Friday, June 12, 2009

Time Out of Mind

Philadelphia, PA
4:57 AM
Basement of the Federal Courthouse

None of them were smiling....Tall, stern looking men....handling guns...Riot Pump shotguns, .357 Magnums, .45 calibers...The men painstaking put on their bullet proof vests and then put on their navy blue jackets that had FBI written in bold Yellow letters...I stood and watched the men as they got into several black un marked vans...These guys were serious.

Agent Frank Cotton, The Special agent in charge arrived in a long trenchcoat with the charging documents and walked over to me...

"Now this evidence is solid right?" he asked.

"Yeah, solid as a rock." I said.

"Where did you get this stuff?" he asked..

"A friend of a friend...I don't know...each time this person sends someone else to my house, to my job and this time to one of the attorneys that was working with me..That's how I cleared al of those murder cases...but this stuff..This stuff is more potent than any of that...I figure, someone deep inside the organization is filtering this stuff out." I said.

'Well we don't have any undercovers" said Agent Cotton.

"Like you'd tell me if you did...besides..maybe it's not FBI..Maybe he's DEA, who knows but whoever is pulling the strings just gave you enough to put Allejandro Santiago and more than forty people in his organization behind bars on an assortment of charges." I said....

"I feel funny ......How did you find a judge to sign these warrants?" asked Agent Cotton.

"Long story, just be about your business and crack your biggest case in history man.." I said.

Agent Cotton looked at me and smiled...

"What about the leak? Who is it?" he asked...

'All that in good time...I'll let you know when you get back."I said.

"Be easy Kevin and thanks again." he said as he and a posse of FBI agents headed to New York.

5 hours Earlier
The Home of Judge Milton Drinkwater

Clerow pulled his car to the side and let me and Sean Jackson out. We walked gingerly up to the Judges house..It was nearly midnight...This was a middle class Black neighborhood.. It's residents were Doctors,Lawyers,Teachers, IT people and Judges... No sooner than we got to the house we saw the lights on...

"Looks like the judge is up." I said.

"It's almost midnight man" said Sean

"Yeah...aren't you up at midnight most nights?" I said.

"I suppose I am " said Sean.

When we got to the door.....a familiar sound was heard..

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....ohhhhhhhhhhh......oh goodness...ohhh goodness...ouuuuuueeeeee..."

"here come de judge baby....come over here, put it in yo mouth..yeahhhhhhh.ah likes it like dat

"You so nasty judge...ouuuuuuuu..."

"ohhhhhhhhh, you are so big......ouuuuu judge.."

What was this? Seems like everybody in Philadelphia was getting it on ,while I was out here in the street entangled up in a mess I could have left well enough alone in the first place. Sean was smiling broadly and looking down at the ground as I reluctantly rang the doorbell.

"Oh judgey ...somebody's at the doorrrrrr......"

"Oh hell, who is it this time of night?" He said..

I had flashbacks of Mr. Willie, who had been having wild sex with a prostitute in his bedroom ,while the dead bodies of two old ladies he had swindled sat rotting at his breakfast room table..He had said the same thing when I interrupted him. I thought of My Pastor ,who I'd
interrupted several times...Just my new calling I guess...Coitus interruptus...

"What the hell could you want this time of the damn night ?" said the angry judge who came to the door butt naked with a panty on his head and a bra on the floor of his foyer near his foot.

Sean turned away and walked toward the car where Clerow was waiting..He couldn't conceal the fact that he was laughing. I explained to the judge that I needed him to sign warrants for the arrests of these dangerous criminals...He didn't want to hear anymore..

"Look,if I sign these documents...will you go away and never return?" he asked...

I promised I would. The Judge had not one woman, but three very buxom women of African American , Hispanic and Asian descent running naked through his house..He signed off on everything without even reading them and then said...

"Good night Mr. Morris....Alright girls..he's leaving,let's play Naked twister." and slammed the door in my face..Lucky bastard..I didn't blame him. We drove to Agent Cotton's meeting place
with the evidence my mysterious benefactor had supplied Conrad and warrants for all of the major players involved..We had hit the jackpot.

