Monday, June 8, 2009


It was rare that I ate in this part of the city..I usually dined with my wife Sepia or with Cock Robbins ,Clerow or Sean Jackson at Josies or at our neighborhood Diner. This morning I was in West Philly with my childhood buddies , Chess, Chris Thompson and Fathead Newton. Fathead was back from his honeymoon and he had us laughing and screaming about his escapades in Florida.

"Hold up...Hold Up Fathead...You had a hooker in your car in the parking lot and two white girls
slammed into your car?? Where was your wife?" laughed Chris Thompson...

"Mannn, she was in another hotel , watching some fashion show....I was in another club, I was bored, the broad looked good and so I thought...why not?" laughed Fathead..

"See, that's why that know you wrong." laughed Chess.

I just shook my head...

' need to come by more often...We don't see you that you all married up and solvin cases and what not...Who would've ever thought that?" laughed Chris.

"I will, I will....I hadn't heard from either of you in years." I laughed.

"I may be making that married move soon myself " laughed Chess.

"Oh Yeah? You and Rell?" I said

"Yeah man, it's about that time." said Chess.

Just then, FBI Agent Frank Cotton and six well dressed men in suits and with trenchcoats walked in the Diner.

"Fancy meeting you here Kevin...You know these guys?" He said. I could tell by his voice that this was business and not pleasure.

"Hello Special Agent Cotton. Chess and Chris here and I grew up together." I said, wondering why he asked.

"I'm not here for them... However Mr. Newton, I am here for you. Arthur Felonious Newton, you are under arrest for conspiracy to committ murder of a Federal witness, to wit one, Samuel
Sparrow. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be held against you,
if you do not have an attorney, one will be provided for you understand what I'm saying to you? Of course you do Arthur...Let's go.....Always a pleasure to see you again Kevin." he said
as they handcuffed Fathead and took him away...

"Hey man, I didn't kill no Sam Sparrow..I don't even know no Sam Sparrow...You got the wrong
guy...Chris, a lawyer...Help me please!!" he pleaded as he was led out.

I looked at Chess who looked at Chris. Chris was silent for a moment and then he said-

"Fathead aint the brightest bulb on the light socket, but he wouldn't hit a federal the man been in South Florida...Chess, call Foxworth...."

"Chris....I'm going to call my attorney too...His name is Conrad....You think I can look into this?"
I said.

"Wow, a case just dropped into your lap huh.....hahahaha..hey Chess, look at this..our boy is gonna help us in one of our capers." Laughed Chris...almost as if he was proud.

"Kev, you sure you wanna do this man?...It could get murky..Me and Chris aren't gangsters, we can't help you...but we got a guy named "Smooth" who can watch your back." said Chess.

"Much obliged man...I'll let you know..I got my own people though...but thanks for the offer,I may need it..Between Conrad and Foxworth...He'll be protected legally..might even make bail.
Tell him to lay low...and I'll nose around...see what I can see." I said.

"Thanks Kev.." said both Chris and Chess as I got in my car and pulled off.

The first thing I did was go straight to the Federal Courthouse on 6th and Market and ask for Special agent in charge ,Frank Cotton. Cotton and I had worked together before on a case and maybe he could help me out.

"I figured you would turn up....You love this stuff huh? You got a P.I. license or are you on some
murder she wrote trip?" he asked.

"I do have a license now. I'm still writing my blogs and for the magazine...I just do this on the side." I said.

"So, you got a client?? or is this for a story? " He said.

"If it was for a story,I know you'd walk away." I said.

"Damn right...." snapped Agent Cotton.

"Fathead...I mean Arthur Newton is represented by Robert Foxworth and Conrad Nelson..I'll be
working for them...I need to see the murder scene photos." I said.

"You sure Kevin? Don't try to play me....I'll run you in for obstruction of justice..." he said.

"I'm on the up Agent Cotton." I said. He side eyed me for a moment,then he obliged.

