistband of his pants...Pulled his shirt over it...He must be some kind of gangster I thought..Oh
my God.

He kept his word...The tow truck came and towed both cars and he helped me drag Kennedy into a hotel room, drunk as a skunk. When the cops came...I explained to them that everything was taken care of...I made sure that my boobs and lacy bra were showing prominantly...It was
South Beach, I was Blonde, white and had huge breasts..It was hot, late..they didn't really want to be bothered...so they went on about their business. They never saw Kennedy or Mr. Fathead.

Kennedy was still asleep when the Tow truck brought our car back the next day...Good as new..
Mr. Fathead drove up in another car with another woman...Judging by the rock on her finger, she must have been his wife. She was gorgeous....So why was he cheating on her with a South Beach whore??? Cause he's a man....They are all alike, oh my Godd....Black,White..They're all bogus man.

He brought us Coffee and Crispy Creme Donots..The best man and two tumblers of orange juice.
Then he went back to his car...He waved and he drove off....

"Uggggh...my head...Where are we? where did the food come from? What did I miss?" asked
Kennedy ,who was just waking up.

"Everything" I said as I looked at her and shook my head.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sirena's Audition

My name is Reed Nelson...I'm a Trumpet player from Patterson, New Jersey....You may have heard of me...Philly's Hype magazine ran a cover story on me a month ago. I've made a name for myself in the region, playing a few dates in the tri state area (Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey) I've played a few dates in the South and out on the West Coast. I've even recorded a few CD's. Most people don't buy Jazz now of days and so to support myself, I play "Smooth Jazz" which is really instrumental R&B...but I'm not purist. I started out playing the Piano...but gravitated to the Trumpet...The trumpet became my main instrument.

I was traveling to Philly quite a bit....One reason was that I met a great Keyboard player named "88" there and I got him to play some dates with my band as well as do some recording withn us.
Another reason was that I was making good money playing at a Bar and Restaraunt known as "Josie's" where it seemed everybody who was hip in Philly hung out. The owner and cheif bartender there..a guy named Gus became a good friend of mine as well. We always played to sell out crowds there.

My Saxophonist, Bubby Fullerson was from Newark, but had a cousin there...a cousin named Sirena. I was looking for a singer to headline the band and to make us more relevant and attract a younger crowd.. He told me that his cousin could sing and rap and would make our band a hit.
I didn't believe Bubby..This was probably some girl he met and slept with and made a promise to get a job for her afterwords as "payment". I can't tell you how many times Bubby did something like this...but this time he kept swearing that this was his cousin and that she was the real thing.

"Is she really that good Bubby?" I asked him.

"Man, she can blow...I'm telling you...you got to hear her...She just missed being on American Idol. Just meet her..I'm sure you'll like her." he said.

We played two sets at Josie's in Philly one Friday night and after the last set, I was chilling, having a couple of drinks with "88", his friend Chess and the photographer, Sean Jackson who did a shoot for us for Hype magazine when Bubby came over and pointed his cousin out to me.

"Hey Reed man..there is my cousin over there at the bar man...in the yellow dress, with the gardenia in her hair ...thas huh...just go talk to her man." He said.

Well,I don't know how well she could sing or if she could sing at all...but from what I could see,I was impressed....That dress hugged every curve on her more than ample body. She had what the old timers would call "Baby making hips" and some nice curvy ,shapley legs to die for.. she had the prettiest light brown eyes I'd ever seen and she was the complexion of maple syrup.. Bubby didn't have to ask me twice...I left the group of guys I was sitting with and walked over to the bar where she was sitting. She had a beautiful smile...perfectly white teeth...maybe she could
sing..who knows? I thought.

"Well Hello." I said. It was obvious that my tongue was hanging out of my mouth. She knew right then and there that she had my nose open. Women always know that kind of thing.

"Hello yourself" she said..

"I'm Reed Nelson.....I hear you can sing a little bit" I said.

"I don't do bad " she said.

"Well that's nice to hear....what are you drinking?" I asked.

"Long Island Ice tea." she said.

"Hey Gus...A Long Island for the lady and two shots of Tequila for me." I said. Gus side eyed me, then he looked at Sirena and smiled, shaking his head.

