Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Could Be A Fool

I've been enchanted by Pretty smiles
and I've been haunted by the softness
of a voice...
True, I've been through my share of trials
and I should be smart enough to make an intelligent
I could be a fool
but I've got a certain feeling...
a certain feeling about you./

I'm the victim of pretty brown eyes
and soft flawless skin
My past has taught me about the tender disguise...
and bodies made for sin..
I could be a fool...
but I think I'm on to something...
Something good concerning you../

Some people get hurt and they fear falling in love again..
but I'm a hopeless romantic
and whenever you're near -
I feel I'm in a fight that I can win../

I've been enslaved by a seductive gaze
and entranced by a touch of the hand..
My personal history is littered with
a sweet type of misery
and though I could be a fool
I believe I'll take my chances with you..

"I'm a sportin man"

I could be a fool
but I've got this lucky feelin about you..

I could be a fool
but I'm gonna trust my instincts about you.../


Sean said...


Toni said...

I'm really late...Loved this poem

Tate2 said...

Nice Poem, Smooth playa lyrics!lol

Brenda said...

Nothing here to make a certain poster throw her panties up in the rafters,but a good poem just the same!

Cheryl said...


Simon Bastion said...

Always nice to read a poem!

Blu Jewel said...

this spoke directly to my heart.

love to live; live to love!