Sunday, May 17, 2009

Worth a Thousand Words

"I should tell you something." said Robert Foxworth to me as we drove towards Ron January's house.

"What's that?" I asked.

"A few days before I last saw Ron, somebody broke into my office...They were trying to get my computer...but they didn't know I was there...I was in the backroom in the bed...and they or who-ever it was ,heard us...uh, they uh, heard me fumbling around and they ran. "

"You think this was just some young punks robbing you?" I asked.

"At first I did...but now that I think about it...something was different..It looked like they had turned my computer on...Then in a hurry, they had decided to try and unhook it and take it. There was $100.00 in cash laying on my desk and that was untouched...It seemed like they were just after my computer." said Robert.

"Hmmm, you have something on there somebody would want?" I asked.

"Not really....Just case files...but you know what? Why don't we swing by my office and check it out. I haven't been in my e-mail in awhile..I've been so busy you know." said Robert.

Yeah, I could imagine....falling through roofs and all.. We swung the car around and headed back to Robert's office. Once inside..He went on his computer. He had close to 200 unread messages.
Mostly junk, people offering free viagra and cialis, ads and all....but then we hit the jackpot!!! It was an e-mail from a week ago from Ron January. It was sent earlier on the last day that I saw Ron.

It read-

"Hey Mr. Foxworth...looks like we hit the jackpot here...I got the goods...As soon as Mr. Hawkins begins his divorce precedings..We can get paid." See attachments!

Ron was an excellent investigator...I could only hope to one day be as thorough. He had taken photos...Lots of photos and had downloaded them and sent them to Robert in an e-mail. The photos were incredible.....

"I know that man..that man in these photos." exclaimed Sepia.

"You do? " I exclaimed...

There was a tall, dark muscular man with a handle bar mustache in several photos kissing Sadeonia Hawkins, with his hand in her blouse, and up her skirt , and her tongue practically down his throat in other pictures...There were explicit photos of her giving him a blow job in his
sports car, on the balcony of some condominium and in hotel room somewhere...

"That's Professor Rasulala..He was my English instructor at community.....You remember Kevin?, while you were in L.A. covering the Hip Hop awards..I was taking that class...He was my instructor...I told you about him." she said with more disgust than I thought she should have.

"Yeah, you told me" I said, now remembering. She told me how she had the hots for him and had several erotic dreams about him...and how he put the moves on her and she had been completely turned off by him..She said that she realized that he was just a player and that she had a good man in me...That's when, she said, she knew that she never wanted to be with anyone else but me. Funny thing is...I had never even suspected....but she said that she had felt so full of guilt she just had to tell me.

We kept looking and we found more photos of Mrs. Hawkins and yet ANOTHER man, a huge bald headed man with an earing...

"I've seen that man too Kevin!" shouted Sepia with more glee than I thought she should have.

"Don't tell me..let me guess, he's your trainer at the gym and you've had the hots for him too?" I said.

"No , silly , that's the guy that opened the door for Mrs. Hawkins and drove her away." said Sepia.

"Him? I know." said Robert Foxworth.

"Who is he?" I asked.

"They call him "Big Sin" -He used to be an enforcer for Fathead Newton. He was one of the most feared hitmen in Philly a few years back. They say he's got more body's attributed to him than you can find in a Chinese cemetary. If he was after you, you might as well shoot yourself because he'd find you sooner or later." said Robert.

The photos showed the big man kissing Sadeonia on the cheek, opening her blouse, removing her
bra and sucking on her breasts.. but unlike the photos with Rasulala..They showed him leaving a
bouquet of flowers by her door, on her car, at her job. They showed him driving her to the mall,
to get her nails done, to the market. One even showed him driving her to Rasulala's apartment!!

These photos were what somebody was trying to get...When they couldn't get them, they got rid of the person who took them. If what I suspected was right. Robert Foxworth...the only other person who might have seen these photos was the next target.

"We've got to get you out of here Robert...Whoever broke into your office is not through...They got to Ron and they are going to get you next. I've got an idea...but I've got to run it by Chess first..In the meanwhile,let's stop by Ron's place." I said.

I called Chess and talked to him about my I expected..he was cool with it. Robert,Sepia
and I then stopped by Ron's house..Not only was the door open, but someone had trashed the place.. His computer was gone!!!!!! I called Clerow. I asked him if he had a place we could stash
Robert for a few days. He said that he did. We went back to Robert's office, locked it up and then went to his apartment. He packed a few things and got his laptop and then I dropped him off at
one of the empty apartments that Clerow had. I next dropped Sepia off at home.

Then I collected Clerow, Cock Robbins and the Deacon and went back to Robert's office and waited in his back room. Sure enough...around midnight...the lock was being picked and a huge hulking figure slipped into the apartment...He nearly crapped his pants when we flicked the light
on and yelled surprise!!!!!

It was the infamous former hitman- BIG SIN!!!! Guys in his line of work didn't scare easy..He pulled out his pistol with his silencer and said softly like the soft voice of death-

"You niggas just made the biggest mistake of your lives....I'm gonna kill all four of you."



James Perkins said...

Ohhh man, you've really got me on the edge of my seat now Keith.

Simon Bastion said...

Talk about Cliff!

Toni said...

Of course I know that Kevin isn't going to get killed...but I gotta know how he gets out of this!

Angie B. said...

You can't be doing this to me on a Saturday night Keith!-lololol

Captain Jack said...

Oh My goodness gracious...They're in a bit of a pickle now!lolol.

Sean said...

Man this is better than Television!

Sunflower said...

I sure wished you'd post twwice a day sometimes!

Cheryl said...

Wow! I can't wait until midnight..
You got me rushing my life away for
this blog!!!-lololol.

Lisa said...

Big Sin is something else...but I don't believe he's the one behind this..This seems too diabolical for someone like this, there's got to be more to it.

Halo said...

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the next part now Keith, even more than before.

Brenda said...

This story is big on the wow factor. I've definitely got my theories now...but still I'm going to wait.

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Sounds Like Mrs. Hawkins had "Big Sin" whipped..and he was doing all this stuff to protect her.

Vanessa said...

Wow, A big fearsome hitman reduced to a love sick puppy...Sadeonia got it goin on...She was working hers..Still, I think he was doing her bidding..He doesn't seem like the type that would've been doing this on his own.

TATE2 said...

Kevin and his guys out number this dude...I'm sure they came strapped..It would seem to me that Big Sin is at a disadvantage, not them!

Swaggie said...

Wow!! I see a wild shootout in close quarters coming..can't wait!

Jazzy said...

This is morphing into a whole nother thing fam!

Blu Jewel said...

mm, mmm, mmm! Off and running to the next're such a tease.

love to live; live to love!