Saturday, May 9, 2009

Die Light

I wrapped my arms together just below her butt cheeks and lifted Rell up..I rubbed my face against her breasts..

"Ohhhh, Ohhh Chess....." she moaned...

She was wearing a black bra....She hadn't taken her skirt off yet..I took my left hand and ran it up her skirt from behind...curling my fingers against her already moist vagina..

"Ohhhh, ouuuu, close the door baby.." she said.

I didn't respond..

"Let's go in the bedroom." she said.

I lifted her up and walked her into the bedroom, I slowly slipped her panties off...and then next,
I slipped her skirt off...and I through her down on the bed...I kissed her and she rubbed my already massive erection.. I entered her and began to move slowly at first and then faster and harder...

"Ohhhhhh..ouuuuu Chess, not so fast...take your time baby...I aint goin nowhere...slow...slowwww...ouuuuuuu..."

I stood up, lifted her up in the air...She wrapped her legs around my waist and I entered Rell again... She loved it when I picked her up...and I thrusted again.. She let out a guttural sound that I had never heard before...

We made love standing up...up against the wall and finnally on the floor like that for close to two
hours... Finnally, the floor was just too hard...and we wound up in the bed.. She felt as if she had cum more than once....and when I finnally was hard and intense...My entire body began to shake..and I felt as though I had passed out...

We lay there in each other's arms for what seemed like an hour and then my cell phone went off.
I rolled over and picked it said "Unregistered number" This could only be trouble. I answered it anyway.


"I'll make this quick....The man who has been trying to kill you is staying at the
Alonquin Hotel in South Philly...He's been there for two weeks."

"Who is this?" I said.


"Chess ,who was that?" asked Rell.

"I don't know....Some guy, but I didn't catch the voice." I said.

I left the house that Rell and I shared and called Chris...It seemed that he had got the same phone call. We called Smooth and Fathead...They had got an indentical call.. Who had all of our numbers? Nobody we our logical conclusion was that this was Diamond Jack playing us , trying to lure us into a trap....Yet we had to check it out. He knew what Smooth, Fathead, myself and certainly Chris looked we couldn't go...but someone he didn't know could go..
Someone he'd never expect.

Chris contacted Gus ,the bartender at Josie's and Honey Brown, who worked there. He gave them photos of Diamond Jack and he rented a car with tinted windows for Gus. A few days later, Honey Brown checked into the Alonquin Hotel. Gus drove through the neighborhood in a different rental car everyday. He loved it... Sure enough on their third day there they got a look at the man himself...Diamond Jack Quimby...He was indeed staying at this flea bag of a hotel .

He had been in Philadelphia the whole time, directing traffic. But was it a trap?? We'd soon find out. Smooth and I rented a car and began cruising the neighborhood. We saw two guys go into his room and then come out..They were probably new muscle, hired to kill Chris, me, Smooth and Fathead...

"I should take those clowns out right now.." said Smooth..

"Nah...let em go..Chris said to just observe..He said not to do anything." I said.

We watched....I turned on the radio...Marvin Gaye was singing -"Aint that Peculiar"..Diamond Jack walked out of the hotel and was about to get in his car when a man wearing a straw hat ,some khaki pants and a extra large white Sean Jean shirt walked up to him...said a few words, shook his hand and to our horror and surprise...shot Diamond Jack, six times....He then took a pack of playing cards out of his pocket and stuffed it in Jack's mouth. He was wearing rubber gloves...He dropped his gun near the car..and calmly walked down the street in the opposite direction. Minutes later as we watched..Somebody screamed!! and a crowd of people walked around and gawked at the fallen gangster with a deck of cards in his mouth and six bullet wounds in his chest and torso.

A few days later...I was talking to Chris...

"Man...what was up with that?" I said.

"Somebody ,somewhere gave us an anonymous tip...I don't know who it was or why...but it checked out and I didn't want to waste anymore time with Jack." he said.

"So you sent in muscle?" I said.

"Who me? ,I'm no gangster..Not anymore...I simply called Fathead ,told him what Gus,Honey Brown,You and Smooth had seen. Fathead felt the same way I did and he sent one of his guys around to the hotel to do the job."said Chris.

"What was with the deck of cards in his mouth?" I asked.

"Oh That? That was me...I told Fathead to tell his guy to do that..Nice touch wasn't it?" laughed

"You're crazy man." I said.

True to his word...Chris sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers to Diamond Jack Quimby's funeral..
It was held in Atlantic City...Only 25 -30 people attended..He wasn't that well liked...but they all
raved about the flowers.

Epilouge- Philadelphia FBI Headquarters...

"Special Agent Cotton....I just heard on the news that somebody knocked off Diamond Jack
Quimby in South Philly this afternoon." said an FBI agent.

"Really? That's great news." said Agent Cotton.

"He was trying to make a move on Fathead Newton....trying to take over some card game."

"Yeah Quimby always was an extremist...He got a lot of people killed over nothin..." said Cotton.

"Thing is..I don't know how Newton's guys found him... WE couldn't even locate him...They were
all over Atlantic City looking for him." said the agent.

"Yeah, well, I know him...He likes to hide in plain sight" said Agent Cotton.

"Yeah..I know you know have been trying to build a case against him almost as long as you were trying to get Eric Slaughter...Looks like you won't have to worry bout neither of those guys anymore." said the agent.

"Nope...." said Agent Cotton.

"I just wonder how Newton's guys found him...those gangsters are better at finding folk than we

"Not all the time ....Sometimes, I imagine...even they need a little help." laughed Agent Cotton
ruefully as he continued to read his paper.. He knew more than anybody how much help they had indeed needed.


Toni said...

Booo Yaaaaaa...They got him...I was so glad!

Angie B. said...

Great ending...At first I thought that was Cherry, Chess was about to screw...Glad it was Rell

Vanessa said...

This was so satisfying...Agent Cotton gave them an anonymous tip...He must've really hated Diamond Jack.

Lisa said...

Good One!

Halo said...

Great Job and nice ending! Glad they got Diamond Jack!

Sunflower said...

I have to say I am pleased with the way everything turned out!

Cheryl said...

Loved it!

Brenda said...

Nice ending. At first I thought I had missed a part and was reading a different story...lolol

Anonymous said...

Standing and applauding and tossing
my panties in the air...THAT was great..Loved it,loved it,loved it!

James Perkins said...

Nice ending. It seems as though Sissy Van Buren and FBI Agent Cotton will bend the law at times to bring an end to a dangerous yet slippery felon..I don't have a problem with that.

Simon Bastion said...

Great Ending!

TATE2 said...

Can I throw my boxers up in the sky??? lolololol...This was an unexpected way to end this great storyline, yet a good one at that!!

Swaggie said...

They got him...Nice touch with the deck of cards in his mouth..and Chris keeping his word and sending the flowers to Jack's funeral..I see you're a student of old gangster movies.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Playa....You just about closed the book on this one...I salute you!

Jazzy said...

You did the dayum thang Fam,once again.

Sean said...

Great Ending...I too thought that Chess was getting it on with Cherry
at first. When Are we going to see her again? I know that they aren't through with each other.

Captain Jack said...

Keith,I loved this story, but I have only one complaint..Where was Ms.Cherry? I know at some point she has got to emerge again..

What's next? Another Kevin story??
88? or that Robert fella??