Philadelphia PA
Twenty Four Hours Later
Judge Micheal Starkweather's chambers.

"Uhhh huhhh...I see....Well boys...this evidence looks solid...I'll sign off on all of these charging
documents..." said Judge Micheal Starkweather.

"I guess this has been a long time coming eh Judge?" said Agent Cotton.

"It certainly has...I can finnally bring that beast to justice....would you excuse me a minute? I have to go to the men's room..I'll be right back." he said as he excused himself.

He walked in the bathroom, took out a cell phone and placed a frantic call......

"You can put that away Judge" I said...

"What? Who the hell are you?" he said.

"How long have you been taking money from the Santiago organization and feeding him information on potential witnesses against him..How long? Was it after they killed your wife?"
I asked.

" was before they killed my wife...That's why they killed her..she found out what I had been you're going to get killed in a minute and I'm going to say that one of his hitmen must've got to you and close off the courthouse." he said without cracking a smile and pulling a gun on me.

"No Judge, that's not going to happen....We know all about you...We got another judge to sign those warrants yesterday and we arressted Allejandro and forty of his high ranking associates
in New York early yesterday morning...That's why nobody is answering your phone..Give up the's all over judge." said Agent Cotton and about five FBI agents with guns drawn!!

The Judge smiled, then said-

"I don't think so..." and before anyone could stop him, he put the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger!!!!! Nothing happened.

"I took the liberty of taking all of the bullets out of your gun and placing it back in your pants
without you noticing it Judge.....I used to be quite the pickpocket when I was young." I said.

"Not your day, huh?" laughed Agent Cotton as they handcuffed the Judge and took him into custody.

Philadelphia PA.
My house
A few hours later.

I walked in my house with a bouquet of roses...I had been away for so long I had hoped that Sepia wouldn't be mad.

"Hey Brown sugar..I'm home.." I yelled...

"Oh hey Kevin...I'm upstairs..come on up.." she said.

""You should come downstairs....I have a surprise for you..come on down." I said.

"Uhhh Kevin...I can't..Bring it up with you." she said.

"Aww Sepia ,come on downstairs.." I protested...

"Alright, but if I do..I'll have to put all my clothes back on..."she said.

"That's can see flowers anytime..I'm coming right up." I said as I took my shoes off
and tossed them, came out of my shirt, nearly tripped up the steps coming out of my pants...
It was my turn to make those noises I usually hear coming out of somebody else's apartment or house.


Toni said...

Great Ending Keith....Really enjoyed this story!

Toni said...

I'm first this morning?? I don't believe it!!!

Angie B. said...

So it was the judge huh? I must admit..I thought it was the Federal prosecutor until you took him out in the one before..Then I thought it was Agent Cotton...You really threw me for a loop.

Sunflower said...

Ahhh Another caper comes to an end..And what a great ending it was too!

Cheryl said...

Wow...The time changes got me a little confused..then I figured it out...Great Storytelling!

Brenda said...

Excellent conclusion...Only thing is.. Who is the "Friend of a Friend" that practically solved the case for Kevin?

Lisa said...

Loved this ending!

Halo said...

Wow, you had me dizzy with this one, Appropriate title!

Vanessa said...

This was fiyah!

James Perkins said...

You're a master storyteller Keith, this story proves it.

Simon Bastion said...

Loved this Story Man!

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Didn't have a clue as to who was behind this.. I thought it might be Agent Cotton.

Sean said...

Great Story Keith! Once Again.

Tate2 said...

Wow ,this had me spinning...The time changes ,everything...Nice conclusion!

Swaggie said...

Good story Fam...You got to do a story about Cherry in the future and let us know more about her..She's mysterious..I'm intrigued.

Jazzy said...

Another good one Fam...I'm afraid to ask..what's next?

Captain Jack said...

Judge Drinkwater was the funniest charactor in the story...He was a riot!!Loved him! Loved the story too Keith!

Anonymous said...

This was a good story...Almost had my panties off but not quite!

Sean said...

@Anonymous- I'm not surprised...It doesn't take much does it?

Anonymous said...

I like your stories..far better than what I've been getting from purchased literature!