Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Chris, Chess ,Conrad and I sat in the car as Attorney Robert Foxworth and Fathead walked out of Curran-Fromhold Correctional Center on State Road , where Fathead was being held. Bail had been made and Fathead was a free least for awhile. Handsome young Prosecutor ,Billy Dee Prescott was on Television ,no less than an hour later vowing "Not to rest until Philadelphia is free of this human parasite that preys upon the life of good people." He has such a flair with words,doesn't he? I could imagine my wife at home probably having an orgasm after watching his smooth performance on Television.

"Thanks guys..I really appreciate this" said Fathead.

"Just stay out of sight man, stay off the streets until my man Kev here can sort this out." said Chess.

"Listen to Chess Fathead...There is more to this than meets the eye" said Chris.

"Okay...I'm hungry...let's get some breakfast." said Fathead..

"I know a place...real out of the way that serves a good breakfast and that the reporters won't know about ."said the other attorney..Conrad Nelson.

"Okay...good..then let's go " said Robert Foxworth as we pulled off and headed towards the city.

"I've been nosing around and I've found out a few things....This guy Sparrow owed a lot of money to a low level player named "Sporty" up in North Philly...He also bought and used a lot of coke." I said.

"I've heard of him vaugely. he's a juice man...a loan shark...but he wouldn't do nothing like that?
would he??" asked Chris.

"Well, he's gay and he and our boy Sparrow made a fortune making gay porn and other alternative sex DVD's and selling em for profit. He owed 'Sporty" 1o k on the movies and he owed another player named Mingus 20 K on a package he was supposed to turn over that he messed up...Supposedly, he snorted half of it." I said.

Chris and Chess looked at each other, then laughed..

"Mingus?? Him, we know....we ran him and his boy, Oatmeal out of West Philly last month." said

"Well guys...I gotta check these leads out..I hope you wouldn't be insulted if you drove me to my car and let me skip breakfast ,while I check this out?" I said.

"Alright Kev...We can do that...but let me call my man,Donald "Smooth". You don't wanna go up
against Mingus or this Sporty charactor without some muscle.' said Chris. He was supposedly no
longer in the game, but he still had some kind of street clout.

An hour later, Donald Smooth and I knocked on the door of the House where Mingus supposedly lived.....The door was open and it was eerily quiet...I didn't like this at all... Donald Smooth drew his gun and I drew mine and we walked in easily.......There lie the man known as
Mingus and his lieutenant, Oatmeal on the floor face down in two seperate piles of blood....very,very dead..... There would be no questioning of these two.

"Come on let's get outta here and don't touch nothing." I said as Donald Smooth and I departed.

We next went to the Apartment complex where the Player known as "Sporty" supposedly lived.
His apartment was empty...It didn't look like there had been any kind of struggle or anything...
So we left... A quick look in the driveway behind his apartment complex found him in his car ,slumped over the steering wheel. He was stiff from rigor mortis....What the hell was going on??

I cut Donald Smooth loose and I went down to the Federal building and met with Special Agent Frank Cotton.

"I'm not surprised that those guys are dead Kevin. Those were the guys Sparrow named in the
charging docket...He owed both of those guys money. Not a lot of money at that..Nothing to concern a guy like Allejandro. Those guys probably never even met Allejandro. They were street guys. This guy was playing us from day one Kevin." he said. "Just trying to stay a step ahead of his creditors." he added.

"You think Sporty or Mingus and Oatmeal killed Sparrow?" I asked.

"They might have, he did owe em money, but something is funny....He told us that they could make a case against both Fathead Newton and they're dead...A year ago..I had
another witness that really could've put Allejandro away...He wound up dead too...Everytime we
have gotten a witness of any type..somebody has killed them." said Agent Cotton.

'You got a rat in your shop."I said.

"Yeah...but I don't know who Kevin, that's why I don't want it known that you're on this case..keep your profile low. We can't meet here in this office anymore...You call my cell and I'll meet you somewhere on the street." he said.

"Got it...Who sees the charging dockets?" I asked.

"A couple of judges, the Prosecuting Attorney of course and my superiors...Any number of people...I've got some people looking into all of their backgrounds."said Agent Cotton.

"What do you want me to do now?" I asked...

"Hang loose Kevin...I'll be calling you." he said.

I bid him goodbye and went back to West Philly. I played a game of Chess with who else, Chess?
and lost of course, Then he offered to drive me to my car...As we were about to get in his car, we
saw none other than the golden boy, Young handsome Federal prosecutor, Billy Dee Prescot, with a fine young thing on his arm....

"Wow, look at her.....I figure our boy would pull some prime beef like that." I said. I hadn't noticed that Chess hung his head low....and almost sad frown...

"What, you know her Chess?" I asked.

"Yeah, I know her...Her name is Cherry...Cherry Johnson...I used to be involved with her" he said.



Toni said...

Cherry?? What is she doing with the young Prosecutor?? Oh wow, here was a twist I didn't see coming.

Angie B. said...

Oh wow, you hit us with a brick with the ending Keith...

Sunflower said...

And now the roller coaster ride begins..lolol

Lisa said...

You really know how to draw a person out don't you Keith?

Halo said...

Waiting Breathlessly as usual for the next part.

Vanessa said...

Something smells to high hell here..Can't wait to see how this unfolds.

Cheryl said...

I gotta hand it to Cherry, she really knows how to work her way up with the men..lololol

Brenda said...

Cherry knows how to work it ,she's my kind of girl-:)

Sean said...

Brother,still don't know how you do it, but I'm glad you do it!

James Perkins said...

You led us along, now you leave us hanging with a real red herring..
I'll follow where you lead brother!

Simon Bastion said...

Another good story. Great cliff hanger!

Tate 2 said...

Poor Chess, He's really got it bad for Cherry.

Swaggie said...

A string of murders, possible corruption amongst the Feds and a
good looking shyster with Chess's
old girl...Man, what more do I need other than some popcorn :)

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Gotta Hand it to old girl, Cherry,
she rebounds nicely! lololol.

Jazzy said...

Good one as usual fam!

Captain Jack said...

Keith,your blogs are some of my best reading...I may stop buying books altogether!-lolololol -Just