Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Postman Used To Knock

Sepia was wearing a white sheer babydoll....I lifted her up and she wrapped those big shapely legs around me...I entered her slowly and smoothly as she moaned...

'Ohhhh Kevin....I've missed this so muchhhhh!"

I had been gone several nights hunting down leads to the Sparrow murder that led to one dead end after another...I had been bone tired when I did get home...and had often fallen asleep in my clothes in the living room. Tonight, was a different story...i was spending some quality time with my wife...

"Ouuuuuuuu babbyyyy...right there...right thereeee......" she continued to moan as I stroked faster and harder...We crashed unto the couch and I began going at it even harder faster...She matched me thrust for I continued....We exploded in a crescendo of we both rolled off the couch on to the floor in beads of sweat!...

"Kevin!!! The's opening !!" she screamed as she grabbed a robe...I slid on my boxers and grabbed my pistol from the china cabinet as the door cracked and a white guy in a suit and a
trench coat showed me both palms....

"The door was I uh just came in." he said.

"You FBI?" I asked...

"No..I'm a friend of a friend...They thought you should have this..." he said as he passed me an envelope. Then just as quickly, he walked out of my house, got in a dark sedan and pulled off.

The Next day after reading the contents of the letter...Donald Smooth and I found a gun in a plastic bag with fingerprints all over it. We located three reluctant witnesses with the help of Philadelphia Homicide Detectives and members of the FBI Violent crimes strike force and a kool
charactor named Adam Losanger.

Adam Losanger was a hitman for hire who was pretty well known in the Philly Underworld...It is
said that he had close to 21 bodies to his name. The gun and the slugs in it were a perfect match
for the gun used in the murders of Mingus and Oatmeal and Sporty. The fingerprints were his.
He in turn gave us the guy who paid him for the hits....a Heroin addict named Brian Holmes. Holmes was no help to us...When we found him he was dead...apparently of an overdose..
There was no way a loser like Holmes had the money or the logistics to pull off something like this... He was obviously a go between for somebody else..Somebody we couldn't touch right now.

The next night..I was eating at the diner with Cock Robbins, Conrad Nelson, Sean Jackson and
Clerow , When a very well dressed and attractive Black female walked over to our table.

"Which one of you is Kevin Morris?"she asked.

"I'm not...but for you,I can be Kevin Morris." laughed Sean Jackson.. Clerow side eyed him and laughed himself, so did Cock.

"I'm Kevin...Who wants to know?" I asked.

"A friend of a friend" she said as she passed me yet another envelope.

"Damn, the Postman used to knock" I said as I opened the envelope and read the instructions.

The Next day, Chess, Chris Thompson, Donald Smooth and I found an old ratty apartment building in Southwest Philly with whips, chains and an assortment of ropes tied in several different styles and wild enlarged photographs of naked ,fully erect men.

"What kind of place is this?" asked Donald Smooth

"A place you niggas better get the hell out of." came an effeminate voice.

I spun around only to see a gun pointing at me and Chess and Smooth and a big six foot two Black man waving it...

"You Chappie? " I asked.

"Yeah, who the hell are you?" he asked.

"My name is Morris...Kevin Morris...You know Samuel Sparrow?"

"I aint tellin you nothin" he said.

Then he heard the click of another pistol..Chris Thompson help a big gun up to his temple....

"Oh I think you will....Hey Smooth , help him jog his memory." said Chris...

"Okay....Okayyyyy...I did it....I killed Sam was an accident....We were just making a porn film...we were rehearsing the last scene....I didn't mean to hurt him...I tied him
too tighhhhtttttt...."he wailed.

I got on my cell phone and called out to Clerow ,who was in a van outside.....

"Did you get all of that on tape?"

"Got it bossman" he said.

"Let's deliver this guy to Sissy Van Buren" I said.. "She'll be happy to have this one cleared...and it also clears Fathead of any wrong doing." I added as Chess and Chris patted me on the back and smiled broadly.