"Okay, Samuel Sparrow was a witness....He was turning in valuable information on one Allejandro Santiago, a major drug trafficer from New York City and a friend and associate of Fathead Newton....Fathead wasn't named in the indictment, but we beleive he was sub-contracted to kill Sparrow and did it as a favor to Allejandro." said Agent Cotton. He then opened an envelope with some photos in it....

Sepia had once told me that Cock Robbins had a "weapon of mass destruction " in his pants that women couldn't resist, which was more information than I had ever wanted to know but this guy, Sam Sparrow had to have the hugest penis I had ever seen..It didn't look real. There was a
rope tied around it and a thicker rope tied around his neck and he was seemingly hung from the ceiling in an odd pose...He had died from suffocation and heart failure. His eyes were wide open,
blank,expressionless, seemingly staring at nothing in particular. It was the most bizzare thing I had ever seen.

Drug gangsters didn't murder like that...They shot you, they stabbed you maybe..but they didn't
take this kind of time to intricately kill somebody like this. I knew that from looking at the photos...What bothered me was why a seasoned guy like Agent Cotton didn't know it!

"Kevin look...I've been at this a longgg time.....This aint no drug hit....Fathead wasn't even named
in the indictment and at the time of his death...all this guy, who was a damn junkie himself could give us was a few street dealers and mid level players...nothing to really concern Allejandro Santiago...But I gotta keep Fathead here ,because the new Federal Prosecutor has a hard on for
Fathead for some reason...I don't know why....oh and no pun intended.." said Agent Cotton.

The New Federal Prosecutor , Billy Dee Prescott , was handsome, young and the First African American to head the Organized Crime Strike Force. Women, both Black and white swooned whenever he was on Television or in the Newspaper after a break in some big case. Sepia even said that he was cute. He was just a pretty boy to me....a guy that seemingly liked to see himself on the news and in the papers.

"Oh,so unofficially, you don't mind if I nose around on the sidelines too, right?" I said.

"You can go places I can't..." he sighed.

"Got'cha" I said.



SLC said...

Ahhhh. A play on current events. Interesting to see the lead figures; Chess and Kevin, together like this. I'm already trying to figure out the real guilty party.

Thanks for the FB update.

Toni said...

Hey Keith, Welcome Back...Great story.

Angie B. said...

Heyyy Keith....Another Kevin Caper,
With Chris,Chess,Robert and Fathead??Who could ask for more?

Sunflower said...

This was not a drug hit...and why is Fathead being held when it is not even obvious he was involved??
Something's amis here Keith..I can see it already.

Anonymous said...

I'm ready to toss my panties out the windows after reading the description of Mister Sparrow..Ummmph!

Brenda said...

You knew with a title like this and that illustration by WAK, that the ladies were going to flock to this story,regardless of WHAt it was about!!! I'm still fanning!

Cheryl said...

I do not need to read or even think about anything like this and I'm sitting in my apartment alone last night...lololololol...This made me almost want to...well no,I don't want to sound like "anonymous"

Lisa said...

This is fiyah! Keith....Can't wait for part two.

Halo said...

Glad you're back Keith...I was surprised at not seeing anything from you on either blog for close to five days.

Vanessa said...

Kevin helping out Chess and Chris..
I was wondering when their lives would interact...This looks like it's going to be great!

James Perkins said...

Wow, Great story....I know where you got part of the idea for this story..Your break was very productive...You have come back with a vengeance.

Simon Bastion said...

This looks like it's going to be a great story.

Tate2 said...

Man, I'm so glad you're back...I so needed this.

Swaggie said...

Nothin against your poetry..but I needed a great story to read.

Grover The Playboy said...

Keith's back..So is Kevin and the gang!!

Sean said...

I like the way you stayed topical with this one..Can't wait to see where that mind of yours is going to take us.

Jazzy said...

I smell corruption and a major set up here Fam.

Captain Jack said...

Great story Keith,can't wait to see how this one develops.

Blu Jewel said...

And you strike again...I'm on the edge of my dang seat...thanks!

love to live; live to love!

Anonymous said...

ummm do you even realize that,.....o neva mind. damn