Maybe it was the Tequila....I don't remember...but Sirena and I talked and talked for hours and continued to drink too...The band ,including Bubby and "88" had long gone...In fact, everybody had left and Gus came up to us and said-

"Ah sho hates to end this great conversation you peoples must be havin..but it's closin time Reed, yall aint got to go home....."

"I know Gus, but we got to get the hell up outta here....heard it a million times." I said ,laughing.

"That's right" said Gus, looking at me, then her and smiling that slick old man smile of his and just shaking his head.

Somehow or other I wound up in her living room....both of us naked..with me lifting her up and laying her across the sofa....parting her legs and pressed the flat of my tongue against her now enlarged clitoris....she raised her legs and she began to moan....

"Ohhhhhhh Reeeeed...my neighbors...my neighbors are gonna hear me...ohhhhhhh,you're gettin me excited...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh....you gotta stop this....ohhhhhhh,no morrrre...no moreee...ouuuu...you're going to have me.....ohhhhhh goddddd...screaming..ouuuuuuuuuu...."

"You taste too damn good to me baby...I can't stop.." I said as I continued....

"Then don't stop, don't stop, don't stopppppp...ohhhhh my goddddd...I'm losing my mind" she moaned...

I lifted those baby making hips of hers up and I brought her down on me, so that she took my entire penis inside of her........ she groaned and began bouncing up and down....I should've noticed
it then...Her voice got really guttural and deep,like a man's....but who cares about that at a time like this? Then her squeals got higher and higher and grainy...

"Ohhhhhh...Ohhhhhhhhh, it's on now....this is definitely it....ouuuuuuuuuu.." she said as she began moving up and down in a solid rhythem...I started kissing her and she began kissing me so
hard as she moved up and down that I could hardly breathe....I stood up and began holding her as she continued to move up and down...

"Awwww...you hittin my spot, you hittin my spot.....ouuuuuuuuuuuuu...." she moaned in a very high irritating screach....again...I wasn't thinking about the sound of her voice, I was just pumping harder and she was moaning louder...I couldn't think, she just felt so good...she smelled
good too!

This went on for I don't know...a hour, two hours until finnally we both erupted simultaneously in the sweetest climaxes ever...We continued to hold each other as sweat poured down our backs.

"Sirena?" I said, still breathing heavy...

"What is it Mr. Nelson?" she said.

"Stop by the club tomorrow before it opens....I think you got that singing job." I said.

"Oh thank you...thank you so much Mr. Nelson." she said.

"Call me Reed..you don't have to call me Mr. Nelson." I said.

You know, I've heard a lot of women say that Men only think with one part of their anatomy. I don't know how true that is...but it was certainly true in this case. The next day, Sirena was a half hour late. I gave her a couple of songs that we were going to perform that night and then set
up her mike. 88 started off with a beautiful Piano solo...follwed by the Bass, Guitar, Drums and
Conga player...I came in on the trumpet to set the mood of the song and then Sirena opened her mouth and began to sing......

It was one of the worst sounds I have ever heard coming from a human being......I thought that this must be a mistake...As beautiful as this woman was ,how could she sound like this?? I looked at the band members and they looked at me with hurt and wounded looks. To make matters worse...Her cousin, Bubby, the saxophone player and Gus came to the rehearsal room....

"Man, who killed a cat back here?...Come on now..I'm runnin a business." said Gus.

"Yeah man...I tole you to hire my cousin.....who you got back here singing..a drunk?" laughed Bubby as they both walked in the back. It took Gus a mere second to realize that he had been talking about Sirena...He immediately did an about face and turned and walked back out...but Bubby on the other hand was stuck.....He just stood there looking stupid and with a blank expression on his face.

Sirena burst into tears and ran out of the club.... Nobody said a word....Bubby continued to stand there looking stupid...Finnally he looked at me and gave me a sheepish grin and said-

"Hey Reed...she aint really my cousin...I uh met her a few weeks ago and she tole me she could sing...an ah say that ah could get huh a job with you or that I'd try..heh.heh,heh,heh,heh,heh.....
No hard feelins huh? Reed...Reed ,don't look at me like that...come on baby...we go back man....
Reed...She was a fine somethin though wasn't she? heh, heh,heh."he said. I just shook my head.

Needless to say..We never saw Sirena again. Oh, and I fired Bubby! He's back in Newark playing a few clubs.