Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bad Night

I sat at the bar in Josie's that night nursing my drink.....I was bored and lonely, my boyfriend, Reed Nelson.....a trumpet player from someplace in New Jersey I'd never been and never heard of was on the road. I really needed to start paying more atention to some of the things Reed told me. I can't remember where Reed said that he and the band were playing tonight. All I know is that ..it isn't here ....Not here in Philly , not here in Josie's Bar...Oh me...My name is Cherry..Cherry Johnson.

I was sitting at the bar and within minutes, I feel his fat grubby little hands running up my back and around my waist and up further..trying to squeeze one of my boobs. I gently move his hand away. It is Fathead Newton....a man I thought I loved.. a man who left me stranded at the alter while I watched him marry someone else...a man I've grown to hate and despise!

Funny, the more my hatred for him grows ,the more he seems to want me. He calls me all times of night ,asking me what I'm wearing, telling me that he thinks he made a mistake in marrying someone else, begging me to let him come over, begging me for a blow job...just plain begging.
Sometimes I screen my calls and when I see it's him, I don't answer...Other times I turn both of my phones off so I can sleep.

I've gotten myself a little job at the Haberdashery. Fathead sends me roses nearly every other day. He asks me to go to lunch...I always refuse..He asks me to come and get in his car to talk.
I still refuse...Though I did get in one time...I had to wrestle him off of me. Tonight ..I've got to struggle to keep his hands off of my boobs and off of my legs.

"Girl,why are you giving me such a hard time in addition to a raging hard on?" he asks stupidly.

"I'm not doing anything to you." I respond.

"Yes you are....why you keep playing hard to get?" he asked ,trying to sound sexy.

"Who says I'm playing?" I said.

"Do you know how many girls would love to have a chance to get with this?" he snarled.

"I can't imagine.....you should get with them then." I laugh.

"Come on now Cherry, you know I want you...I've always wanted you." He said.

"AINT YOU MARRIED? " I said as loud as I could as several of the other women turned and looked at him in disgust.

He put his left index finger to his mouth and made the shhhhhh sound.

" And as well as being married....aren't you messing with Karmen Malone?" I asked.

"Who tole you that? who told you?..I'll kill em...Who told you that?" He said with surprise.

"Everybody knows, fool." I said. He had taken Karmen in the ladies restroom and she had dropped it like it was hot for him several times.. Several women had had to run down the street
to the diner to use their restroom, because Fathead had Karmen in there screwing her brains out. Just like he used to do his wife, when they were seeing each other. I had to give it to Fathead, he really knew how to impress a girl.

"It's that damn trumpet player aint it?" he snarled in anger.

"He is my man for the moment." I said...surprised at how little conviction I said those words with. Did I always sound like that? if so, no wonder Fathead kept trying .He didn't believe me..
I didn't believe me.

Finnally he gave up trying and got up and walked away. Gus poured an Apple Martini for me that I didn't order and passed it to me.

"The gentelman over there sent this over to you." said Gus pointing to a very tall,muscular Black
man with a square jaw, a moustache and a tapered box like haircut. He was fine.. He walked over and sat down next to me...

"Well hello" he said.

I smiled myself and said -"Hello yourself."

"The name's Sam...Samuel Rasulala...I'm a teacher at Community College."

He could teach me anything...He had my full attention.

"My name is Cherry Johnson.."

"Please to make your acquaintence Ms. Cherry Johnson and might I say...that is a very lovely
dress you are wearing tonight...I would take extra care to fold it gently when you take it off later
on tonight." he said.

And there you go...he had ruined the attraction I had for him by saying something totally presumptious..When I take it off? He didn't even know me and was telling me that I would be taking my dress off..

"Oh ,you will be taking it off..." he assured me. How could someone who looked so good be such a
pompus asshole?? I guess he made the little girl's panties moist down at Community college and was used to it...but he was dealing with a woman now.

He bought me two more drinks and I listened to him talk about himself endlessly for nearly two
hours...He played racquetball, He rode horses, He went scuba diving and he played tennis.
He told me of his frequent trips to Paris,London,Tokyo and elsewhere..and how well he was known in the clubs in New York.

All this on a teacher's salary from Community College eh? I suspected that he was a big fat liar,
but I was lonely and he looked good and I was horny. Maybe this was his lucky night. I noticed the more he talked, the more he too was knocking down the hard liquors...Within a half hour, he was sleeping like a baby at the bar...and snoring too! Shame...I was just about to give him some too!

Gus looked at him disgusted and then said-

"Bruno....Get him out of here....He's asleep!"

Bruno was the big muscular bouncer. His muscles had muscles and he had no neck...I was almost tempted to start a conversation with him..but thought better of it..I watched him lift Samuel up and walk him to the door. I shook my head and laughed. I paid my tab and walked to my car..Glad that I didn't do anything with anyone that I would wake up regretting the next morning.


Toni said...

Every girl has a night like this..
Well not quite like THIS..With a guy falling asleep-lolololol(you are so crazy) but I could relate!

Angie B. said...

Nice Story Keith...Poor Cherry...I so felt for her.

Sunflower said...

Writing from a woman's perspective huh?

I see you have a unique understanding of what we sometimes go through..Thanks for this!

Lisa said...

Good one Keith!

Halo said...

This started off kind of slow..then
I totally got it..I liked this Keith.

Vanessa said...

I'm with Toni...Every woman has had these kind of nights-lololol

Cheryl said...

Loved this Keith..sometimes it just be's like that for women.

Brenda said...

Loved this for so many reasons. I have met both kinds of guys in clubs recently..I so identified with Cherry.

Anonymous said...

This almost had me tossing my panties!

James Perkins said...

Appropriately titled..she did have a bad night.lol.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

What Kind of player falls asleep in the bar?

Sean said...

Still mixing the gritty real world of the Philly streets with your special brand of tongue in cheek humor. I love it.

Simon Bastion said...

Interesting story...Is it settting the stage for something else?

Tate2 said...

Dag, first she's hit on by the guy who jilted her, then she's hit on by a self absorbed player who falls
asleep..Not Cherry's night, huh?

Swaggie said...

Glad you're back and writing a story man.

Captain Jack said...

Funny story, very,very real!

Jazzy said...

I liked this moody little tale of yours.

Solomon said...

Ole Samual really thinks he's a playa, he is creapy if yoy ask me, and I'm a dude! *lololol*

Good story as usual Keith, keep up the good writing bro