A few hours later, I met FBI Special Agent Frank Cotton on the rooftop of a building in Midtown.
he brought two tumblers of coffee with him.

"You've been busy Kevin...You've solved several murders...I gotta say that that is uncanny." he

"What's uncanny is that somebody has been feeding me evidence...somebody outside of your office." I said as I drank the coffee.


"Yeah Really....You know what I think? I think all of these killings were set ups and the arrest of
Fathead was part of some smoke screen to cover something else up..." I said.

"You're right Kevin...and it all leads back to our boy in New York..Everytime we get close to putting him down...witnesses die or vanish. Sparrow wasn't really a threat and it looks like his death was a pure accident...But he put the finger on three players, low level as they were who got their supply from Allejandro....and their deaths were definitely not accidents. If you guys hadn't of made bail for Fathead..he was scheduled to have an "accident " too I'm afraid." said
Agent Cotton.

"We gotta go to the Federal prosecutor with what we know." I said.

"The Golden Boy??Yeah,'s his case anyway...but between you and me..I don't like him..
He's too smug,too much the showboat...He's a glory hound.." said Agent Cotton.

"Yeah, but who else can we trust?" I said.

"Okay..I'll set up a meeting with him tomorrow." said Agent Cotton who looked at me and said

"You sure you want to make your presence known now?? Whoever arranged those killings doesn't know how we cracked those might be putting yourself in danger Kevin."

"Yeah ,I know, but it's the only way to flush out the rat." I said.

"Okay." said Agent Cotton as he left the rooftop.

I was driving through the streets of Center City and as luck would have it..I saw the young handsome Federal Prosecutor with his girlfriend...The one that Chess used to go with..The one named Cherry...She was a looker.

Just then,my cell phone rang was Chess.

"Kevin man...The feds just arrested Fathead again." he said.

'What? Arrested him for what?" I said...

"As a material witness against Allejandro Santiago on RICO charges." he said.

Here we go again, I thought.



Anonymous said...

Then first paragraph made me want to toss my panties at the ceiling.

anonymous II said...

Why am I not surprised by that?

Toni said...

The intrigue continues!

Angie B. said...

Good story Keith!

Halo said...

Why do they keep picking on Fathead?lololol.

Lisa said...

Any hint of sex and somebody has got to inform us that they tossin they draws up in the sky...That's not cute,nor is it funny anymore.

I suspect that there are more secret and murky forces at play here and behind the scenes...I can't wait to see how all of this plays out.

Vanessa said...

Wow Keith,This is better than Television.

Cheryl said...

Kevin has got his hands full on this one....and what is going on with Cherry??

Brenda said...

I'm with Toni..The intrigue and suspense continues...Can't wait to se how all of this unfolds Keith.

Sunflower said...

Kevin should've listened to Agent Cotton...By putting himself out there like that he could be endangering both him and Sepia from whoever is pulling the strings behind this.

James Perkins said...

I suspect there are going to be a lot of twists and turns in this one.

Sean said...

When are you going to write a novel Keith? These stories and these charactors are just too good?

Simon Bastion said...

What a tangled web of deceit and subtefuge we have here.

Jazzy said...

At this point ,I can't even rule out Agent Cotton as being the mastermind behind all of this.

Tate 2 said...

Good Story as usual....My question is..If the guy the Feds want is in New York, why is all of the murders
taking place in Philly? Just asking.

Swaggie said...

Man,Keith...I don't know what to think or theorize about this...

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Another potboiler here...I love this stuff man!

Captain Jack said...

Kevin is really mixed up in a bigger mess than I originally thought...Can't wait to see how he gets out of this!

SLC said...

"If you guys hadn't of made bail for Fathead..he was scheduled to have an "accident " too I'm afraid."

Now he's locked up again?!?! By the prosecutor that's banging the lady he left in the grocery store, and at the back of the church crying.

Fathead ain't the brightest individual, but I hope he survives.