Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wrapped Around Her Bra Straps

Conrad Nelson, Robert Foxworth and I sat in the courthouse from Midnight to nearly three in the morning looking at court documents, evidence and charging
documents...We drank and ate a steady supply of coffee, orange juice and crispy creamy donuts...We all dreamed of being somewhere else at the moment...I could be at home in my bed with Sepia's big legs wrapped around me...Robert Foxworth would probably have somebody's legs wrapped around him and Conrad...Who knows what he might be doing?

"Hey guys..I got something." said Robert Foxworth

"What you got?" I said.

"I cross checked all of these case files in the data bank and one name keeps coming up all the time..." he said.

"Who?" I asked, expecting him to say Federal Prosecutor Billy Dee Prescott, yet not wanting to say.

"Judge Micheal Starkweather..He's on all of the charging documents....even the guy in New York who died." said Robert.

Conrad looked over his documents and concurred...

"Except for this last one charging Fathead..He's on every last one...I'll be damned.." he said.

"Agent Cotton talked about him though...he's got a real thing about Allejandro Santiago though...His wife was murdered by Santiago associates alledgedly the last time the Feds got close to indicting him...He's a stand up guy...He really wants to put this guy in the he can't be our man." I said.

"Well ,you may be right...but I'm going to do a little more research on him just the same and get back to you."said Conrad.

"Wait..what about the golden boy..our fair haired Federal Prosecutor?" I asked.

"Oh he's only been on the charging documents concerning Fathead..he's not on any of the others.....I don't know why he's got such a thing for him."said Robert Foxworth.

We all called it a night. The next day I went to see Chess. I remembered now where I had seen the girl on the Prosecutor's arm....In the church, some months ago at Fathead's wedding...She was crying her eyes out in the back of the church.

"Fathead had been stringin her along for months...making her think he was going to marry her and then he switched up and married someone else...I don't think she ever got over it. Before him..she and I had a thing...she left me stranded in Puerto Rico...Took my money and my rental car. Surfaces here months later on Fathead's arm." said Chess.

"You think there is a connection to all of Fathead's arrests?" I asked.

"Hell yeah it is...She got the prosecutor wrapped around her bra strap..I'm surprised you didn't figure this out before Kevin. Chris and I did. We bailed Fathead out this morning...He's home and Conrad and Foxworth got these latest charges dropped..There was no basis to them...Nothin...just pure harrasment." said Chess.

"Hey Chess, feel like taking a ride?" I asked.

"To see the golden boy" I said.

"Kevin, you know that next to Chris, you the guy I'd ride with the most, but you
gonna have to solo on this one partner..I still got feelings for her..crazy mixed up ones..In respect for our mutual friend "88"..I'd just as soon not see her." said Chess. He was one of the most honest and honorable men I knew. I understood,so I went by myself.

These were no ratty apartments in the ghetto..These were high rise and tony Condos in the Northeast...but the racket I heard upon leaving the elevator didn't sound any different than if I was in West Philly...

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh....Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhh mah gawddddd...."

"Give it to yo dadddy, give it to meeeee....ummmmmphh..."

"Ohhhhhhh....Billy...Billy...just slap me, just squeeze me, just hump me...ohhhhhhh..ouuuuu.."

"Ohhhhh..come on baby.."

I had heard all I needed to hear...and for once I was someplace that I more than likely would not run into my pastor..

Hours later, I stood across the street as the Philadelphia Police arrested Billy Dee Prescott and charged him with Malicious Prosecution, Unlawful arrests
and an assortment of other charges...He probably wouldn't do any time, nor would he lose his licensce...but he would no longer be a Federal Prosecutor....

Shame...because Fathead Newton was a gangster and he certainly did belong behind bars and maybe one day he would wind up there...but not today and not for crimes he didn't commit.

The prosecutor's hot girlfriend, Cherry Johnson stood on the corner and watched as the police drove off with Billy Dee Prescott..

I looked at her and believe it or not...I felt pity....

"You wanted to make him pay didn't you?" I asked her.

"You're damn right...he didn't have to be that callous..fat bastard...he left me
at the alter ...after I had bragged for weeks that he was going to don't treat somebody like just don't." she said as she began to cry...

I held her soft body in my arms as she wept....

"Well, you had him going for awhile...but revenge is a dish best served cold, you can't let it consume you." I said.

A little while later I was driving home when my cell phone went was Conrad and he had some shocking news....

I won't go into what he said , but I did call Agent Cotton and meet with him...

"So're certain of this right? " he said.

"I'm certain.. You just meet me at the courthouse tomorrow..I'll give you Allejandro Santiago on a plate and the rat in your shop" I said.

"You should have been a cop instead of a blogger" laughed Cotton.

Yeah, I sure should have.

(Conclusion next.....)

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